Friday, 5 October 2012

Fais Moi Sortir D'ici (Get me out of here!)

'This is ridiculous! If I stay in here any longer I'll blend into the walls' 

'Tell me about it! I already feel like I'm merging with the carpet! The worst part is there's no cell-reception. How am I gonna call Leah now? Or Mica? I hate this place...

'It's called a 'ZIP-BOX' or folder. I take it you've never seen the inside of one before. I have! Been in one for a long time before I was transferred to here. At least this one is comfortable...

(Calum)'Who the fuck is he?'
'Funny thing about ZIP-boxes and ALL small rooms... I heard that'
(Raven)'His name is Damian...'
(Calum)Okay, let me put it this way? What the fuck is he doing HERE?'
(Damian)'...and I can hear that too...'

(Calum)'I don't give a damn. This is the Tamed... 'zip' or whatever the heck you just said this place is'
(Raven)'Easy Calum, he's featured in the story too, if Jean-Marie ever catches up on that new neighborhood... I feel like we've been in here for days'
(Calum)'Yeah, feels like 6 days...'

(Chase)'Hold up! You're saying you've been in a 'ZIP' before? Then how did you get inside this one? TELL ME HOW TO GET OUT!'

(Raven)'That's not good... guys?'
(Calum)'Nah, just leave 'em. They'll beat each other up and we'll have some entertainment. If Damian beats Chase I'll have a reason to drop him as my right hand'
(Raven)'You're not an Elite here Calum'
(Calum)'I have to stay in character or I'll forget...

Hmm, looks like the new guy isn't a push-over! Who is he in the story anyway? Vamp?'
(Raven)'No, at least I don't think so! I heard his name, so I know he's in the story, but that's it... I guess we'll just have to wait'
(Calum)'Just not in HERE...'

 (Damian)'What the hell is your problem? Traditional 'beat up the new guy'? I may have been in a ZIP before, but if I knew how to get out WOULD I STILL BE HERE??? I like it here as much as you do, but unless you can come up with a plan SIT THE HELL DOWN AND SHUT IT!'
(Chase)'Geez man, I just asked a question. No need to get all fired up...'

'Hey, Jean, honey, friend, creator... GET ME OUT OF HERE! I'm wasting away look at me... Can I be featured in the next update? Me and Alex, you know... or anyone, just feature me!'

'Shut up, I'm thinking! This wall differs from the other three. I think this might be the entrance... but those signs... What do they mean? Caution obviously, but for what? And if it is the entrance, how do we open it...'

'Maybe if I turn it around?'

(Calum)'For someone who's been in this situation before, he doesn't come over too smart...'
(Damian)'...Damn it, I can still hear you...'
(Calum)'Yes, I'm scared... Watch me shiver! I do hope she made you smarter in the story'
(Raven)'Can't I have my own ZIP or something?

(Calum)'Has anyone seen Dante?'


As you can see, my characters are not having fun! LOL, but I am...
I'll update soon! This was a 'I miss Raven & Chase' kinda request, so here they are, alive and...well?
They have their clothes on, because, come on, 4 guys in a small room shirtless (while drool-worthy), might swing my hand to the other side. Nothing wrong with that, but it's just not them. Calum gave me the stink-eye when I tried to remove his shirt. And he's mastered that skill to the max!

This is not part of the story. It's an Intermission, you could say! Get the popcorn and sodas and wait for the movie to continue!

Later Guys!


  1. Hello, Chase!!!! I missed you...

  2. LOL...I love it. Chase baby, I'm trying to get you out!!! I am really working hard but that Jean lady, your creator is being difficult. Sorry. I'll put the pressure on for you to help speed things up.

    The new guy??? Hey who are you? From the bits we got to see, you show promise. Incentive to push Jean harder. :D

    1. Gee, thanks Jaz! Plotting with my characters behind my back... I'm not sure I'm warming up to that... ^__^

      Haha, Damian! He's in the update after next! I might post a double when the time comes!

  3. Wow excuse me? Call who??? WTH CHASE?! I'm gonna open the windows and watch your ass fry now!

    1. Aaah, yeah, I knew you'd notice that! For some reason I had that prickling sensation in the back of my neck when HE said that.

      Don't hurt me!
      Besides, you didn't really miss him enough to ask for him... Mica did...

      *runs... starts car and drives to Antarctica*

  4. Replies
    1. Haha, you're right Lucky, I should! It really has been 6 days...

  5. Wow, really cruel of you to keep them locked up like that. I am disappoint.

    1. Hey, I needed to make sure they were going to survive the move. Zip was the only way to go!

      Fine, I'll let them out...

      Don't be disappointed, I at least made the ZIP comfortable? Yes? No?... alright, they're out!

  6. That was hilarious! Hey, my cheeks are wet. I'm out of kleenex. 'What is a zip file?' LMAO!

    1. I'm gonna ban you just for laughing at the poor bastards! They have feelings too you know...


    2. .....
      I can laugh. I did laugh. In fact, I laughed again now that I really know who everyone is!


  7. CHASE!!!!! Let him out!

    Very funny, Jem. =D

    1. Wow, Of all the ones featured, Chase is the one everyone wants out of there... LOL
      Alright, I'll get them out!

      Thanks Cat :)

  8. Replies
    1. All these horrible people laughing at the guys' misery... Shame on you!