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Chapter 20 - Heat

Jane said goodnight to her grandmother and retreated to her room. She fell on her bed with a sigh and let her head rest on the pillow. It was too early to sleep, but it would’ve been welcome right now. Her mind was racing with her grandmother’s words and her own. True, why wasn’t Dante her date? She knew so much about him…even the fact that it wasn’t going well between him and his wife. The news of why they split came as a surprise, but she knew it would’ve happened sooner than later. Was it really the fact that he was married that held her at arm’s length? It didn’t seem to bother him much. Jane thought back at the almost kiss they shared one winter’s night and a soft blush appeared on her cheeks.

She also remembered telling him off because she didn’t want to complicate things. His marriage, how horrible it might have been, but most importantly their friendship. He understood where she was coming from and backed off; surprisingly with their friendship intact. No awkward moments and uncomfortable silences. Yet now- Jane couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if she had given in that one night… if she hadn’t taken Julie with her to class… would she be out there with him right now?

Jane sighed and walked towards her build-in wardrobe, removing a bunch of candlesticks for the upper shelf. She needed a distraction from that Dante stuff before she would develop feelings that could create a rift between her and Julie. She spread the candles out and sat down with a single candleholder in front of her. She was happy for Julie, she really was. After all Dante was a good man. 10 times better than the type she usually ran after… Jane realized she thought about him again. She shook it off and concentrated on the spell she was using as a distraction.

Magic and spell casting, was the only thing that could make her concentrate and get her distracted at the same time. She whispered a few words, turning off the main light, before concentrating on the candle in front of her. Jane stared at the candle intently, willing it to light up. She accidentally did it when she was 6 and, being a kid, got so terrified, she never tried it again… until today. The wick started to fizzle, but that was all it did. She tried again, putting more energy into it. The wick started to fizzle again and kept smoking. Just when Jane decided to give up out of disappointment, a small flame appeared. She blew it out in her enthusiasm and tried it to give it life again using the same feelings and amount of energy as before. It worked!

A wide smile spread across her face at her accomplishment and she quickly moved on to the next candle; wanting to know how many she could light up before running out of energy. When that one started to fizzle her phone bleeped, announcing a new message. Jane knew who it was from before she even read Julie’s name on the screen.

-Not coming home tonight. Staying over at Dante’s!-
(Julie’s phone_ 22:30)

-Very funny Jules!
We’re leaving for Belladonna Cove tomorrow morning
Or have you forgotten?
(Jane’s phone_22:31)

-No, I haven’t forgotten!
That’s why I’m staying over…
I’ll be home early in the morning.

What time does the train leave again?
(Julie’s phone_22.33)

-At 9! The last bus from here to the
Station is at 8:15.
(Jane’s phone_22:35)

-Wow, that’s early! L Uh, yeah!
I think I can make that!
Oh, gotta go! Dante made us drinks!
‘Night, Jane! J
(Julie’s phone_22:36)

-You think?! That’s not cute Jules!
(Jane’s phone_22:38)

-Seriously, what time will you be here? Julie?
(Jane’s phone_22:39)

(‘You… Jules’: Message not delivered)
(‘Seriously—Julie’: Message not delivered)

Jane let out an irritated growl when she realized Julie switched off her phone. Julie never took things seriously. The train to Belladonna Cove only railed every 2 weeks and if they weren’t on it tomorrow, they’d miss the auction; and all of that because Julie found it necessary to go on a date the night before. Jane took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Dante made us drinks… Oh, God, don’t let her have a hang-over tomorrow. She felt a headache set in at the thought.

A different emotion went through Jane at the thought of what they would be doing tonight. A knot formed in her stomach; one of sadness, anger and… jealousy for which she partially blamed her grandmother. But it didn’t change the fact that her friend and, very recently, potential was out with her sister. Julie wasn’t known for her long-term relationships and should things go south for them, she might lose Dante as a friend too. Would the awkwardness come then? Jane didn’t really know how to deal with that and threw her phone to the other side of the bed with a little more vigor than she was used to. The energy that surged through her at that moment scared even her. She leaned over to retrieve her phone before it fell off the edge and put it on the nightstand.

