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Chapter 27 - Prophecy


BellaDonna Cove
DiGorgio Auction House

‘You’re certain, mother?’
‘Yes, Damian. It’s the only explanation that makes sense! But why they want Rosalie dead for it… that I can’t figure out. I’d have to talk to her, maybe she can fill in the blanks’ Jean scribbled some protection wards on a piece of paper and handed them to Rinka, ‘I’ll try to find a train today if possible’
‘No need! I’ll drive you!’ Damian offered, already fumbling with his keys.
‘Alright then’ Jean smiled at her son, ‘Rin—‘

‘Don’t worry! I’ll draw up these wards as soon as you’re out the door. This is important. I’ll take care of the ‘van Gogh’ expo too; it’s too late to cancel it anyway’
‘You guys are making me feel old! Where did my two babies go?’ Jean mocked, ‘Damian, pack only the necessities, we won’t be there long’
‘If we leave now, we’ll avoid most of the traffic and be there by tomorrow morning’
‘Then we shouldn’t waste time’ Jean said, grabbing two of the three orbs and followed her son out the door.

Say hello to Jane for me, D Rinka whispered to the closing door.

Damian drove through the entire night to save time, but in the early morning he was exhausted and they needed to stop at a motel. They located one just as they arrived in RiverBlossom Hills North. He fell asleep almost instantly, but Jean was a bit anxious. It had been a long time since she was here and even longer since she last saw Rosalie. She wondered just how much had changed in the past 25 years.

4 hours later the sun showed its face and Damian was still asleep. Jean let her son rest and took the trip to Rosalie’s house by herself. Driving through the streets left her emotional. Everything was exactly the same as she remembered; like time stood still the moment she left 25 years ago…

Jean paid the cabdriver and crossed the street. Even the house remained the same, she thought as she climbed the stairs. She raised her hand to knock, when the door flew open and one of the twins, she didn’t know which one, came out.
‘Whoops, I’m sorry, I… Mrs. DiGorgio!’
‘Hello again—‘
‘Julie. Please, come on in! I’ll get my grandmother; she’s out back in the sunroom’ Julie answered, stepping aside to let her in.

The same nostalgic feeling hit her when she entered the living-room. The room even smelled the same and she sank down on the sofa. Jean closed her eyes and tried to remember the last time she was here. A sound of haste coming from the back brought her to her feet and Rosalie appeared in the archway.


‘Hello Rosalie’ Jean answered with a voice full of emotion, ‘It’s good to see you again! You’ve gotten old my friend!’
‘So have you! Under all that age-freezer potion’ Rosalie countered, making them laugh; just like old times…


‘Shoo! Shoo-shoo-shoo…’ Iridessa squirmed at the spotted cat at her feet, ‘I hate cats!’
‘Aww, I think he’s rather cute’ Jane patted its little head, making it purr.
‘Gross Jane, really… Shoo!’
This time she managed to scare the poor animal into leaving, but not before he hissed her a step back. Jane laughed at the sight of Iridessa’s disgusted face.

‘So anyway, your sister just called the office. They told me to give you this message and I quote’ Iridessa cleared her throat,
‘Dearest Jane-stop
Jean DiGorgio at our house-stop
Damian at Roadside Motel-stop
Go apologize for reckless behavior that night-stop’

Jane sighed at the telegraphic style message and also the questions that were soon to follow it.
‘Okay, first of all, Julie has quite the imaginative mind and secondly SPILL JANE ALLEN!!!’
‘Spill what, Iridessa?’
‘I read a man’s name and reckless and night. 1+1 equals…’
‘Nothing happened, okay!’
‘Or at least I think nothing happened’ Jane said unsure, but Iridessa needed more.

Damian DiGorgio is a family friend. The four of us, he has a sister, went on a group outing and I had one drink. A very potent drink apparently, ‘cause I wake up the next morning… draped across his chest…’
‘NAKED???’ Iridessa squirmed, closing her umbrella. It had stopped raining.
‘Thanks for thinking so highly of me. No, I wasn’t naked! But I also don’t remember what happened at the club that night and how we ended up in that position’
Jane regretted using that word when Iridessa’s smile spread even wider.

