Monday, 29 April 2013

Chapter 31 - You and Me


Rosalie was received with a round of applause and she frowned at each and everyone. 'You have no idea how stupid all of you look right now' . 'Come on, Rose!' Raven bend down to whisper in her ear, 'It's not every day one turns 110' . 'Look who's talking…' she whispered back, making him laugh.
Marina watched their exchange from the kitchen and received a nudge from Jane. 'She likes him. I'd say that's a sign you can take the next step forward. Help me with these will you?' she pushed a plate of cupcakes into Marina's hand.

'Cupcakes? Really Jane?! The woman is 110 years old!'
'She asked for them FYI and I'm not stupid. They're cholesterol-free and were made with diabetic sugar, so it's perfectly safe for her'
'Diabetic sugar—you do know that that's sweeter than regular sugar, right?' Marina asked, eyeing the heavily iced cupcakes.
'Are you serious?' Jane looked a bit frightened at her plate.
'Pretty so, dad was a diabetic! I would know, I made his tea and sometimes I'd drink it with him… Did you put in as much as you would normal sugar? You know, with the measuring cup?'
'Uh, no, I went light on the sugar. They always taste better when they're not too sweet. I can't believe I didn't know that!'
'Not many people do— If you've put in less, it's good, but we'll keep an eye on her just the same; She shouldn't eat too many! I, on the other hand, LOVE cupcakes!' Marina took a bite out of a chocolate one with pistachio icing.

They set up a nice table in the living room full of cupcakes, fruit juice and the also cholesterol free chocolate cake with strawberries that Marina decorated earlier, before turning to the various activities planned for that day. The karaoke machine last year proved a big hit and was rented this year too, but after too much champagne combined with the juice-barrel-punch, even the karaoke happy birthday song was sung an octave too low and exploded in a fit of giggles. Julie was also having a blast walking around with a mistletoe tied to a broomstick, holding it above everyone's head even though there were still a few days left before Christmas. Pretty soon a new game started—How to avoid Julie and the Mistletoe—and everyone spoke to each other at arm's length away.

Day became evening; evening became night and it was time to say goodbye to the guests. Cupcake in one hand, a piece of cake in the other everyone went their merry way. It was then that Marina noticed she hadn't seen Raven in a while. He wasn't where the party was cause she just came from there… Maybe he was with Rosalie- the comfort in which they spoke and laughed with each other showed a certain amount of trust between them; even if they'd just met. Marina said goodbye to the last guest; an aunt she had never met before and walked back inside to search for her grandmother.

Julie was sitting on the couch flirting with Dante who was still here. They seemed too taken in with each other to even notice her. She asked Jane, who was halfway up the stairs to her room, and was told that Rosalie had just come out of the shower and is getting ready for bed, so it would be highly unlikely Raven was with her. 'Maybe he's in the bathroom or something' Jane added and continued up the stairs. 'Yeah, maybe' Marina thought and walked back out the front door for some air. She wouldn't stay in the room with the lovey-dovey couple; the thought alone was unpleasant. If Raven was done in the bathroom, she'd see him eventually.

Closing the door behind her to keep the chill out of the house and leaning against the balustrade she closed her coat up to her neck as soon as the wind caught her. She took it back, this wasn't a chill, it was freezing tonight; finally a sign that it was indeed winter time. The past days had been deceiving to say the least. The sun was out shining and the temperature was that of an all-day AC that someone left on. Taking a few short breaths to get her lungs accustomed to the night air she looked up at the sky. There were no stars out tonight indicating either rain or the long-awaited snow that had yet to fall this December. Marina wondered if the moon was also hidden from view. She had a strange fascination with it and always looked for her through her bedroom window at home. Just as she rounded the corner in search of the great white orb her eyes fell on the figure standing just a bit off the kitchen, leaning against the balustrade.

His eyes were on her lacking surprise. As if he knew she was there even though she knew that she had made no sound since stepping outside. 'Hey…'
'Hey', he whispered.


The phone kept ringing until the busy signal sounded. Jane pressed the call end button and looked at his name on the screen. 'He's probably busy… or asleep' she thought, looking at the clock and put the phone on her bed grabbing her pajama's and towel. That warm bath was just what she needed to sooth her tired muscles she concluded returning to her room 20 minutes later. Right on time for the 'Room Service' romantic songs program that started every day at 11. It calmed her down helping her fall asleep easier, but no sooner had she turned on the radio when Dante came into her room.