Jane turned her attention back to the candles and stopped death in her tracks. The blood in her face drained away. Taking a few steps back, she watched the setting before her. The candle she had been practicing on was still in the same place she left it before the messages, but that was not what had her frozen.

All the others were lit…


Dante’s house

With the drinks in hand, Dante walked onto the balcony where Julie was texting fervently. Or at least he thought she was texting. It was either that or she was trying to drill a hole through her phone. She stopped the moment she caught his movement.
‘Are you alright?’
‘Yeah’ she said, taking the drink he offered her, ‘I was texting…’
‘And you know that because…?’
‘I don’t. You girls are twins, so I just assumed’ he answered, bringing the bottle back to his lips.

Julie ran her fingers over the rim of the glass eyeing him. A question burning in the back of her throat, yet she was unsure whether she should ask or not. What ever she wanted to know about him now was the perfect time. His answers would tell her if they could continue to see each other after her trip to Belladonna Cove. Julie took a sip of her drink and just came out with it.

'I have to ask. Were you and my sis-'
‘No!’ he replied immediately, downing the contents of the bottle in one gulp. It was like he was expecting this question to come.
‘You answered that a tad too fast’ Julie said, meeting his eyes. He kept quiet for a while and just looked at her. ‘There’s nothing going on between Jane and I’
‘But you did want to’
‘A while ago, I did, yes’
She expected that answer, but it still hurt. He wasn’t seeing her, he was seeing her sister. Being a twin, he could imagine her all too clearly.
‘…and then you thought if you couldn’t have her, why not the substitute twin…’

‘Okay, you listen to me!’ he said sensing where this was going. Dante moved the glass away from her and walled her in, ‘You are not a substitute for your sister. I know your sister and I respect her decisions and values, that’s why I’m her friend. Yes, I liked her more than a friend and even tried to kiss her once. But I was married then, so when she backed away and told me why, I valued her even more’
‘But you’re not married now…’ Julie stubbornly held on sinking through her knees a bit.
‘No’ he answered, ‘I’m not!’ A bit of anger flashed in his eyes, ‘And yet it is not Jane I’m standing here with! It was not Jane I was breathlessly kissing a moment back’

He stopped for a minute and could see his words slowly sink in. ‘The day I met you, sure I was caught by surprise. There’s two of her. Again assuming the twin bit and that you’d be just like her and I would be getting another friend. But then I talked to you, got to know you a bit and realized you’re completely different. From your sister and a lot of people I know. That’s what I like about you!’ He raised his hand and traced a line from her ear to her collarbone sending a little shiver through her body.

‘I already have a friend in Jane, Julie! That’s not what I want from you!’
He moved closer to her. Their bodies were almost touching and familiar current went up Julie’s spine. After their first kiss was out of the way, the rounds that followed grew fiercer and fiercer, leaving them out of breath more often then they’d realized. She closed her eyes with a sigh remembering them. When she reopened them she saw a desire in his eyes that matched her own. Apparently he had been remembering along with her.
‘What do you want from me?’ Julie managed to let out, relieved that the closeness of their bodies hadn’t completely stilled her voice.
Dante smiled at her with eyes full of affection. Affection for her… He lowered his head so that not only their bodies were almost touching, but their lips as well. ‘Just you…’ he whispered, letting his forehead rest against hers.

Julie didn’t know how much she needed to hear him say that. When he moved back, her arms around his head pulling him towards her surprised her. She didn’t know when or how they snaked around his neck, but they were there and didn’t stop pulling until all that mattered was his lips on hers. She kissed him feverously before she realized what she was doing and what it could lead to and pulled away. Her face was bright red.

‘Don’t be… I didn’t mind!’ Dante put her arms back around his neck and once again rested his head against her forehead. He moved his hands down her sides, sending shivers throughout her body, before letting them rest on her hips. He sighed at her reaction and lowered his hand even more sliding it along her thigh. ‘Why do you have such an effect on me…’ he whispered.
Julie had nothing but a sigh of her own. She could ask him the very same thing. Whenever he touched her it felt so darn good, so right. Liking the feeling was an understatement and right now, she needed some more.