‘Julie won’t tell me either! She just said I was behaving very out of character’
‘Well, opportunity! He’s in town now. Maybe you could ask him what happened’
That made perfect sense, but she didn’t know what face to face him with, especially since she snuck out.
‘My advice’ Iridessa smiled, ‘Go after work. That way you’ll have an excuse that you need to go home. As a matter of fact, go now! We’re closing earlier because of the meeting anyway… besides, we’re running errands outside the building, they won’t know…’

‘Dessa! Your husband is my boss!’
‘Right! And your boss’ wife is your friend’ Iridessa flashed an angelic smile, ‘I won’t tell you again! Go! I wanna know what you did too!’
‘Thanks Dessa!’
‘Oh, I’m not doing it for you! This is for my enjoyment. Now go get me the juice!’ Dessa answered, swaying her perfect hips from left to right before she got in her car.


‘I see some lines forming in your face. Why’d you stop drinking the potion?’
‘Because I’m starting to look like my daughter’s sister’ Jean smiled.
‘I see… how is my grand-daughter? Rosalie asked with a hint of sadness in her voice. It pained her she had to miss out on a part of her family.
‘She’s fine… Taking care of the business while I’m here! This… sadly isn’t a social call Rose’
‘I didn’t think it was… You found out which prophecy we’re looking for? The girls said you were still deciphering the links’

‘In a way, yes’ Jean said pulling the Astor orb out of the bag and handed it to Rosalie.
‘Ah, the Astor-Prophecy. I remember this one…

In the noble line of men
Two women shall be born again
One to aid the hunter’s hand
The other to change the vampire clan

Time shall reveal which witch is which
So they may be blessed accordingly
And receive a most powerful gift’

‘…a most powerful gift…’ Rosalie repeated absently.
‘I have it figured out for most parts’ Jean thought out loud, ‘The noble line of men… That’s the Astor Family Tree. They’ve only had male offspring until Marina’
‘…and Rinka’ Rosalie added, ‘The two women of the line’
‘Yes, destined for opposite sides, but we don’t know which one of them goes where’
‘The time isn’t right yet…’
Right, time! The rest is also easy. They’ll receive a powerful gift when revealed which side they go to. What bothers me is not being able to figure out why your life is tied to all of this?’

Rosalie smiled a weak smile. ‘Well, remembering this specific prophecy… I know exactly where I’m tied to it. –Time shall reveal which witch is which—That sentence must’ve been funny at the time, but point is… Marina is not a witch. She is by birth-right, yes, but her powers are dormant’
‘Why?’ Jean was a bit puzzled by this. Rosalie was a practiced witch. So were Jane and Julie. If Marina was born into this, surely Rosalie would know about it and train her.

‘Her mother –Grace. She was scared Marina would be seen as a freak and hurt by other children, so she asked me to seal away Marina’s powers. She was 5 when she first levitated her teddy bear. A fast learner too. I didn’t want to seal he powers; such a gifted kid. But when her mother got sick, a fatal disease, she asked me once more. She wanted a normal childhood; a normal life for her daughter… I couldn’t refuse her then. She died 5 hours later that same day. I had to promise her to never let Marina come into her powers again’
Jean couldn’t believe her ears. ‘So Marina doesn’t know that she’s a witch? Does she know about you?’
Rosalie shook her head. ‘We’re very careful around her. I don’t think her knowing will do anything, but I don’t want to risk spiking her memory’
‘Yes, I can understand that…’ Jean said, playing with a dried leaf.

