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Chapter 38 - Beast of New Orleans


'Camilla and her sister, Lillian Lewis, had a certain royal air about them. Very well mannered and kind even if her sister didn't look it. I had an encounter or two with Camilla in the local coffeehouse two blocks off the institute and there was some mutual attraction. Later it turned out it wasn't only between Camilla and I, but between my older brother Iden and Lillian as well. Because of our upbringing and etiquette, we asked the ladies to court them and they accepted.

Iden and Lillian were engaged to wed a month after I took Camilla as my wife. In a strange turn of events Camilla learned of my secret and like you, wasn't afraid. Instead she traded my secret for one of her own: immortality. I was right in describing the royal air as it turned out they were originally from Egypt; daughters of the last Pharaoh before the dynasty fell. Isis and Nefertiri were their names. When they left Egypt, they changed their names to protect themselves. Isis became Lillian and Nefertiri changed to Camilla. Since Iden was in the same situation as me, Camilla did not mind me telling this to him. Lillian, however, threw a fit at her. Camilla was all about trust and loyalty, which she now had to both Lillian and me. She would never be true to herself if she had kept something this important from me and she told Lillian this. Lillian left in a rage and cut all contact for almost a month, but seeing as they only had each other, she cooled off eventually and returned to the arms of my brother.

Another three months after that, Iden and I were to leave for business to a neighboring town. Camilla, as kindhearted and loving as she was, had offered herself to me to feed, so that I would not have to leave her alone that night to go hunt or get the urge and lose myself on the trip. We never told anyone of our arrangement, but I suspect Lillian knew. She treated her differently and always voiced her disappointment. Camilla and I developed a stronger connection because of the feeding. We grew closer… both physically and emotionally. Even my feeding had developed a new routine; I would feed from her one day and let her rest for a week to replenish what I took. I never took much from her; always stopped before she got dizzy.

She was happy; we were happy… but Lillian's disappointment got to her slowly. Camilla started getting depressed whenever she was alone. I asked her about it, but she denied it. For a moment I thought that maybe I was imagining it, because whenever I was there, the depression disappeared like snow in front of the sun… The day Iden and I left she waved us off with a smile on her face', Raven smiled and then sighed, '… that morning was the last time I saw that smile… We returned home late that night and I found her lying on our living-room floor- Immortality means you'll live forever; you can't die… yet there she was; the life gone from her body. My marks, in healing process, still on the small of her neck… The one that I had promised to spend all eternity with… gone! I lost it!
My mind was lost to reason and every bit of restraint was thrown out the window. Like a caged lion set loose on his tormenters; that's close to what I felt and my actions that night earned me the title of the Beast of New Orleans'

'The massacre', Julie whispered, 'But I found an article that said your family was killed… did you?'
'Never, I would not hurt the one group that knew how I felt; that knew me… the real me! That article was a month after Camilla's death. Like me Lillian lost it completely. My half-healed marks on her sisters neck drove her into thinking I had killed her; a vampire. The idea seems absurd now considering she's still alive. She would never admit it, but I knew she let Iden bite her once in a while. It's kind of like a drug. If you've felt it once, you'll want to again…
Well, she started gathering a few seasoned hunters and took revenge on my family- the mortal one. My mother's family had moved to the new world and we were still getting acquainted with them. Lillian knew of our last surviving bloodline and she killed all of them. For her sister, one person, she took out my entire family. The people of New Orleans thought it was the Beast that killed the O'Connor family because it happened shortly after what I did. We joined a immigrating group and put yet another home behind us. They never knew who the killer was nor the Beast…

The people she gathered were the first vampire-hunters and it's quite ironic that they keep us from killing humans, when their first kill were exactly that; humans. My family was an easy target, but we brothers, shared in the ritual, were different; we had a lifespan close to Lillian's.
She regrouped to almost a dozen to take us on and kept following us. They dropped one by one, yet we were still standing. Lillian fought Iden, her once fiancĂ©, for almost 30 consistent days… to no prevail. Lillian, the immortal, couldn't be killed and Iden, leader of the clan, could not be killed by any weapon ever made. They hit a wall during that fight. Lillian refused to believe it; she had taken her eye-for-an-eye more than three times over and yet now when she could take real revenge for her sister, she couldn't kill him… couldn't kill me…
Lillian may have agreed to the terms of the treaty, but she would never stop searching for a way to kill us. I could see it in her eyes that day on the field; a silent promise… All these years she's been practically waiting for us to step out of line… but that is all that I can tell you for now'