'There you are', he said walking up to her. Jane wanted to ask why he was searching for her when he pressed his lips on her still open mouth, pulling her into him with his hands around her back. For exactly one minute Jane was stunned and tried to register what was happening. He was kissing her; Dante was kissing her. Not rough, but very passionate as if he was kissing… She groaned inside his mouth and shoved him back roughly. 'What the hell are you doing? I'm not Julie!' she screamed and wondered if he was just lucky that day at yoga when he managed to separate the two of them.

'Do you really think I'm not aware of that Jane?', he answered, a smug smile on his face. That and his answer angered Jane and she struck him clear across his left cheek making his head snap to the right; the sound still resounding in her room. How dare he? Did have the audacity to think he'd have both her and Julie? Jane saw him caressing his sore cheek and he turned his head back to look at her- simply looked.
'Get out of my room!', she said and pointed at the door. Dante kept his eyes on her and spoke again.
'Does that answer your question?'
Jane frowned at him. 'What?'

'Yes', Julie's voice came from the hall and she entered Jane's room. 'Yes, it does'
Jane was thoroughly confused now. What was going on here? She looked from her sister to Dante and back again. Dante moved away from her to where Julie stood and stopped in front of her pointing at his cheek. 'She slapped me! Right here, Julie! It stings… I'll need comforting- lots and lots of comforting'
Julie stroked his cheek lovingly. 'I'll make it up to you in a bit'
'I'll be in the hallway'

'What's going on Julie?', Jane said when she had her sister's attention again. 'Just a little test. To see how strong Damian's roots are compared to Jason's'
'I told you I'd be okay with you and Dante, why would you-?'
'This wasn't for you okay, this was for me! You can say whatever you want, I know you! I know how deep you feel when you let yourself go. Saying something and acting on it are two different things. I just needed to be sure… and tonight I am!'

Julie walked up and rested her forehead against Jane's, just like they used to do when they were children. 'I just didn't want to choose between you two. If I had to, I'd choose you, you know that! You’re my sister, my other half', she gave Jane a short smile, '…but I wouldn't really be happy about it. Jason's a part of what makes me whole too'
Jane nodded against her sister's head, so emotional she almost couldn't form words. 'I know Jules, I really do…'
'I'm sorry I had to test it like that', Julie smiled, 'Jason was against it so you know… I kind of forced/bribed him into doing it. I just wanted to draw a line behind all of this and have my sister back… I love you Janey!'
'I love you too Jules', Jane whispered, tears of joy flooding both their eyes. They smiled and cried as they held on to each other. Two sisters, two halves once again one…

'I'm still hurting over here, you know', Dante's voice sounded from the hall after a while, making the twins giggle.
'I'm sorry I hit him', Jane apologized releasing her sister from the vice-grip hug. 'He deserved it', Julie shook her head, 'From where I was standing, he put a little too much into that kiss. I believe he may have even enjoyed it', she winked at Jane and walked to the door. 'Pick up your phone Janey'
Jane turned her head towards the bed and saw the display light flash. She closed the door and got between the covers before picking up. 'Hey beautiful', Jane smiled at the sound of his voice, 'You called me…'

'Yeah, I missed you… wanted to hear your voice! You didn't pick up, so I thought you were sleeping', Jane put in her earpiece, so her arm wouldn't get tired holding the phone.
'It's 8 pm here Jane. I just came out of a business dinner with the curator, that's why I couldn't pick up… are you okay? You sound like you've been crying'
'I'm good- I just had a touchy moment with Julie, that's all'
'How was the party?'
'A bit tiring', she partially yawned, 'but grams was happy, so it was worth it. It would've been better if you were here…'
'I wish I was there right now'
'When's your flight?'
'Tomorrow morning… Time to say goodbye to the pyramids and come home… I don't have any jobs lined up for the next 3 weeks and I want to spend them with you in those beautiful hills… what time is it there?'
'Almost 11.30', she yawned again.
'I should let you sleep'
'No, I'm not tired, I want to hear your voice some more', Jane smiled into her pillow. She traced circles on her mattress, remembering his scent and the little tingles he left when he caressed her skin. 'Damian?' she whispered when it grew quiet on the other side of the line, 'Are you still there?'

