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Chapter 9 - Apparition

Some good and bad shots.
Someone said if you give them an order (anything, going to the toilet etc.) and take a snapshot, It gets blurry. It's true, I noticed it yesterday during shots.

‘It’s been 2 days already! None of the witches in Grams’ coven know the Keeper’s address.’ Julie vented uncrossing her legs and folding them underneath her.
‘That’s because none of them can prophesize! Only the witches with that kind of magic know where she is now… and since we know none other than grams… dead end. I’m gonna ask a friend of mine at work. He’s a genius when it comes to f-iiiinding th-iiings…’ Jane said in a sluggish way, putting on her lipgloss, ‘Maybe it also works with people’
‘Maybe… but he won’t know what to look for if you don’t tell…You’re gonna tell him you’re a witch??? Julie half screamed, staring at Jane’s mirror-image with her mouth open.

‘Are you crazy?!’ Jane said searching for her make-up compact, ‘No, I’m just gonna tell him that I need to find someone. Give him the name and hope that’s all it takes. And try to get some work done without worrying too much about you and grams… where’s my eyeliner?’
‘I put it in the bottom drawer yesterday! Relax grams and I will be fine. The new protection charms we put around the house are stronger than the last. They even shocked the neighbor’s dog who tried to pee against the fence.’ Julie smiled. Her thoughts traveled back to watching that poor dog wobble his way back home, still visibly vibrating with the aftershocks. ‘I think he’ll never pee again in his life’

‘I can’t believe I missed that. That had to be funny. Serves that mean-ass Doberman right. He’s always pissing against our gate and ruining the bamboo bushes’ Jane said throwing her sister a wicked grin through the mirror. They both chuckled. Julie watched her sister fuss about her outfit some more, throw her make-up compact and lipgloss in the bag, glance at her mirror-image again and finally make for the door.
‘Alright, enough with the funny. Now get out! I have to go to work!’ Jane said turning to face her sister from the door opening.
‘You still don’t trust me alone in your room do you? Come on Janey! We were 15. I don’t even think that putting glue in your shoes would produce that same reaction’ Julie thought back to that day and before she knew it, she burst into laughter. ‘I take it back, it’s still funny!’

Jane walked over to her sister and grabbed her by her hair pulling her out the door. ‘Aww-aw-awww, Janey!’ Julie squirmed.
‘Funny for you maybe, I’m just thankful you were dumb enough to use paper glue, so I could at least keep my feet!’ Jane closed and LOCKED the door behind them. ‘I’m going to work, make sure grams takes her medicine on time!’

‘Yes m’am!’ Julie mused with a small salute as Jane went down the stairs, ‘I’ll go to the library again later, they have a computer with the find-a-friend application, see if I missed anything or if it’s been updated… I’ll call you’
Julie heard a faint okay and the door closing, before she started for her grandmother’s room.


Jane was so lost in thought about how they would proceed if they never found the Keeper that she missed the first bus. She checked the schedule-pamphlet to see at what time the next bus would be passing by. ’10 minutes… Now I’m definitely late for work’ she sighed sitting back down on the bench, once again getting lost in her thoughts. They had been searching for the past 2 days to no prevail. It was as if the Keeper didn’t exist. If it weren’t for her grandmother as living prove, Jane would’ve taken this as a hoax and dropped it in a second. She was her grandmother’s friend in school and since Rosalie was turning 110 next month the keeper would be around the same age. Not everyone lives to see 90, so the possibility of her not being alive anymore, needed to be taken into consideration.

The idea haunted Jane. If she had passed on, who would be the new keeper? Surely she would make her successor known to the witches whose prophecies she kept… Jane sighed again. What if they didn’t find the keeper before another attack comes? Their powers had to have been measured by now. The attackers would come back with full force and Jane didn’t know if they’d be able to stop them… With her premonitions cutting it so close it’ll be a wonder if they made it in time.