As if he could read her mind, or maybe her body betrayed her, he buried his face in her neck and breathed in deeply, leaving a trail of small kisses along her jaw.
‘I think you should tell your sister you’re not coming home tonight…’ he whispered in a husky voice. Julie couldn’t help but smile. A little unsure, because of what he might think of her, but a smile no less.
‘I already did’
He stopped caressing her neck and met her eyes with lifted eyebrows. He had not expected it of her, but her initiative turned him on immensely. ‘I’m usually not this forward, but…’ she started to explain when he shushed her by running a finger over her lips. ‘…neither am I!’

More words would’ve been unnecessary. Dante lifted Julie and with her legs around his waist carried her to his bedroom. He enjoyed the feel of her body wrapped around his and stopped her when she tried to stand. Julie tilted his head back and covered his mouth with hers. Their kisses grew more demanding the longer they engaged in them. She kissed him feverishly until his head began to spin and he had to let her go. Sliding her down his body Dante gasped when the warmth between her legs reached the bulge in his pants. Pleasure and torture both in that single act and he let out a groan.

Julie was just about to ask him if he was alright when he gently caressed her face before moving lower until his hands disappeared underneath her shirt. When he cupped the fullness of her breasts, it was her turn to gasp. The warmth his hands radiated was burning her through her bra and all she could think about was him removing it. Dante kneaded her breasts before moving to remove her shirt and she automatically lifted her arms. With each bit of exposed skin he felt his erection grow and she was still covered by three pieces. At the rate this was going, his erection would rip its way free of his jeans.

Her shirt fell to the ground with a faint thud and he held his breath. She wore a black lace bra and Dante couldn’t help but wonder if the bottom would match. His hands moved over her hips to the front and to the zipper that stood between him and his curiosity. Agonizingly slow he pulled the zipper down while looking into her eyes. His hand was so close to her warmth Julie took slow shallow breaths. Dante’s hands followed the jeans over her hips as it made its way to the ground. He moved it to the side with his foot and took a step back. Breaking the hold he had on her eyes, he let his roam over her now semi-naked skin. He smiled at the sight… the bottom did match.

The lit fireplace basked them in pleasant warmth, but still Julie felt a shiver and clasped her arm around her torso. His lingering gaze on certain parts of her body caused her to blush slightly. Here she was almost naked and he was still fully clothed. She moved a muscle to turn away, but he made a sound that kept her from it.

‘You’re beautiful Julie… Don’t ever hide from me’ he whispered holding out his hand to her.

He pulled her into a hungry but gentle kiss while slowly moving towards the bed. Trailing a hot trail down her neck to her collarbone, Dante sat down on the bed and buried his face between her breasts. He took the bridge of her lace bra between his teeth and looked up at her. His hands caressed her body moving over her hips towards her thighs. He lifted one and let it rest on his own. Julie’s breath stilled when his hand insolently moved to her inner thigh and started to ride upwards.  She gasped when his hand found what it was looking for. She closed her eyes and caught herself slowly moving against his hand.

Dante’s eyes were permanently fixed on her flushed face and he enjoyed the fact that he was the cause of it. He ran his free hand back up her body to her back where he fumbled a bit. Julie was so lost in the pleasure he was giving her, her mind didn’t register what he was doing until her breasts were free of their lace holder. She watched him kiss first above and then below her erect nipple, to then repeat on the other breast. They were so erect they started to hurt almost begging him to enclose them.

He felt the chance in her movement, the sense of urgency and he knew she was close. Dante cupped her breast and licked a circle around her nipple before taking it in his mouth. The moment he did, he pulled her underwear to the side, spread her warm folds and entered a finger making Julie hiss. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and threw her head back as wave after wave of pleasure coursed up her body. Dante felt her body jerk violently as she rode out her orgasm and pulled his sweater along with his shirt over his head. Moving her back a bit, he stood to remove his pants. Julie, recently back from her high, helped him in the same way he did her… agonizingly slow.