'I'm still here…' he whispered in her ear.
'What are you thinking about?'
'…you…', he whispered, his voice hoarse with emotion it stirred something in Jane.
'Shhhh…', his voice was low, no longer just a whisper, '…what are you wearing Jane?'


'I hope you weren't too bored'
'Are you kidding? I rather enjoyed myself. You have a fun-filled loving family, Marina. I'm glad I was a part of that today.' Again. 'You enjoyed yourself?' Marina asked a bit surprised, 'Even with Julie breathing down your neck every second?'
'I'll admit, she's a pest… but in a good way. She can brighten up a room and give you a headache at the same time. I like her… Your grandmother too; She's a feisty one', Raven smiled.
'I'm sorry, I should've warned you about her…'
'You told me she wasn't a witch. I think she is! She made me fall in love with her even with all the threats she issued'
'She threatened you? That's why she threw me out of the room?'
'Among other things. She wanted to know how I knew you and I told her about how I was brought to you. Then came the usual 'sounds like danger' – 'stay away from her' – 'I will hurt you' threats that I'll admit I was looking forward to—what is that galling sound?'

'Galling?', Marina frowned.
'Irritating if you will'
'I don't hear anything?', she leaned against the balustrade.
'It's very faint…', Raven slowly stalked towards her and stopped when he stood in front of her, making her take in a shaky breath, '…and coming from your coat… whenever you move'
Raven carefully let his hand slide into her pocket and smiled when he recognized the object in his hand. 'Julie…', he chuckled, opening his hand for Marina to see. 'At least now we know where that mistletoe went…  I had a feeling she was creative, but in your coat? Smart!', Raven turned her palm upwards and let the mistletoe fall into it. The entire party, Raven took care not to stand too close to her to avoid Julie and that darned leaf. She was a little disappointed he did, because it would've been the perfect excuse to kiss him, without putting any other meaning behind it, or to at least get that out of the way… Marina lifted her eyes to his face and caught him staring at her mouth before he looked away and leaned against the balcony again.

'Why did you stop?'

'Why did I stop what, Marina?', Raven sighed.
'Oh, come on Raven, you know what I'm talking about… in the woods, you were going to kiss me! Why did you stop?', Marina surprised herself that she actually asked him. She had been wondering about it ever since that afternoon, but couldn't bring up the guts to actually say anything. If talking to Jane brought this out, maybe she should talk to Jane more often.
'You were uncomfortable, that's why. I would never do anything to you against your will'
'How would you know what I was feeling? I wasn't at all un-… yes, maybe a little', she admitted when he cocked an eyebrow at her, 'But that doesn't mean I didn't want you to…'

Raven's face relaxed and tensed at the same time as he studied her face. 'I'm not gonna beat around the bush or act like a nervous teenager, Raven. I like you! I have since the day I walked into your room when you were conscious. There's been this insane strong pull towards you ever since…', Marina's voice shifted into the next gear and it all came out fast, '…and to tell you the truth I was kind of glad when that happened in the field. By being glad I knew then that it wasn't all in my head and that maybe the feeling…'

'…was …mutual…'
The train of words slowed down when she found herself pressed against his chest, 'It is mutual, Marina', Raven whispered, 'It is…'.
His lips were so close to hers she could feel his warm breath on them as he breathed out. He was waiting. In the woods he made a move and she was uncomfortable. This time she had to come to him; let him know that she was sure about what she wanted. For a moment Marina wondered why he was just holding her, but quickly realized she had to make her move this time. He already admitted to feeling the same, so the next step would have to be hers.

She sighed and tilted her head a bit so that her lips brushed his. He still didn't move. Marina lowered her head and stared at his half open lips before repeating the action. It was still a brush of their lips, but a bit firmer this time and he caved. Raven leaned over and pressed his lips tightly to hers, keeping her locked in his embrace. It was a hungry kiss, but the softness of her lips left him no choice but to be gentle. He pulled her bottom lip inside his mouth gently sucking on it, before doing the same to her upper lip.

