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Chapter 14 - Smell...

Slight nudity in first pic.
Short Chapter

When Alex woke up a few hours later, she was all alone. The spot on the bed beside her was cold; as if abandoned for quite some time. She shifted onto her back and thought back on the things she did, the things she said. A blush colored her cheeks and she wondered what came over her. She couldn’t help but smile. The Alex she knew a week ago would never roll in the sack with a man she hardly knew. Hardly? She didn’t know him at all. Apart from his name (the way she learned of it, again brought a blush to her face) and the fact that he was a guy who knew how to please (and that he did), he was a stranger still. Her job and him being a vampire were the main things that screamed -what the hell are you doing?!

The smile faded from her lips and she sat up, glancing at her cell-phone on the tire-table. It was 4.35 in the morning. Realizing the length of the drive back to HQ, Alex quickly picked up her clothes that were scrambled all around the room. She called her trusted cab company in hopes they were serious about their ‘Open 24 hours’ sign. The phone kept ringing and ringing as she wiggled herself into her pants, when finally someone picked up. It was Gregory, the owner of Day & Night taxi. Turned out the sign was half true, because he had just gotten there to open up for the first shift starting at 6. There were no cars available so Greg offered to drive her himself.

The building was silent when she arrived at HQ 25 minutes later. So quiet Alex wondered if everyone was still asleep… She punched in the security code and entered the front-door. A pleasant warmth welcomed her inside and she made for the stairs as quick and yet as quiet as she could. Halfway up the stairs she heard a door close in the distance. She quickened her pace and was a door or two from her room when another door opened… behind her.

‘Someone had a long-night’
Alex had forgotten that Charlotte had an early job this morning. She went to bed right after they came from Prescott and Preston, the occult shop. Clearly busted, she turned around and let out a very defeated sigh.
‘Were you trying to sneak in? I hope that’s not how you do it on jobs’ Charlotte saw fit to muse this early in the morning. Alex didn’t exactly find it very funny as she looked up at Charlotte’s face. It was starting to get lighter outside. Morning was creeping up on the night once more.

‘So, what was it? You have boyfriend or something?’ Charlotte’s face was still the same as 2 minutes ago. Not smiling and not angry, just no emotion. The exact word to describe her expression; emotionless. Alex winced at the word; boyfriend. Not the word she’d choose when speaking about Chase. She only saw the guy twice now and both times he fed off her. Boyfriend would not be the right words under the current circumstances.

There’s little that escapes Charlotte’s eyes and Alex’s wince wasn’t one of them.
‘Look Charlotte…’
‘No, I don’t wanna hear it! And just so you know, I wasn’t prying into your life. Fact is I’m glad for you that you’re able to have something normal in your life, but there was a hint of a warning in my question. Lillian doesn’t like it when your attention is divided. She wants it completely on the job; 100%.  Distractions always lead to casualties. If she finds out about a boyfriend, she’ll make you work twice as hard, just to make it a point that you can’t handle them both’
‘I can handle them both’
‘I’m not the one that needs convincing Alex’ Charlotte said checking her silver watch. She needed to run by Kat in the basement to reload her guns. The last heist took out all of her ammo.

‘So, are you gonna tell?’
‘What are we in fourth grade? I don’t care about any of it; it’s not my life, making it not my concern’ She glanced at her watch again and decided the time was ripe.
‘Where are you going?’ Alex asked, not knowing what else to say at Charlotte’s obvious dismissal of her late night. ’Found another 15 rebelling new-borns on Elkstreet’. ‘Fifteen?? Do you need back-up?’
’15 I can handle, I only call for back-up when there’s more than that’ Charlotte turned on her heels and walked towards the stairs; leaving a dumbstruck Alex lost in her own sea of thoughts. Fifteen? Guess you don’t become one of the top three on just dumb luck. The biggest number she ever had was 5…

‘Oh, one more thing. If you’re worried about Lillian finding out about your late night, don’t be!’ Charlotte said already descending the spiral staircase. She was almost out of view when she added ‘Knowing Lillian, she already knows what time you came in’