The girls all had mixed feelings over what they just heard. Raven wasn't just a vampire, he was one of the big boys and there was a huntress out there gunning for his head. HE was the Beast of New Orleans Julie read about, but it was an act of grievance for his dead wife? It's understandable for someone to shut themselves off after losing a loved one, but did that make it right? What he did to all those innocent people?
'Do I feel remorse for what I have done? No, I do not', Raven said as if able to read their minds, 'Could I do it again? Yes, without even blinking. The person I was before I met Camilla, died with her'
Marina smiled at those words. 'No he didn't… I've seen him…' Raven turned and looked at her, 'Then you're one of the lucky few'

'So there's more then; that you're not telling us?'
'Yes, quite a lot more. Do you tell everything about yourself? No, I did not think so!'
'You said you knew our grandmother…'
'Ah, that. It was six months after we had left New Orleans that I met her on the Titanic. I instantly liked her feistiness, which I noticed she still has. There was something about her that stayed with me even after I had rescued her and her sister Anne-Marie from the sinking'
'Rescued? Sure, now I believe you. You are just saying that to get back on our good side'
'I just told you that I wouldn't even think twice in killing that many people again and I would lie, because I'm worried about staying on your good side?'
'No, not ours… Marina's!'
Raven lifted his eyebrows and slowly nodded, 'Touché! However, I hardly ever lie Julie. You can ask Rosalie'
'We will, be sure of that!'

'This war between you and the hunters', Marina cut in, ignoring the small war in her room, 'How active is it?'
'It was simmering until last night. Right now, if what I felt was correct, I'd say it's about to become a lot worse'. 'What do you mean?'
'Vampires are as you know, or don't know, only male. A female is forbidden. Because of her rarity she is automatically promoted to queen. A queen is very high maintenance because she feeds on humans and vampires. She prefers the latter, so when a fledgling nearly made us extinct with her uncontrolled feeding my brother Iden forbade it altogether… what I felt last night, was a new one in transition'
'There's a vampire-queen walking around?!', Jane's eyes grew wide.
'No, the transition wasn't completed; I can't sense her anymore. However it was serious enough to have woken up Iden'

'…the man from the tomb…', Jane whispered thinking back on her premonition this morning.
'I didn't mention him being in a tomb-- You saw it?', Raven asked and then smiled figuring out the twins' magic. 'The gift of foresight, I take it. Since you figured out my past, Julie, you must be a past-dweller. Time magic; quite rare in itself'
When Julie squinted her eyes at him, he knew he had hit it right on. 'What did you see Jane?'
'There was a redheaded woman lying on a bed. She seemed…'
'Dead. That would explain why I can't sense her anymore. Go on!'
'Just open ocean, a tomb and someone getting out of it. I woke up after that'
'I didn't know you had that premonition Jane', Julie frowned, 'When?'
'This morning before I read your messages'
'You need to embrace your gift Jane. Iden has been awake since last night, so your premonition is late. Has that ever happened before?', Raven asked.
'No, it hasn't… our magic is slow, but never late,' Julie answered and then it hit her. 'Could it be because of the b-.'
'Wait, it has!', Jane quickly lied and stared Julie in the eyes to keep quiet, 'I remember it happening once, a long time ago when we were children, remember Jules, in our old home?'
'Oh, right, sorry, I had forgotten about that. Yeah, it happens sometimes…'

Raven pretended not to notice that Julie almost gave something away. 'If it has happened before, I'd suggest you get it enhanced instead. It would do a lot of good if it doesn't miss anymore'
'Why are you telling us this?'
'It will only increase your birth-powers meaning you still won't be able to hurt me, so I have no reason not to tell you'. 'Can our grandmother hurt you?', the twins said almost simultaneously.
Raven smiled at that being the first thing they thought about. 'No…'
'So you're saying that right now we're basically powerless against you?'
'Weak, but not powerless'
'Can we immobilize you?'
'No one has ever tried and a willing test-subject I am not'