Marina let out a soft moan and lifted her arms around his neck, pulling him in deeper. She felt his tongue caressing along the seam of her lips requesting entrance. She sighed inside his mouth and opened her lips inviting him inside. Raven let out a tortured moan and no sooner had he gained entrance, his tongue was already dancing around hers, tasting the sweetness of her mouth. After all this time of pent up desires, finally having this contact felt incredible.

The kiss started off as gentle and soft, but quickly became somewhat aggressive. Raven was surprised since it was Marina that shifted gears. She moaned inside his mouth and sucked on his tongue hard, pressing her body up against him even more. He was taller than her, so she had to stand on her toes to be able to kiss him and by pressing against him it resulted in her moving up and down his body. The friction it created send shivers up her spine and she liked it. She wanted more… needed more!
'Raven… I-I need you…'

It felt unreal she would say that. She slid up and down his body once more trying to break through his cool demeanor and she was chipping away at the wall of control he was trying to keep up. Raven snaked his hands up and down her back. He kissed her more fervently after hearing that and felt her body grow heavy in his arms as her held her up. This was spiraling out of control fast. If this were just some woman in some other place, he'd take her right there on the railing, but she was not…

Suddenly grabbing her hips, he pushed her back against the railing, making sure she leaned firmly against it and pulled back. Both for a breather and to cool the situation down a bit. Marina frowned when he did and held onto his arm before the warmth of his skin had left her completely. 'Raven…?'
He hung his head at the sound of her desire laced voice as she spoke his name and breathed in deeply.
'Too soon, too fast', he whispered between breaths.
'I don't feel that way', she said and took his face in her hands and stroked a wayward lock out of his face, 'All this time of maybe, maybe not and pulling back… too long… I don't want to play the cat and mouse game anymore, Raven!'. She closed the distance between them once more and pressed feathery kisses along his chin, and he closed his eyes.

'What I want right now is you…', she whispered and claimed his lips again.

'… just you…'


  1. I loved seeing Marina with her cousins, they seem really close, it's too bad we don't see them interact a lot.

    The flashback scene on the Titanic was awesome, and it was great getting the history between Rose and Raven.

    I was worried there that Raven and Rose might have had a relationship. Thank God he was involved with her sister, it would have been so awkward now if he and Rose had a thing in the past, I mean now that he's taken with Marina.

    I'm with Rose on Marina's safety, sure Raven may have good intentions for her, but some vampire or possibly a clan has bad intentions for him, and if they found out he's alive and about his blossoming relationship with Marina, they might just hurt her to get to him. At the same time knowing this will make Raven all the more protective of her.

    The birthday party was awesome. I'm with Rose in that regard, I don't like fusses over my birthday, I probably would have stayed in my room throughout the whole shindig. It looks like everyone got a present in some way or other, Rose got the cookies she wanted, Jane got the confirmation she needed and Marina's slowly breaking down the walls around Raven's heart (love the two of them together BTW).

    1. If they lived closer to each other, they would've had more contact, but it's mostly over the phone and like Rosalie said: she'd have to throw a party to see her grand-daughter.

      I had fun staging it. Rosalie was a bit tooth-y even in her younger years. Them having a relationship would've been awkward to say the least. I had thought about it, but it would've made it complicated and Rosalie very less accepting when it came to them, so I opted for her sister instead.

      That's exactly the reason why she said it. He came to her pretty much roughed up (even a vampire such as him), so someone wants him out of the picture. They had left him for dead, but the injuries weren't that grave so he survived. Let's hope they don't get a scent on Marina.

      I like quiet birthdays myself, I go to birthday parties, don't throw them :P
      All in all a pretty 'receptive' night, I'll say. The way Julie went about handling that issue, might make some people angry, but at least they got it out of the way.

      LOL, she is slowly breaking that wall... But asking him to spend the night with her, I'd say that was bulldozer-ing that wall!

  2. First of all.... YOU LEFT IT AT 'WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?'!!!!!!!!!

    I'd HOPED to go back to that scene after a little hot scene from Marina and Raven. (which was very nice, btw to put it mildly, but I'll go there in a min)

    Julie cracked me up with the mistletoe. So like her to do something like that. I too kept waiting for her to trap Raven and Marina.