RiverBlossom Hills – South
Astor Residence

‘I don’t see why he has to help us, when clearly his wound hasn’t completely healed yet’
‘Be careful Binny, you’re beginning to sound like you care’
‘I do care!’ She said giving Marina a bewildered look. ‘More about the fact that if he keeps that wound bleeding, we’re never going to be rid of him…’ she added in a whisper, looking at the plot of soil Raven was now fertilizing.
‘Oh hush, you old hag! If you’re going to nag every time you see him, you might as well leave him to me okay! I’m perfectly capable of taking care of his injuries, besides weren’t you the one that said we should keep a constant eye on him?’ Marina bit back.
Binny was momentarily stunned by the sharpness of that bite. True, she did say that; and now that that was exactly what they were doing, she had another thing to bitch about… Was she really nagging?

‘I just don’t trust him, is that such a bad thing?’
‘No, Binny, it’s not a bad thing. What’s a bad thing is you nagging about it every chance you get. I know you don’t trust him; you don’t need to remind me. And your attitude towards him; I mean, put a camera in his room if you have to, but the least you could do is not treat him like a prisoner’ Marina glanced at Raven moving on to the next bed, wincing at the pain each wrong move gave him. ‘He’s helping to repay us for helping him. He has done nothing but show us respect. Will it hurt to return it?’
Marina knew Binny hated it when she turned the roles on her, but it was necessary sometimes, like now for instance.
‘No, it wouldn’t… and I’m thirty-five’ she added pulling a face. Taking the other shovel, she moved to the next bed to spit the soil. Her answer spiked a giggle in Marina. ‘Whatever you say Grandma Moses!’ she teased, putting some seeds in the fertilized soil.

Binny threw her another sneer, before digging into the soil. With the three of them they would easily be able to cut their work time in half. Leaving open the whole of the afternoon to either rest, or do something fun. Marina couldn’t really see how putting Raven and Binny in one room would result in something fun… A smile crept its way to her mouth as she bent down to put in some seeds in the already fertilized soil. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t see the shovel shift in the dirt, landing with a dull thud on her hand.

Marina didn’t notice the pain until she removed the shovel. A sharp pang shot up to her brain making her eyesight blurry for a moment. She looked at her hand where a liquid red was slowly visualizing until it spilled over. At that moment a violent gust of wind set in making the cut burn and causing Raven to freeze up.

The moment the sweet smell of her blood reached his nose it almost sent him into frenzy. It was intoxicating; like a refined red wine… aged to perfection. He had to keep his distance because he was losing control fast. At the rate this was going, the afternoon would not see her alive. How long had it been since he last fed? A week; two, maybe even three… Raven was surprised he had been able to hold out that long. The urge that he felt rising was that of a caged beast wanting to break free. He could already feel the blood rushing up to his eyes.

‘Excuse me, but I think I’ll be over there…’ he said while taking a few steps backwards and turning his face, his voice hoarse. ‘Wimp…’ Lubinnia whispered loud enough to still be heard. Marina squint her eyes at her and looked up at Raven, standing with his back towards her. ‘You can’t take the sight of blood… can you?’
‘No, that’s not it…’ he started to protest when the smell, stronger now that she was close to him, reached for him again. Beckoning him to let go and just take what he knew he wanted badly. ‘Actually, yes, that’s pretty much it’ he said, turning his head once more and moving a bit further from her. He could feel the veins react on his face, creeping to the surface. His eyes fully red now and his breath labored. Go inside, go inside now, please… I don’t want to hurt you- Raven tried to will her inside, gazing at her out of the corners of his eyes..

‘I think I better wash off the fertilizer, it could get infected’ Marina said examining the wound.
Yes, anything… Just get inside the house before it is too late… Raven’s gums were already starting to hurt; trying to make way for its twin companion.
‘My first-aid kit is in the bathroom under the sink’ Binny said as Marina walked passed her on her way to the house. ‘Thanks Bin, I’ll be right back!’