Jane thought it wise to stop provoking him and she pinched Julie to lay off. If what he said was true and they really were weak against him, it would only be a matter of time before one of them said something that could set him off and then they'd really be in trouble. Best to not let it get that far since no one really knew how much of a hold Marina had on him and they couldn't keep using her as the trump card. What Jane did know was everything Raven had given her about her premonition and she needed to tell Damian the hunt was off. They were too late and, quite frankly, have bigger things to worry about with the even closer clash of vamps and hunters. She reached for her phone and dialed his number; it went straight to voicemail. Three times, same result. 'That's strange… Damian's not answering his phone. He always answers his phone'. 'Try the auction house, maybe he's left it in the car or something…'

Raven suddenly got up with his attention fixed on the door. He motioned for the girls to keep talking like nothing has happened and slowly opened the bedroom door to a darkened hallway. Caught up in his past story, they hadn't realized it had gotten late and no lights were lit inside the house; which also meant Binny hadn't returned yet. They kept talking about nothing, like Raven suggested, but he wasn't out of the door for a second, when they heard a loud noise and someone curse. Raven quickly moved to the sound of the voice; the girls slower behind him. The noise came from the kitchen…
Moving around in the dark hallway, Jane bumped into Raven who stood still in the archway. He flipped the switch, turning on the light in the kitchen, just as Lubinnia's suitcase swung into Chase's back knocking him over. Chase snarled and lunged for Binny's legs. She grabbed a knife off of the kitchen counter, but Raven intervened and yelled, 'ENOUGH!'
Chase stopped mid-lunge and threw her a fiery look. If looks could kill, Binny would be a pile of ash. 'I caught him sneaking in the backdoor, just as I came home', Binny explained, 'WOAH!' Binny jumped to the other side of the dining-table at the sight of Chase's fangs. 'He's a vampire!!!'
'Thanks for the obvious, Buffy! You have one under your roof and you're startled by me', Chase sneered.
Binny's eyes immediately turned to Raven. 'I knew it! I had a feeling something was off with you, but I didn't know what…'. 'Now you do-'. She looked from him to Marina to the twins still standing away from Raven. They all knew and were okay with it?

Raven walked over to where Chase was and he got up from the floor. 'Iden's awake…' Chase looked away slightly, realizing what it was he felt that night. 'Why is Iden awake?'
When Chase didn't answer, Raven grabbed him by the throat and squeezed until he looked at him. They had a staring contest for what seemed like forever and then Raven growled. 'A hunter, Chase! Of all women –a hunter-!! What were you thinking?!'
'I don't know, master Raven! At first I needed information for Calum… after that it just happened. It wasn't exactly like yours, with the suspense and danger of making a wrong move, but I don't know-there was something'
'Something?! Enough of something to make you LOSE ALL SENSES AND TURN HER!!!!', Raven bellowed in his face, 'Now she's dead, BECAUSE OF YOU; The treaty is void, BECAUSE OF YOU; A lot of people are going to die in the next standing, BECAUSE OF YOU!!! So tell me WHY you deserve life?!'

'I… don't…', Chase strained at the pressure Raven was putting on his neck, 'B-but… I didn't turn her- she bit me. There wasn't enough blood to complete the transition… and I know it would've passed out of her system if master Calum hadn't twisted her neck'
'Yes, because it happens all the time'. Raven spat out sarcastically. He sighed and released his hold on Chase. 'I knew something would break the treaty someday… never really put you in the mix'
'You're just gonna let him go?', Binny let out astonished.
'Killing him won't turn back the clock and now he gets to see the repeat of history his little mistake brought upon us. Not that it was all him… As with all things foretold, they never tell you exactly what sets them into motion'
Things foretold. 'You know about the prophecy?', Jane, Julie AND Binny said simultaneously.

Raven immediately turned around at that. 'There are more than a billion prophecies in the world, but do tell which one you are talking about?!' Afraid of looking at each other  and give anything away, all of them looked at him without saying a word. 'No? No one? Then let me… You presumed I knew about a certain prophecy meaning it has a direct, or indirect, link to vampires. There aren't that many about our existence. You, learned about my past and drove all the way over here to tell Marina, when a simple phone call to get out of the house – we’ll explain later—would have sufficed. You're family, so labeling that action with concern is only natural, however… you are also witches! So a prophecy containing vampires and witches. Your grandmother is Rosalie, one who used to predict in earlier years, so I shall take a gamble here and say it is one of hers...', Raven kept a close watch on their faces to see any hint of being on the right course, when he stopped on Marina's and the frown of thought left his face.