‘Since I’m the one that did the spell to seal her magic, it only makes sense that the spell can be undone if I uncast it…’
‘Or if you died’ Jean gasped, finally figuring it out.
‘…or if I die, yes. It’s all very clear now’
‘Oh my God, Rose!’ You… you need to drink my potion. I can make some for y—‘
‘No’ Rosalie waved her hand, ‘That won’t protect me from assassinations and even if it did, I refuse to live forever on this terrible earth, no thank you! I just have to find a way to re-route the spell… or strip her of her powers completely instead of just sealing them again. If you’d help me, we could figure it out faster. She’ll be here in 2 days, hopefully. Never missed one of my birthdays yet, so…’

Rosalie looked up when Jean got up and started to wheel her to the house. ‘It’s gonna rain’ Jean explained.
‘I know- I can still smell it you know. Even in my old age’ Rosalie smiled, ‘… are you staying? For my birthday I mean?’
‘I want to… you know I do, but I also don’t want to leave Rinka alone for that long. Especially after hearing all that. I’m sorry old friend’
‘I’m a mother too, I know how you feel. Your visit even if not a completely social one, is already a present for me’ Rosalie gave Jean’s hand a gentle squeeze. ‘But you are staying for lunch… -ubuhbub, no buts. Julie is fixing us something that might just kill us, but it’ll give us some time to talk… relive some of the old days’

‘I won’t say no to that’ Jean smiled.
‘Oh, the girls said there were three orbs’ Rosalie remembered, having seen only one.
‘One is still with Rinka; It’s about her having to make a difficult choice later in life. Probably what the prophecy was talking about. The other is the blue one I also brought along’
‘Blue? That’s worldly isn’t it?’
‘So if the Astor-prophecy is fulfilled, Rinka’s will follow and she has to make a choice. Both of the prophecies will lead to a worldly scaled change?’ Rosalie groaned, ‘I hate the blue orbs! They never recall what’s going to happen. I should’ve mine down the first time I prophesized them’
 ‘I can’t stand their silence either. They would be a lot easier to prevent if we knew wh—Do you smell something burning?’

‘My soup!’ They heard Julie scream from the kitchen. Jean stifled back a smile and then remembered that she was eating too…


RiverBlossom Hills
Roadside Motel

Jane paid the cab and walked up to the building. Her courage once again sinking with every step she took. ‘This is ridiculous Jane, get a grip!’ she reprimanded herself, ‘Just go in there, ask him what happened and if necessary apologize too and… move on!’ Oh, but what if it’s bad?
She shook her head; a cartoonish attempt to shake off the thought. Needless to say it didn’t work.
Damian’s car was parked at the far end of the parking lot. Taking a chance, Jane walked to the door adjacent the car hoping- and half not hoping- it was their room. She knew the concierge wouldn’t give her his room number; hotel privacy policy, so she skipped that option altogether.

Standing in front of the door, she took a deep breath. One that resulted in another and another and another. Jane lost count of how many breaths she took in those three minutes she just stood there –world record perhaps?- when the door suddenly swung open.

‘Hello Jane’


  1. ARGH!!!!!! YOU LITTLE!!!!! My bottom lip can't take much more biting!!! How dare you stop there!

    Well, it's not like I've never done it myself LMAO.
    The whole dang chapter I was anxious for the 'reunion' of Jane and Damian. I'm totally confused about the prophecy, but that's just my brain. It only works when it wants to and someone's been putting strange things into my coffee. *looks around*

    That was funny about Julie and the soup. That is so my mother it's not even funny. She has a sign in her kitchen "Dinner's ready when the smoke alarm goes off". She's a great cook, but every time I go over there *I* make myself in charge of whatever bread product she might want to toast.... or it'll get burned.

    I can picture Iridessa as you. I was totally agreeing with her. 'Jane, get your ass over there!'

    *pants* and now you make me wait. I know I know, I probably deserve it. *taps foot anyway*

    Loved it.

    1. That's a bad habit. You'll have no lip left if you keep it up!

      Really, the name said prophecy, not reunion! >_> LOL
      I think the last bit is an indication of the next chapter, don't worry! Yeah, prophecies can do that! They are never in plain english, even when they are!
      Noooooo! Who would do that? Oh look a birdie! *adds another capsule*

      Jane is the chef in the house. Julie excels in barbecue! :)
      Aww, that's kinda cute! And the sign... Well, the alarm is like a 'Come and get it' bell! LOL.
      Burned toast, you din't die from it when you were little, you'll survive now! Your mother sounds like fun!