    When Dante/Jason walked in and kissed Jane I thought several things. 1: He wanted Jane all this time and has only been playing Julie. 2: He's drunk and thinks she's Julie. 3: He wants a threesome with twins. Then, when I found out it was Julie's idea I'm all like 'Bitch!' to Julie. That was a rather extreme test there.
    The only good thing about that is that they're back on really good terms. I think if it'd been me tho, I'd still be pretty damn pissed off.

    So Damian's voice was a little rough there, huh? Mmmmhm. >.> Then the whole 'what are you wearing?' question. *giggles*
    OH! That reminds me of a little story that I think I can tell. Sorry for going off-topic, but you know me. Okay, so I was at this convention thing, and one of my guy friends would joke around (REALLY not meaning thing by it, btw just need to say this) when me and a friend of mine would happen to be on the phone with him. Then we'd be all 'stfu, ____' hehe. Then he'd laugh and really say what he'd need to say. WELL, at this convention, my friend and I were rooming together, and the phone in our room rang. I picked it up, and I swear it sounded like his voice. So, I started goofing around, for once testing to see how far he would take that bullshit. Then, I mentioned something a little more personal, and he was like 'huh?' I'm like 'oh yeah right, like you don't know what I'm talking about'. He swore he had no idea. Then, my friend snatched the phone out of my hand and started Really talking racy shit. O.O We still thought it was our goofy friend. Later, when we talked to him about it, he swore it wasn't him. He even had people that were with him at the time (trustworthy people) that said he didn't do it. He even swore on his baby's grave (sad that story is) that it wasn't him. So, my friend and I have no idea to this day who that was. LMAO!
    Sorry for getting off topic like that, but I felt like sharing.

    ANYway... back to Marina. Hell yes!!! Go for it girl! I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO happy that she brazenly admitted to how she felt! /happy sigh. That was so sweet how he was all like 'if it were any other woman...' :D Yeah, they need to get back to her house and get bizay. (I just said bizay. /facepalm LOL)

    Loved this chapter. sorry for another novel. :) not really.

    1. Yes I left it at 'What are you wearing', sheesh, can't the newly formed couple not have a moment of privacy. They can't wait for that long for the hours to pass so they can see each other again, so... I gave them some phone time!

      Haha, I could just picture her walking around with that broom stick holding it above everyone's head. Yeah, it is typically her.

      1. Yes, That's the first thing that came to mind when I was writing it. Would I start that twist? LOL.
      2. Drunk, yes, that also came to mind and then he and Julie would fight, cause she'd realize he actually wanted Jane.
      3. That DIDN'T come to mind, strangely for me.
      Yes, that test was extreme and I wouldn't have let it go as easily as Jane did, but it's tiring to be at odds with Julie over him. Julie really cares about him, but she should've had more fate in Jane...

      No way? (LOL, we already addressed it on FB, so there's the late reaction)

      It was time she did. After Raven pulled back in the woods, he wasn't going to make her uncomfortable anymore, so he ceased his advances. That was bold for her to just come out and say it, but I'm glad she did... the tension between them was getting on my nerves LOL
      Back to her house? Her room is upstairs away from Rosalie's ear-shot... but better be extra quiet huh ;)

      (Who are we kidding, I'll bet she can hear everything going on in her house)
      I like novels :)

  3. The party was fun! Oma and Raven are cute together, mostly because I like when she snaps at him hahaha.

    Ok first of all, that test from Julie to Jane was seriously fucked up. What kind of mess is that? "I wasn't sure I could trust you, my twin and sister, around my boyfriend who I've known for all of five seconds." What?? If my sister, my TWIN, did some shit like that to me I'd be up and down her head for the rest of the night and wouldn't speak to her ass for a LONG time. I mean really? You can't trust me? I've known him for years going to his yoga class and you think that now that you're dating him I want him? Newsflash, remember Damian? The man you watched her making out with at the club? The man you pushed her towards until they slept together? HELLO??? Seriously that pissed me off (as you can probably tell) that wasn't right especially between siblings and I way would she have been forgiven that easily.