When she lowered his boxers, he let out a throaty moan at the feel of the much anticipated freedom. Rubbing her body against his she lowered her hand and took his throbbing length in hand. The warmth of her hand almost did him in, so when she started to stroke him, he grabbed her wrist to halt her.
‘Not tonight baby… not tonight’
Julie understood from his strained voice that he had been severely testing his self control. She couldn’t imagine the torture it must’ve been and only so she could feel comfortable and at ease in his arms. But then his lips on hers made further thinking difficult. He lifted her in his arms and carefully laid her on the bed.

Urgency reflected in his eyes, yet he calmly removed her underwear and laid down on top of her, kissing a path up her body. The self-control he possessed was admirable and Julie caressed his back pulling him tighter to her. She arched her back to meet him halfway and smiled inside his mouth when she felt something poke her underbelly. Dante let out yet another groan of caution, but she heeded the little devil on her shoulder and moved again.

Dante cursed inwards and hoisted himself up by his arms, leaned over the side of the bed to retrieve a condom from  one of the beddrawers. He ripped it open with his teeth and thumbed the rubber out. Julie quickly took it from him and looking him deep in the eyes rolled it into place. He shuddered at the delicate matter in which she did it and wondered in how many more ways she could torture him. No more! He pulled her to the edge of the bed, lifted her a bit and centered himself between her legs.

Supporting her rear, he slowly inched inside her. Deeper and deeper, as deep as her body allowed him, before pulling back again. It felt so good being inside her, all warm and firm as she clenched around him. He thrust faster, holding onto her hips to synchronise their movement. Julie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head at his increase of speed. He wasn’t incredibly large, but he did know how to use it and before she realised it, she was already on her way to another orgasm meeting each of his thrusts. Some movement caught her eyes and she turned her head only to be met with her own reflection. She had never seen herself have sex before and a deep blush colored her cheeks. Yet she couldn’t keep her eyes off the pair of them, moving in such a seductive rhytymn. It excited her immensely. Dante followed her gaze and grinned. Watching her expression in the mirror, he delivered short hard blows into her body until she turned away and moaned her release. He held still deep inside letting her ride it out. He was close too, but he wasn’t ready to let go of her body just yet.

Julie felt all warm and fuzzy and could barely keep up when Dante moved her body into a different position. He slid out of her during the process making her groan at the loss. He threw her an apologetic gaze before it turned into one filled with mischief. Holding onto her thighs he pulled her into his body and lifted her. He took a deep breath, promising himself it would be his last and plunged back inside her as far as her body let him making Julie scream out of both surprise and pleasure. The angle in which he lifted her body allowed for maximum penetration and Julie whimpered with every forward thrust.

Dante feared he might be too forceful and started to pull back. ‘Don’t stop’ Julie breathlessly said, desire flickering in her eyes, ‘Don’t stop!’ She held onto his thighs and moved her pelvis into him. He closed his eyes and let her take over. Movement was hard in her current position, so she pulled her legs free of his hold and straddled him.

Her lips had been away from his for far too long and ached for a reunion. Dante met her halfway and drank her lips hungrily. It was a short but passionate kiss before need rose again and Julie had to move. She let out a gasp when the first thrust found that sweet little spot. Tension built up quickly and he ran his hands along her sides caressing and guiding her. Julie held onto his neck and threw her head back while moving back and forth. The soft moans that escaped her throat grew louder and louder mixing with his name.

Dante felt the prickling sensation deep in his stomach and knew he couldn’t hold it anymore. His name rolling off her lips didn’t help the situation much and he firmly grabbed her hips. Whenever she would sink down he would thrust upwards. She tried to shift and move him away from her pleasure spot to make it last a little bit longer, but another thrust from him sent her over the edge and she cried out his name leaning heavily on his shoulders. Her body shuddered against his and her breathing was labored. He slammed his hips into hers one last time before welcoming his own release.

Dante fell onto the cushions dragging her with him. Both still coming down from their highs lay staring at the ceiling and wondered if that really did happen. He turned his head sideways and looked at her with a very satisfied smile on his face. Julie knew for certain she had the same look on her face. Sure as hell felt that way. Smiling right back at him, she caressed his face. He got up, removed the now very uncomfortable rubber and made his way to the bathroom to clean himself off. Julie lazily admired his goods when he returned to the bed and snuggled close to him when he opened his arms for her. Sleep came easily for the both of them after a passionate night well spent.