'In the line of noble men…', he whispered, 'That must be the Astor line. But you are not a witch… unless, your powers are dormant. It runs in the women folk of your family so it must be... Surprising twist of fate. I was hoping I would be the one to find you.  Sure, I meant to kill you the moment I did, but now here I am- smitten with the one that could potentially destroy our entire existence! Surprising indeed'
'Kill her?!'
'Where is your sister Marina?', Raven continued, ignoring Binny.
'I don't have a sister! Just me and my brother Michael'
'I believe you do… Did you ever finish reading your father's journal?'
'Yes, and there was nothing in it about a sister. You think my father was unfaithful?'
'The other witch of the prophecy is a woman of the DiGorgio family', Chase chipped in, 'Calum had me looking into her'
'DiGorgio? As in Rinka DiGorgio?', Jane asked.
'Yes, you know her?'

Jane grabbed her phone and tried Damian's number again. 'That's where I saw them before… her eyes. She has the exact same eyes as you and uncle Jacob. Rinka must be your half-sister', Julie whispered. She looked back at where Jane stood and the latter shook her head. Damian still wasn't picking up. Julie tried Rinka's number.
'And Calum knows about her. Won't be too long before he finds the link to Marina. He's getting desperate; especially with Iden awake. He's going to do whatever it takes to get her on his side and if she doesn't comply…'
Julie gasped finishing that sentence in her mind and Jane squeezed her shoulder. 'It won't work. Now that I know she's family, her magic makes more sense. She has Gram's gift – she'll see him coming'

'Let's hope she does – for her sake!'


  1. *gleegleeglee* haha.... Oh this was a great update. Raven is really coming into his own... or letting himself actually be himself. That makes no sense. He is being him. He is being what he has always been, out in the open. No longer just an observant sleeper. But the real sleeper seems like he is going to be a real handful to handle. Raven better hurry and get to Rinka before Calum does...Chase's words about the hunter were also really odd. What was different that would make him disregard the vampire rules? My mind is all over the place spinning with thoughts and questions and observations and more thoughts. ..... I can't wait to read more.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!
      Haha, it make perfect sense to me (is that bad, doc?). Raven doesn't have to pretend anymore, the fangs are out of the bag. He could get to Rinka, but that means getting away from Marina. He'd rather lose Rinka than Marina, he's that selfish when it comes to her, make no mistake. Besides, hope is not lost for Rinka! He's been around the girls long enough to know that Rinka, being part of the family, won't be an easy breeze when it comes to Calum's lackies.

      Well, nothing about the hunter made him disregard the vampires rules. Just the fact that Raven, NOT Calum is his master. That alone gives him the freedom to not do everything Calum says. The hunter was just the male-part of him speaking. He wanted to know if it was possible, plus... her blood was delicious! :P

      Thanks Zhip!

  2. AH! NO! Don't leave it there!! I hate you. You leave horrible mean cliffies :(

    Rinka? What's different about her? What makes her the one? Why does Raven need to kill her? How will they stop Calum from killing her... So many more questions but I know you won't answer them...

    Why won't Damian pick up? Hopefully just innocent 'left my phone in my car', rather than he's been drank to death by a vampire...

    Master Raven, eh? Well, he could be my master any day ;)
    I'm kinda surprised how well Binny took that whole scene, considering she didn't get a description of anything, just a man breaking into her house, and the weird guy they found in the woods threatening to kill him. Marina is doing well, too. Considering she had no idea about any of this until a few hours ago.

    Oooh..... Moremoremoreeeee! :D Loved seeing Ravens past and the twisted tragic love story :( Poor guy, he's had a hard life.

    1. Was that a cliffy? Maybe I've been having so much of them I can't really tell anymore... Sorry hon!

      Rinka and Marina are actually equally important to the prophecy. Rinka just has a search-light pointing at her because Calum doesn't know who the other witch is, Marina!
      Raven was going to kill MARINA!!! He said he would kill the witches of the prophecy if he ever met them, so the prophecy would be void. Anything that threatens family and vamps in general is a nono, so the witches had to go! Now he can't do that because he's pretty attached to Marina! Lol, the last question I won't answer!