They had to train harder. At least fully develop their active powers…
‘Excuse me, miss?’
Jane looked up to see the bus in front of her, the driver, a chubby, donut-loving man looking right back at her. ‘Are you coming?’ –‘Yes, sorry…’ She hurriedly got up and into the bus, taking the last window-seat. At least this driver had the decency to try and get her attention before driving off…

‘Don’t ask, trouble with the bus…’ Julie said quickly. The trouble was less with the bus, more with her, but Iridessa didn’t need to know that. ‘Please tell me that coffee is for me!’ She got off the elevator and took in the rich scent of the coffee. Stardollars’, had to be! They made the best coffee in town.
‘Nope, it’s Bob’s! You know he only takes his coffee from…’
‘Stardollars! The best coffee in town!’ they said at the same time, resulting in a multitude of giggles.
‘Look at us, acting like a bunch of schoolgirls…’
‘How is Bob, by the way?’
‘Oh, same old, same old. Bit moody today, but he’ll live’ Iridessa said with a smile brighter than the sun. Bet that thing could tan you in record time. Always the happy-go-lucky type. Whereas her husband Robert was always the serious, don’t joke with me, type.
‘How the two of you got married, heaven knows!’
‘Stardollars is the key. I just bought him a cup and before we knew it, we were married!’ she smiled, ‘How was your time off?’

‘Oh, it was great (If you don’t count me chasing away the Doberman every morning) I got to really clear my head, you know. It was very relaxing (if you don’t count the attack on my grandmother), oh, and Julie’s back home…’
‘Hmm, what happened to the rockstar’s she been chasing?’
‘She’s still chasing him, but it’s a bit milder now. Let’s hope it stays that way… But all in all, I’m glad she’s back. I really missed her’
‘Honey, you guys are twins. Like one soul, two bodies or whatever…’ she stopped at the beeping of her pager. ‘Oh, it’s “missing-persons”. Bob’s wondering where I am! Maybe he needs a hug or a kiss or something!’
‘Or his coffee’
‘…or his coffee!’ Iridessa smiled eying the cup in her hand, ’We’ll talk later okay!’

Jane walked into the office, immediately acknowledging Kaite, behind the pc of course. She could swear it was a second skin to him. The only place he could relax was behind it. This is it… If he can’t find her, I’m giving up… She came to a halt near his desk.
‘Hey, sunshine! You’re looking more radiant every time I see you!’
 Jane frowned. See me? Right! His eyes never even left the screen…
‘How was the time off? I –uh, we missed you here at work you know’ he continued.
‘It was okay, I guess! Hey Kaite, I need your help with something!’
‘…Anything for you Sunshine…’ he whispered, loudly clearing his throat, making Jane frown again. ‘Sure, what do you need?’
‘I’m looking for this woman, one Jean DiGorgio, don’t ask why, I’m just looking to find her, that’s all’ Jane said quickly, writing the name on a piece of paper next to the computer. She saw some movement from him, like glancing at the paper, but it went too fast for her to know for sure.
‘What time do you need it?’
‘ASAP would be nice’ Jane said walking to her desk.
‘ASAP it is…’

Jane put her bag on her desk frowning at the big bamboo bouquet cluttering it. There was a small card attached to the bow. “For the beautiful and talented Jane”
‘Okay!’ she said to Iridessa, coming out of her husband and boss’ office, ‘Which one of you do I have to thank?’
‘What for Jane?’ she said taking a seat behind her desk.
‘Uh, does the big bamboo bouquet crowding my work space ring a bell?’
‘Oh, that… I don’t know! It was already there this morning when we got here’
‘Hmm, I just assumed that since you guys know I like bamboo it was one of you. Then where did it come from? All the card says is that it’s for me… no sender.’
‘Well, Kai was here before Bob and me… Did you see anything Kai? KAI?!!’

‘I’m sorry what?’
‘The bouquet? Origins?’ Iridessa repeated.
‘Oh, that! Nope, it was in front of the door this morning. I just brought it up! Secret admirer maybe?’ he said, absently pushing a leaf of the yellow flower further under his computer. ‘Now if you’ll leave me alone, I’ve just gained access into the FBI Database’

‘Wha… I did not, nope, I did not hear that’ Iridessa exclaimed turning in her chair, so she sat with her back towards him, causing Kai to grin.
‘Well, whoever it was, these are beautiful!’ Jane said taking the bouquet to the sink. After drenching the oasis, she placed it in the window to bask in the sun. She had just reached her desk, when the phone rang.