Raven was having a hard time keeping it together. Even though she was gone the scent still lingered. It was dissolving too slowly for his taste. His head was throbbing and his vision blurred for a minute. He closed his eyes shutting out each and everything his mind would try to register by just looking. Lifted his head, he took in a deep breath and let it out bit by bit. The pain in his gums seemed to subside. When he knew for sure his eyes weren’t red anymore and he felt like himself again, he turned around to continue fertilizing the garden, only to be met with Lubinnia gazing at him.

The way she looked at him; arms crossed, eyes squint. There were question marks all over her face.
Raven met her eyes, a frown on his own face. After a minute or so, he dropped his gaze seeing that she would never and they’d be at it all day.

How long had she been watching me? What did she see? Raven wondered as he continued fertilizing the soil; watching her out of the corners of his eyes, taking care not to turn his back on her.

Lubinnia didn’t quite understand his reaction to the blood. Her mother, wherever the hell she was, had also been squeamish whenever there was blood, but not like this. Binny was trying, she promised herself she would, but he was making it awfully difficult. His reaction was strange, different… She had a feeling there was more to this… But what?

Author's Note:
This might be the last update for a while... Rough estimate a week or 3. Evaluations are due at school and I have a lot of work to catch up on. If that's out of the way, I'll have more time for Tamed. The next chapter also has a lot of Photoshop work, so I can't get into it now... Sorry, you guys! See you all real soon!


  1. Me thinks Alex done got herself in a predicament, i'm hoping Lillian don't know already, we'll have to see.

    I feel sorry for Raven, he really is trying hard, i think he's going to need to feed soon though to hold onto any sanity he has left, and he just makes my heart melt!.....edenz~

    1. Charlotte's right about Lillian. There's nothing that escapes her. The fact that she gets up at 4 am every morning helps see to that. Lillian saw her enter the building, but she doesn't know about Chase, no one does!

      Raven is trying really hard. He may not fully know who he is, but it seems he pretty much remembered WHAT he is! He hasn't fed in an entire month and if he doesn't want to hurt Marina in the near, very near future, he'll need to... he'd BETTER feed soon...!

      Thanks for reading Edenz!

    2. I'm glad Marina went inside when she did, I don't think Raven would have lasted long and him attacking Marina would have given Binny a good reason to say "I told you so". I wonder though how long he can keep his true form hidden, the sudden half transformation seemed to have taken him by surprise also, was he aware all along of what he is, or did he forget that part about himself like the rest of his life.

      Alex better pray the boss lady doesn't find out or she'll find herself working double and maybe triple shifts and there'll be no more delicious orgasms for her from a delicious looking vampire.

      I'm looking forward to your next update, whenever you can of course.

      Good luck with school!

    3. Val,
      I think he remembered WHAT he was the moment she entered. The words 'My mind says no, but something inside me says yes', his warning to her, pretty much state that now that I think of it.
      If he doesn't feed or isn't careful with his transfo's, he could be found out sooner than would be dear to him.

      I do wonder how he'll feed though, being under constant supervision?

      Now THAT will be a shame!!! She should be careful, yes! Lillian is unpredictable. Who knows what she'll do?

      Thank you dearie! Will be back as soon as I'm done with the evaluations!

  2. Alex doesn't know what to do with herself now. He's a vamp she's a hunter but they are drawn to each other. Chase's biting her was bad for both of them. He'd better get himself and her under control quick.

    Raven. Sexy dark stranger Raven was about to make Marina his meal. I do like how she is standing up for him to Binny. I understand she is distrusting of the man but so far he hasn't done anything to warrant her attitude.

    That situation is getting more and more interesting. :)

    Hope all goes well with school.

    1. Did she ever in her wildest dreams think a simple (dangerous) surveillance of the meeting with the elite, would escalate into a full blown sexual relationship with one of the vamps. The fact that it's an impossible situation, hunter-vamp, makes it even more intoxicating. Like a forbidden fruit...
      The better get the upper-hand on it, before it goes south for both of them.

      True, Marina stands up for him, but like you said. He has done nothing but simply be hurt to let Binny be that weary of him. He has shown them nothing but kindness and respect since waking up and it's time Binny showed him some. Stubborn thing!