      Drank to death by vampire... Hmm, I wonder what color ghost that is? Or what it would say on the tombstone! Hahaha, no, he hasn't! It wouldn't be the first time his phone was left in the car, so yeah, maybe!

      Yup yup yup yup yup! *wink*
      Binny is a witch (if you remember Marina telling you that), so supernatural doesn't really shake her. Plus Chase calling Raven master means he wasn't a burglar LOL. Marina is the one that should be curled up in a corner, so props to her she's not... but then again, she hasn't really been threatened yet, so...

      Oooh, nononono! Haha, yeah, now you know why I'm so attached to him. He's had it hard. Vampire and a hard life don't really go so well. If I break down, I cry and cuss. If he breaks down, half a town dies, so yeah!! He really did love Camilla, poor thing!

      Thanks Gemma! *^__^*

  3. Wow my head is spinning sooo much to take in.....So he wasn't turning her and she got killed in case, how sad :(

    So much more going on can't comment on because as I said need to digest the info

    Great update though :)

    1. Haha, breathe in - breathe out!
      I have been throwing in a lot of info these past chapters.
      Alex was an accident, yes! Chase has a position too close to the Elites to know better than create a female vamp.

      I really did a number on you, haha!
      Thanks for reading hon!

  4. I don't know who's 'side' to be on, really. I can see all of them. I'm worried about Rinka. I don't understand why Raven would need to kill the witches. Something to do with what the prophecy is about? Obviously, but I wanna know. I'm sure you've left clues somewhere....

    Poor Raven to have lost his wife like that... and someone who would've lived forever with him. How did she die? Raven said that he was coming Back from somewhere and he mentioned the healing marks on her neck from where He bit her.... but was he the one to do it?
    I hate that he's the Beast of New Orleans. :( People do some crazy stuff when they're in mourning, but that takes the cake.

    1. You and I are in the same boat actually (row, girl, row). Because I'm writing it, I can't choose who to side with...

      Okay, let me help!
      1 prophecy, 2 witches. One for the vamps, one for the hunters! Raven wouldn't have to kill both witches. To prevent the hunters from getting one, he could eliminate one of them. Problem is no one knows which one of them goes where, so he opted for killing both! Easier for him! Difficult now, since Marina is one of them!

      How did Camilla die... that's the million dollar question. She's supposed to be immortal, so what happened?? Raven fed on her and left for business. He came back to her dead on the floor. His marks in healing process, still on her neck... But he's fed off of her before, so he knows that's not the cause...

      He is the Beast sadly. People do crazy things in moments of grief, he's a vampire... so taking the cake - it is!! He lost a part of himself when he lost Camilla. He probably fits a bit more in the Elite family when it comes to ruthlessness now...

      Thanks for reading hon!

  5. OK I've had some time for this all to sink in (sorta)

    I don't think Raven was really hurt, maybe it was all a set up to get to Marina? She still has to learn she's actually a witch too right? So far that part hasn't really been mentioned or did I miss it (I do that sometimes :/) Anyway once she learns of that fact, cuz I'm thinking right now she doesn't know, I think she's gonna be pissed because her family has lied to her and suppressed her powers. More reason to side with Raven.

    Ok so I need you to break down the family tree for me. Rinka is the twins cousin and Damien is her brother, how is it that he ISN'T related to the twins? I'm just saying the more I think about it the more it seems they are kissing cousins at this point.

    I feel bad that Raven lost his wife like that. I am thinking it had to do with the feeding. Not that he took too much, but the distance. She would get depressed when he left or they were apart for a while, so with him gone I think she died from the loneliness. (the romantic-ish view) the other view is foul play. Lilian is crazy, but would she be crazy enough to kill her sister because she didn't approve of her allowing Raven to feed from her.

    but man Lilian wiped out an entire INNOCENT family but she wants to make the vamps out to be the bad guy. I'm hoping she dies. Sorry but I do. What she did was low and majorly fucked up and then she had never gotten enough. This is a rage and grudge she's held for way too long now.

    think I covered it all now. if not, I'll add to it later.