‘Jane Allen, Interior Designer. How may I help you?’ She put on her professional mask.
‘Hello, Miss Allen. This is Miss Allen speaking!’ Julie mused, imagining Jane’s face.
‘Very funny Jules! I’m laughing!’
‘I just couldn’t resist… come on, Janey! Where’s your sense of humor!’
‘I lost it when you were born! Have you found anything?’
‘Nothing on DiGorgio yet, hey, did you know that the library had a secret section?’
‘No… it does?’
‘Yeah, I saw this book with this stupid name. What was it again? Wait…’ Julie walked over to the bookcase to read the name of the book. ‘Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Novel. Lame, I know!’
‘And yet it drew you in…’
‘Shut up! It had a lot of dust and when I pulled it out, I heard some wiring and the ENTIRE bookcase swung open and shoved me into this chamber. It has a fireplace and everything. I think it’s a magic section. You know, for witches and such!’
‘What makes you think that?’
‘The fireplace. It flamed up the minute I entered, by itself’
‘Be careful Jules!’

‘Relax, I already checked, there’s nothing here but a bunch of weird books and something about how to train your dragon. How’s it going with your guy? Did he find anything?’
‘Nothing yet, last I checked, he was scanning the Fearless Black Indian database’ Jane whispered into the receiver in case someone might be listening.
‘The Fearless Bla… Ohhh! Really?! I didn’t know he was that good… well, let me know if he finds anything. I’m gonna check out this secret section. If it’s made up of magic books, the keeper’s gotta come up somewhere. Talk to you later!’
‘Alright, but be careful! ... bye!’


Julie hung up the phone and turned her attention to the books on the fireplace. Hexes for dummies… How to train your dragon… Cat really got your tongue… Flying for Idiots… Magivestigium 101… The Art of Potion-Making… Hogwarts; A history…
‘Are these people serious?’ Julie said frowning at the titles, ‘Hmm, let’s see!’
She reached for the top book ‘Library Registry’. If the name is right, it should list all of the people that ever visited this place. Julie looked around for a pen, but the dust that had also gathered on this book, led her to thinking, there wouldn’t be one anymore.

She opened the book to find 2100 pages had been signed dating from 1860 to more current dates. After every name written in the book was also the date they visited. She flipped over one of the pages and something vibrated through her. She closed her eyes as the room started to spin. When it came to a halt, there was a figure in the room with her.

Julie could make it out to be a woman, a pregnant woman. She was caressing her stomach while whispering sweet words to whoever was in there. Then, as if someone called out to her, she looked up and smiled. It looked as if she was looking right at Julie.
Julie couldn’t believe her eyes. She wanted to get up and touch her, but just as sudden as it appeared, the figure was gone.

She looked at the page that cause the flash and a tear fell down her cheek when she found her mother’s name. Julie looked at the date… It was 2 months before her and Jane’s birthday. Her mother must’ve visited this place during her pregnancy. The tear turned into a smile on Julie’s face as she ran her finger over her mother’s signature. It was written in her hand. Three names below it she found Grandma Rosalie’s. The emotions running through Julie were almost too much to bear. She looked up from the book and watched the dancing flames to get a hold of herself. The hypnotic rhythm of the flames did the job and Julie decided to add her name to the list, like her mother and grandmother had done before her. She turned to the last page. Searching her bag for a pen, a warm golden light emitted from the book caught her attention.

On the page a golden flame was slowly writing her name with the date. Julie was dumbfounded as she stared at the page until the flame dissolved. There it was… Her name, written in her hand even though she never even touched the page. She turned the book around, upside down even. It all looked the same. ‘Magic is scary, but wonderful at the same time’ she smiled.
The smile fainted slightly when she noticed the name noted 3 months before her date. The last person to visit this place 3 months ago: ‘Damian DiGorgio’

‘I found it…’


‘You found what?’ Jane was at his desk in a microsecond. Kaite actually flinched at the speed. It even made him look up.
‘Well, the FBI database showed nothing. Same with the CIA…’
‘Good God! You’re a hacker! ...Get to the point!’
‘…so I checked in with the most basic people-finder… Facebook! I didn’t bother the first time, because I assumed you checked it already. Why didn’t you check there?’
‘I don’t have Facebook’
Kaite looked at her like she was an alien… a dangerous bug that needed to be squashed ASAP!
‘Oh come on, it’s not like everybody joins these things…’
‘YES, they do!’
‘Apparently not, now move over! What did you find?’