      Marina almost turning into Raven-Chow is not interesting, it's dangerous! LOL

      Thanks Jazen! Hope to be back soon... ^_^

  3. I wonder what they will do when they found out who Alex "boyfriend" is. Your story walks on the edge on a couple of points. Love that.
    I don't know why, but I like Raven. We don't know that much about him but is kinda sweet. I am glad he could keep it together. I see Marina more as a future friend/lover not a meal. Great chapter.!

    1. True that is something to wonder about. I have a feeling the first one isn't going to be Lillian. For Alex's sake, I hope I'm right! Lol

      Each character in my story has its own story that has its ups and downs and suspense. In this case, Alex and Chase, Raven and Marina are the ones in danger/suspense at the same time, so yeah... Glad you love it.

      Be careful, Raven is stealing his way into your heart. Yeah, he is sweet, quite contradicting for his vamp personality, but it makes him unique! In future chapters I'll show you just how 'sweet' he can be.

      If I let him lose control, it'd be the end of the story! Marina is a key-player, you know. There'd be no sense in killing her!
      Hmm, speculations.... I love it!

      Thanks for reading Dutchy!

  4. I agree with Alex that having sex with a man she barely knows doesn't make him her boyfriend, but she sure got a taste of what she can have with him. It can definitely see why they're attracted to each other: she's a hunter, he's a vampire. The whole forbidden fruit thing, and Chase is just so damn hot!

    It's interesting that Raven is so drawn to Marina's blood, to the point where he was so uncomfortable, he has to keep his distance. Binny definitely doesn't trust him, and she knows something is up with this strange man. It will be interesting to see how long Raven will be able to keep his self-control.

    Good luck with school!

    1. At least she has the brains to not call him that, yes! The marvelous sex is not enough (LYN & BRAD) and then there's their hunter-vamp lives that clash!! Haha, I wouldn't be able to resist him either... And the truth shall set you free!!

      Well, he likes Marina and he may have a special, stronger attraction to her blood, but don't forget he also didn't feed for a month, so yeah! I don't think Binny will ever trust him. She can prove ME wrong, but I don't see it!

      Now that he literally got a whiff of her blood, I don't know if he'll be able to control it for long. Like you said, there's an attraction. Whether completely to her or to her blood... It's there!

      ^_^ Thanks Lyn!

  5. Alex is in way over her head! I hope it doesn't end badly for her. Chase can distract her whenever he gets ready.

    So Raven is a gorgeous vampire! I wonder how Marina will react when she finds out! Binny has very good instincts, but I don't think that Raven would intentionally harm them!

    Another great chapter, Jean Marie!

  6. Alex is in deep...and sinking! Even she doesn't quite know it yet! Even though he slept with her, she should be careful, 'cause nothing has changed. She's still Calum's inside-look, whether Chase helps him willingly or not.

    Yes, he IS a vampire! Speculation: Confirmed! Well, she'd better practice her reaction, 'cause she will find out at some point. Their attraction is growing and things like FANGS don't hide easily (I've tried...)

    I wonder what Binny is so weary of? Is it the vampire side she senses? Or something else?
    I agree, I don't think he would harm them intentionally...!

    Thanks for Reading Dais!

  7. ~ Raven's secrets emerge!
    ~ Poor Alex,she is in way over her head,with no escape,not that she wants to!Escape that is!LOL!
    ~ Love it more please!(",)

    1. Already one of them surfaced. I wonder how long it'll take for the others?
      Alex is in a confused, but satisfied, state right now. I wouldn't want to escape either! Let's just hope her buzz doesn't crash anytime soon...

      I'll try to get the next chapter out this week, can't promise though!
      Thanks for reading Karima! ^__^

  8. Raven showed the ladies his vamp!!! Haha! Nice :)

  9. Oh I knew he was a vamp. Of course he is.
    K... now those two need to get together.

    1. Had to be right?
      I mean the shoulder wound disappeared, didn't it!
      LOL, I agree. Should I arrange it? :)