    1. It's a lot, I admit!
      Okay, let's see!

      Marina wasn't even dreaming about being born when all of this happened. We're talking steamboats and candle-lit streetlamps! Camilla had been dead for little over a year when he met Rosalie in the Victorian era, so his pain was genuine. Raven never went to look for the witches of the prophecy, he just lived his life and hoped he'd be the one to bump into them.

      The fact that she -may- be a witch, was thrown at her in this chapter, by Raven when he figured out which prophecy they were talking about, so she has something to think about now. It would give me the reason to side with him. I would start questioning everything ever said to me by family.

      The family-tree is in your FB pm-box. It's not really finished, so I haven't shared it yet. But you're in need of clearing up the "kissing-cousins" dilemma! (PS: they did a lot more than kissing) Be assured, Rinka is family because she's Marina's half-sister, Love-child of Jean and Marina's father Jacob. Damian is from Jean's husband Rezno, so no relation to the twins.

      In the jumble of theories there, you have managed to find the two key ingredients to what really happened. It has something to do with the feeding, and something to do with foul play, but not necessarily in the ways described above. I don't think Lillian would kill her only living relative over something as feeding a vampire. She was all she had, and Lillian became a hunter after Camilla's death; using it as a fuel-point to keep going... vengeance. If she indeed killed her sister over something like that and then strives to avenge her, she is one fucked up psycho. I'll have her compete with Seth if it turns out that way!

      The ENTIRE family. The three brothers are all that's left of the O'Connor name... Trust me, my mind is itching to plan her death, but she's still immortal. And with almost no one knowing HOW Camilla, another immortal, died, they can't use it on Lillian. Lillian took it out on the wrong people, that's why she can't get enough. Raven is who she hates most, but since his brother Iden is Leader, it's only natural she'll have to go through him first!

      Makes you wonder. How long can an immortal hold a grudge???

      If you think of anything more, I'm all ears :)
      Thanks hon!

  6. Wow! That was a lot to take in!

    Well Raven now knows the connections he has with the twins and Marina and now they know about his past! It'll be an interesting conversation with Oma haha I can only imagine the series of questions they'll have about her keeping this secret! And Binny didn't seem at all that shocked to have a few vampires in her home. She seems to be keeping secrets of her own or was just too shocked by the whole thing to really mind.

    I can only hope that Marina isn't too set on running away though. There's much for her to learn and she has to get used to her magic and everything and there's really not much time considering the war is on between vamps and hunters and everyone is looking for her and her Rinka!

    And aww Chase is devoted to Raven? That's badass! I never bought him as Calum's watchdog. He needed to be with someone just as tough as him and I think Raven is a better match at that! I can't wait to see what all the brothers get up to and now with the impending war...dun dun dunnnn!

    1. Yeah, if I say so myself. Raven's past was pretty much the glue to most of the storylines in Tamed. That conversation will be interesting indeed, but Rosalie is a tough one, I doubt she'll be shaken by any approach the twins come up with!
      Binny has quite a few secrets of her own. She's a lower-level witch (healing magic) and is part of the supernatural world, so a vampire in her home isn't that strange to her. She knew they existed. All this time, Binny was the only one in the house that was suspicious about Raven. Now she knows she was right to do so! Raven has been there for a while, but she is not happy about Chase being there. He calls Raven master, so she won't do anything rash while Raven is in the area, who knows what he's capable off? Sure she's shocked, if all you can do is healing, two vampires in your home can do that to you!

      If Marina ran from this bunch, no one would be able to protect her and she'd be gift-wrapping herself for Calum! Her magic isn't activated yet, she needs Rosalie to do that since she's the one that made it dormant. Or maybe if the twins are strong enough they can help lift it! You're right, even if she gets back into it, when will she practice?? The war is practically on their door step!

      Haha, yes, Chase is Raven's lackey! He was too badass in itself to be tied to Calum, oh no, Raven is his guy! Which is why Calum could only threaten him with the sword. His mindcontrol over Chase is weak!
      It's only a matter of time now. Raven can be himself around Marina now and has his right-hand man, Iden is awake and Calum is closing in on Rinka! Clock is ticking!

      Thanks Deej!

  7. Whoa that Lillian knows how to get revenge D: sad backstory there! As for Chase, I wondered if the Alex thing would impact the rest of them somehow later and it did! It seemed too significant to just go away and now this Iden character is awake...hmm..can't wait to meet her!