      Yes, I would've soooooo reacted like that too! Maybe even drove Jane there myself and pushed her inside that room when he opened the door!

      I have to make you wait. There's some poses I need to get done for that chapter. I've been putting them off too long, now that they're needed I have to make haste. Lazy, I know!
      Don't burn a hole in that carpet hun! :P

      Thank you!

  2. Jane looks worried about that door opening but how could you leave it there....????

    Marina should be allowed her powers they shouldn't make that choice for her and in a way I hope she finds out.

    Loved it :)

    1. I'm mean, I know! Everyone's been looking forward to that. I'll go sit in the time-out corner now....*sniff*

      She has lived her entire life without the knowledge of even having her powers... As far as she's concerned, she's just human; Pretty much unaware of ANY kind of supernatural around her. And there's quite a few!

      They should leave the decision up to Marina, it's true. Even if it was her mother's wish, Marina is an adult now...

      Thank you Lucky! :)

  3. Oh dear, so Rosalie wants to find away to completely get rid of Marina's powers, I can't decide if that's going to be a good thing or not.

    You little tease!!!!! Sooo. Damien swoops up Jane in his arms and kisses her like she's never been kissed before! They fall madly in love and live happy ever after, right??..had to write my own ending to satisfy me until you make another chapter...evil woman!...edenz~

    1. Removing her powers could be a bad thing, prophecy wise, cause it speaks of 2 witches. If you interfere with a prophecy, there's no telling what other things you interfere with. How many other lives and future outcomes you change.
      Prophecies are very strong though, they usually come through, no matter what you do, but they can be broken.

      For Marina it will be might be a good thing. She'll be able to live her life just as she has, without the dangers witchcraft brings. But her life has been in a dip so often, maybe the re-awakening of her powers would bring the turnaround??? It's complicated, as soon as I'm out of the twist, you'll be too LOL

      Tease? Aww, that hurt my feelers! (yes, feelers!) LOL
      Wow, yeah, that's exactly what happens!
      Did I say that because you made that up?
      -Yeah, I did! :)

      Thank you Edenz!

  4. The end? Really? Man... boooo.... haha.
    It seems to be a good thing to have had that visit.
    I think they both know a little more than before they spoke.
    What did Rosalie mean about staying for her birthday? Is she going to die leaving Marina to come into her powers?

    1. I'm kinda getting used to being Boo'ed! I love the sound now! LOL
      I don't think the message would've come across in the same way had the twins delivered the contents of the prophecy. It's written in plain english, and yet not that easy to decipher. Plus it gave Jean and Rosalie a small reunion. Sometimes I forget that they're the same age! The smarts are also on the same level then I guess!

      Nothing special. She just wanted to know how long Jean was staying since her birthday is in 2 days. Will she die then? Will Marina come into her powers like that? I do not know! (Yes, I do, but you don't know that!)

      Thanks for reading Zhip *^_^*

  5. Heh, I like Cliffhangers though so I'm not too mad! It just means there is a lot to look forward to :P

    I wonder if Marina would like her powers? I mean if I had such powers I'd be angry that they were taken away!

    1. Yay, a cliffy-not-hater! Haha, You have got to be the first! :)
      Well, Jane has an entire chapter to react to Damian's presence, so yeah, there's something to look forward to!

      Marina has lived without her powers ever since she was a child, so I'm thinking she's completely forgotten about them. Maybe that also adds to her sad feelings; the little piece missing from her life. I'd be angry too if they removed mine!
      Would she like to have them? It would change her life, that's for sure...

      Thanks Aeon! :)

  6. I read these a while back, just never had time to comment.

    First, I loved their night out. It looked like they all had fun, Club Grimoire was def the place to be!