    **takes a deep breath** They kissed! Finally! WOOT!!!


    Also the conversation with Damian haha "what are you wearing" bow chicka bow wow :P

    1. I love the snapping between them... don't you just love old people (yes, Raven too, but he's sexy old)

      I knew that 'test' would set off a few people LOL, yeah, it is a slap in Jane's face she didn't trust him around Dante. Julie has NEVER been in a serious relationship, so doesn't know how to react when it comes to that, OR how to react to influences outside of her and Dante. Yes, Jane included. It's not hard to see her point of view since Jane was the first to know him AND he admitted to having feelings for Jane once, so that added some more to Julie's insecurities. Sure, they're twins, but Julie is known for her stubbornness and stupid choices. Who knows... maybe it wasn't really Jane she was testing, but Dante? It's still wrong towards Jane.

      Jane is also fed up with their being at odds, so she would forgive her if it meant putting it behind them. Plus she had Damian to distract her from letting it sink in, so she would get angry. I'd say he's helping her relax even more than necessary. 'bow chicka bow wow' indeed :)

      Yes, Marina has put her little foot down and made her move. Yay, now I can go plan little Marina and Raven babies, LOL, no, but the making-process will be fun too ;)

      Taking your mind of what Julie did helps, it really does!

      Thanks for stopping by to fume!

    2. Ditto DJ! That test was like a serious wtf moment. If I were Jane I wouldn't have forgiven Julie that easily. Ugh. Just Ugh.

      Sorry it unsettling that one sister would do that to the other.

    3. Now now, you people are hateful!

      I totally agree. That was low, especially with your sister. Maybe Jane really is tired of all the disagreements and shoves this one under the bed to use as an important argument-point later on! Could be, right?!

      Chamomile tea should help with that feeling Acid!
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Rosalie is really old! Wow! Looks like everyone enjoyed her party too and Julie/Dante enjoyed each other heh...not sure I agree with the test she performed on her sis...but I guess Jane is fine with it so everything seems cool especially since Jane has her own guy to worry about now any ways.

    Hmmm, I guess those two are finally official then. Raven/Marina...I do wonder what the vampires have been up to because it's been so long since we've heard of them!

    1. Yes she is old... The fact that she's still so snappy should raise a lot of suspicion to everyone else about her witchy-ness, but... so far so good. That's why the party was mostly family.

      No one likes that test and Jane probably would've flipped out too if it happened a few days ago, but she's too tired of being at odds with Julie and is just glad it's over I think.

      They've accepted each others feelings and aren't looking the other way anymore, so yeah, you can say that they are official.
      The vamps, yeah, I miss them. We'll get back to them and the hunters in an update or two. Thing are going spin now that Marina and Raven are a couple and something will happen to the vamps to make Calum pull his luscious hair out!

      Thanks Aeon!

  5. The party was great. The events after the party - wow.
    Julie was a bit out of line with what she had Dante do. I would have been furious had that been me. But she sought solace in Damian, which was sweet.

    Raven... too fast for him... he is such a gentle man. I am sure we don't know all of his secrets yet though.

    1. I thought it a bit too much for such an old lady, but it's hard to say no to Rosalie, the old witch. She could turn me into a toad...

      Julie received no love for the way she handled that. You don't do that to your sister, but at least Jane didn't make such a deal about it. She's as glad as I am that that's over with.
      There was nothing sweet about that phone-call, NOTHING!! :P

      Raven was born into tradition and honor. The times have changed, but surely something stuck. A gentleman he was and will always be. If he wasn't... Marina would be on the railing right now... Not that I'd let that happen lol

      Thanks Zhip!

  6. That was a rotten thing Julie did to have Dante hit on Jane. I kind of understand but i would have been pissed if I were Jane!

    Rosalie cracks me up,you don't know how stupid you all look../snicker

    Finally Raven and Marina!! Although i was a littel surprised that it was Raven who said too much too fast.
    Good on Marina for not letting him get by with that either!...edenz~

    1. I would've flipped out AND lose him as a friend if he pulled that shit on me... even if my sister put him up to it. He should've said no, just plain and simple. Jane just wants the tension between her and Julie to be done with. If this is the way Julie thinks it will happen, so be it. Jane is just tired of it, so glad it's moving on...

      Rosalie is full of dry humor, I love her to bits!

      Raven is very old school: courting, asking father for hand in marriage - That type of guy! So it's not very surprising he would do that. He respects Marina and wouldn't just nudge her into his bed, so to speak, that's just how he is! They've been playing cat and mouse ever since he was conscious, so I get that Marina thinks it's been a waste of time. If they like each other, then why not??

      Thanks Edenz