    Raven is completely different now! I wonder how much of him was just playing a role and how much of him was really him now! Looks like war is inevitable! A Vampire war! What can be better than that? (Robot-Ninja War?)

    Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Yeah, now you can actually tell why she's so bitter and cold when it comes to vampires. It's all very personal!
      The turning of Alex woke up Iden, the other Elite. And lol, it's not a she! It's Raven's older brother. You have met him actually... butt-nekkid in the park... ring any bells?

      You might see the entire package that is -Raven- now that he doesn't have to pretend anymore. His only worry was Marina being afraid of him after learning who he is, but so far that hasn't happened, so he is free to be himself now!
      Yes, Aeon, we are going to war! Which seat would you like?? Box, Below, or center stage?

      Oh yeah, Robot-ninja, definitely takes the cake!

      Thanks for reading Aeon!

  8. No! no no no no no!!! You can't just leave it there!!! Where's the next update?? C'mon you can't leave us all hanging... and for sooooo long. Hmph! I... I don't know. I have no words. This is your biggest cliff hanger yet. And because I love it so much, I'll forgive you ;)

    Okay so... Now that I'm all caught up. Wow! There's so much to take in and my mind is still blown by how everything fits perfectly. AWESOME back story.

    I feel super bad for Raven. First he loses his family and the love of his life, then he goes all beast mode and now, just when he has found love again, he has to suit up for war. All while trying to decide if he should pursue his love or kill her - as he had promised himself. Pst Raven, if I were you I'd protect Marina - love over murder, bro!

    As for Rinka.. I mean, I knew she was somehow maybe related to the twins. I did not expect her to be Marina's half sister. So how did that happen exactly? And what happened to Uncle Jacob? Is he even dead? And... that dude Chadd. That's Marina's brother??? Isn't it? It has to be. I dunno... coz the house is different. But they could've moved... and then stuff happened and he and Uncle Jacob disappeared.

    And are we going to see a Mexican stand-off of sorts? Calum vs Raven vs Iden? Ooh that would be epic! And as for Lilian...I think she just needs a good lay by Iden. Life's too short to hold grudges.. even if you are immortal and have centuries to brood over the past. Like I can't blame her, but if Raven didn't kill Camila then why is she urging Lilian on from the grave? Was it Calum who killed her? Am I veering off track now? Am I asking too many questions? I am, aren't I? Okay I'll stop.

    1. I am soooo sorry hon, it wasn't supposed to be a cliffy of months, but then school butted in and life sucked somewhat, but no excuses, you are right! I apologize!

      Thanks, I always planned for them to be linked to each other in one way or another, but I didn't know how I was gonna pull it off. Your reactions tells me I've succeeded. AWESOME!!

      Raven is a man with heart. Then he became a vampire with a heart. Then Lillian and Camilla happened and he lost it! Being with Marina brings back parts of the man/vampire he used to be. But he promised to kill her, so... will he? War is here, so it's either kill her or be with her... what's it gonna be? Stay tuned!

      That's Rinka's link to the twins; being Marina's half sister. It all happened during a reunion night of Jean and Jacob, emotions ran high, ambitions were low, I think there was a bit of booze as well, don't really remember. 1 + 1 = Rinka!
      Uncle Jacob is death, yes, car crash! Chadd is Charlotte's brother. Marina's brother has been MIA from the army or navy... Man, I'm writing the story and I can't remember which one? (have to back-track)... They're about ready to pronounce him dead.
      The house is different (Lost the previous one), but other than that... nope. Dad and brother 'dead' and Chadd is Charlotte's brother. Confusing, not really... Just scratch Marina's father and brother off the list and you are good to go!

      Of some sorts. Iden woke up because everything has been thrown to the dogs. So he's not really here because of the war. Calum vs Raven vs Iden is a 'probable maybe', but Calum vs Lillian is a 'definitely'.
      Hahahaha, you think Iden should lay it on Lillian... hmm, not bad... not bad at all! I like it!
      That's a good question. Why would Cam urge her on? I am sooo not telling!
      Was it Calum? Yes, it was! Is that what you want me to say? Haha, not gonna!
      Asking too many question... is there such a thing? Feel free to clad my screen with them, they fuel me!

      Thanks for reading/catching up/ forgiving me! :)