    And LOL @ Jane getting drunk and loosening up, it must have been a shocker for her sister to see her in that state and what a wake up call the next morning. I wouldn't mind having Damian for a pillow.

    LOL @ Val and Callum and his sword...she's really trying his patience.

    The visit between the two old friends was a long time coming, their talk has certainly put things into perspective for them and me as a reader, it's all starting to tying in together nicely now. I'm not so sure though about sealing Marina's powers. Maybe she should have a say in it?

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    1. Happens to all of us... :) sometimes you just can't!

      They had fun, much needed! However, I'm pretty sure Damian & Rinka held back a little. Just one pull-over by the cops... Definitely held back! :) That club was banging! LOL

      Julie's jaw was definitely scraping the floor. That's something that would happen to her, not perfect Jane! I'd go back to sleep if I had a pillow like Damian, then again sleep would've been far from my mind...

      She's a little gutsy! Maybe because she's intimate with him she forgets who he is and doesn't see him as an Elite Vampire anymore. Mistake mistake, he won't kill her, but he can hurt her... mentally!

      I'm glad it's starting to come together a bit. I was kinda worried with the amount of characters I had to toggle that it would be a bit scattered and the main points wouldn't be visible.
      Marina should have a say in it. But since she lived as a human all this time, she might not want them. Or she might JUST want them to complete herself and hope her life will be better. Cause it hasn't been all rosy for her lately.

      I have a resurrect-o-nomitron ready, so don't worry! I got your back!
      Thanks Val! :)

  7. Wow so Marina a witch. That is crazy and why would her mom want her powers gone forever? She's an adult now shouldn't she be allowed to make that choice? I don't think that's fair to her now, the circumstances have changed and her coming into her powers could probably stop the assassins. So much to keep up with, I'm going to need to start keeping a notebook so I don't miss things.

    And really??? You end it there??? UGH I swear you and Mypal, I waited to read these and this is what I get. No good either of you two. LOL

    1. Yes, Marina is a witch. It makes a certain sense if she's family with Rosalie & The twins, but I never shone any light on that, so it still stayed a shocker.
      Her mother wasn't a witch, so it's understandable she would want her daughter to be human. I believe she was also a bit scared of her magic-toddler...

      That's a plausible theory. The assassinations would stop if they were doing it to get Marina into her powers. No need to kill Rosalie then.
      LOL, there is a lot going on, yes, I'm sjowie! My head is full of it sometimes! :)

      I did not expect this... I'm lying! I sooooo knew it was coming! :)
      MyPal and I have been in the same classes this semester, so our homework is the same too! LOLOLOLOL

      Thanks for reading Dearie :)

  8. WOW! WOW! WOW! Where to begin? Ok...Marina is a witch that has no idea about her powers and is linked to Rinka for this world changing event and they are going to be on opposite sides, one for the hunters and one for the vampires?!? HOLY SHIT! That's some real Thanksgiving drama right there. Divided bloodlines converge to do battle! OMG! And they are both such nice people I can only imagine which one will turn evil :( I hope Rosalie and Jean can figure this all out! That's a major, major OH SHIT moment!

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    1. True....true.... HOLY SHIT....true....
      They are two of the nicest in this story, so who'd have thunk right? Whooo, i can already imagine that Thanksgiving... they're even seated right next to each other.... Haha, not good!

      'Yes m'am, I'm sorry m'am!

      I love her too. She's a supportive actress in this and doesn't get much screen time, but when she does appear... she makes her presence known.

      Thanks DJ

  9. Okay, so Marina has been denied her powers as a witch for years... I wonder if those can be easily rekindled once (if) she finds out...

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    1. The decision of Marina's dormant powers was not hers. They've been dormant for so long she's forgotten even having them. Her mother was afraid of her being teased and having a bad childhood that she asked Rosalie to seal Marina's powers.
      When (if) Marina's powers do get activated, there is the chance they might not work or need boosting time, being dormant for that long.

      Haha, see, you're cheating! Reading after all this time. Cliffies don't work for you anymore... Pout!

      Thanks for reading Marsar!