‘Rinka DiGorgio…’ Kaite said, rolling his chair away to let her see. Being away from the screen, he was already looking around as if he didn’t belong, ‘…she’s been on my friends list all this time’
‘What? If she’s your friend, why didn’t the name DiGorgio ring a bell the first time I asked?’ Instead of gratitude for finding ‘any’ clue to DiGorgio, Jane was slowly losing her patience with him.
‘Uh, maybe because, like a lot of people, I have 650 friends on that list. Good thing too, although I would’ve liked digging into people’s accounts…But hey, don’t thank me or anything…’

Jane looked at him, her features softening. She draped her arms around his torso, causing Kaite’s eyes to bulge. ‘Thank you!’ she said before releasing him and directing her full attention to the page.
‘This says 4996 friends…’
‘That’s her friends list. Not surprising. She’s hot… bet you she’s an A-lister in College… Oh look, on her wall. She was just tagged in someone’s message…

“Abstract Showing”
Auction House

There’s your clue. An auction-house… If I were looking for a Jean DiGorgio, I’d start there…’
‘Thanks Kaite, I owe you one!’ Jane said while scribbling the address in her diary. She darted for her bag. ‘Dessa, could you cover for me? I need to go somewhere’
‘Uh, sure honey, but are you okay?’
‘Never better!’ Jane twirled, heading for the elevator.

Kaite also did a twirly dance toward the espresso machine.
‘Whatever it is you’re thinking of asking her, forget it. Plus I know it was you… the bouquet?’ Iridessa said when she saw him. She took a sip of her coffee...
‘I wasn’t thinking anything… and I don’t know what you’re talking about’
‘Right, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you… Ugh, this coffee tastes like shit’


‘DiGorgio auction House, you said? No, I’ve never heard of it’
‘That’s what it said on the girl’s page. Along with this address’ Jane handed over her diary.
‘Linkin’ Blvd? I think that’s a street in Belladonna Cove. Be sure to check the land-map in the attic, just to be certain. If that’s the name of the auction house, it must be a family business. One of them is bound to know Jean…’

‘That’s what I’ve been thinking, but if it’s all the way in Belladonna Cove… It takes an entire day just to get there. Even if we take the train we’ll be there by nightfall’ Jane looked a little unsettling. She wasn’t particularly fond of trains and now she’d be in one an entire day, with Julie on top of that… where is Julie?
‘Grams, have you seen Julie?’
‘She called a few minutes ago, said she’s still in the library. I guess she finally found the secret section’ Rosalie smiled.

‘You knew it was there, didn’t you?
‘Of course I did, I was the one who helped enchant it. Only a witch can find the Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Novel and pull it out. To other people it’s just a plain old book that’s simply stuck. My friends and I used to laugh at people trying to take it… Jean would too when she visited’, Rosalie’s face became somewhat somber.

‘Seek her out honey, my mind would be at ease to know how she’s doing. And if we can get to the bottom of the attack… maybe you wouldn’t look so gloom all the time’
‘I do not loo…’
‘Yes you do! You worry too much! And right now, you’re worried about leaving me alone when you go to Belladonna Cove. I’ll be fine, maybe put some more spells around the house. I know a trick or two! All I want you to worry about is keeping yourself and your sister safe out there. When is the auction?’
‘This Saturday I think…’
‘Which leaves us 3 days. Good, enough time to train the both of you up a bit and strengthen your active powers. Maybe teach you some new things…

this should be fun… Rosalie grinned.


*Happy New Year*
May we all have a wonderful and prosperous 2012
See you in the New Year.
(that's not a request...)

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  1. I'm glad the witches are getting somewhere. Kaite is a hottie, and he seems like a nice guy. i wonder if something will happen between him and Jane.

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    1. Hello there Marsar. I officially welcome you to Tamed.
      Glad you're enjoying it. I made it so that most of the characters have their own story apart from the main-line. I like it that way, but it gets confusing sometimes.

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