A/N: Dante doesn’t have the mirrors for the… uh…purpose used in this chapter. They came with the house, however… you have to admit, if there’s movement in a mirror, it’s awfully hard not to look… *grins widely*


  1. WOW! HOt and sexy and I loved the mirrors and how you set the chapter up. Can't wait for me. ♥

    1. Thanks Michell!
      The bedroom with the mirrors is actually my favorite part of Dante's house. Hot and Sexy! Julie's leaving for Belladonna Cove tomorrow, so she thought, what the hell and the attraction was there, so yeah...

      More soon :)

  2. Julie is a very happy girl! And her sister is not at all pleased with the situation. I wonder if Jane's really worried about her friendship with Dante, or if there's more to her feelings for him?

    1. Hell, I'd be happy too!
      Jane is conflicted and I blame Rosalie for bringing it up! She unknowingly opened that door and left it up to Jane to close! Maybe it was on purpose, but Rosalie wouldn't want them divided in Belladonna Cove, so I hope not!

      Jane is very fond of their friendship even if they mainly see each other in class. She wouldn't want to change it or lose it for that matter.

      The sisters will have a one on one in BC regarding this matter. Hope it goes well... :)

      Thanks Val!*

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    1. Wait, lemme glue you up!

      You like Jane more because you feel a bit sorry for her. Should I split Dante & Julie up? Make all three of them miserable? Dante twice as much?

      Jane started to second guess because of her grandmother. Maybe it's only because she mentioned it Jane is seeing Dante in a different light.

      More in BC! :P

  4. Oh, yeah I TOTALLY believe you when you say the mirrors weren't there for a reason....lol.
    I feel bad for poor Jane, no sweet cold ice cream, no sweet hot sex...I'm guessing the train ride to Belladonna cove might be a bit awkward.

    1. Innocent little me, whatever gave you doubts? LOL

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    1. The problem with Jane and Dante is friendship. Even if she wants more than that now that he's free of his marriage (now linked to Julie, but that's another matter), she's still fearful of pursuing and if it didn't work out, she'd lose the friendship.

      See the problem part of it all! Now add Julie to the mix...

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  8. Grams really mindfucked poor Jane lol now she's all jealous about Julie's date and what could have been for her and Dante. I think he was right though, they are better as friends. And if this is the first "real" guy Julie has had, then that's even better! Hmm so she is either seeing her emotions really affect her magic or something else is underway. I wonder if she will try and mimic that at another test.

    Julie and Dante...wow! And I thought I wrote steamy :P That was awesome and yes I think I would be watching those mirrors all night too. Dante seems like a really great guy and now to know he's awesome in bed too? Can you say "perfect man"? :) I am happy they talked about Jane though and Julie knows she's the only one.

    1. Lol about the mindfuck. It's funny that the 'just stay friends' has finally registered with him, just when her mind starts to involuntary wonder.

      Julie kept chasing rockstars and the few boyfriends she had didn't stay long enough to be called boyfriends, so yeah, Dante is entirely new to her. He's a man, not a boy, that's got to count for something right?

      The witches in my story, the practical magic ones, have their emotions tied to their powers. So the angry power surge that went through Jane would be enough to light a candle or two, but since their powers grow with each passing day, I should be careful I don't have her burning their house down.
      I say practical magic ones, because Kat is a witch too, but her emotions wouldn't affect her alchemy much other than a drop of nitro too many. (wait, that could blow up HQ too, damn!)

      Steamy, really? I must be getting better with each one. Note to self: engage more often! Buwhahaha! He seems perfect doesn't he? Well, he has flaws, not many, but Julie will encounter one very soon.
      Julie had to get that out of the way. Because he knew Jane first, she wanted to know if it was her he was seeing or her sister. It was just a bit of low self esteem speaking that had a hell of a convincing Up-boost, won't you say!

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    Poor Jane. She sounds like a bit of jealously was creeping in there thanks to that talk with her grandmother. She can't let herself go there or that can be an issue with her sister. The fact she was so pissed off about it and it caused her magic to spike is a little worrisome.

    1. The mirrors were there to make the room seem bigger. He never expected her to look in them. And what an effect that had... They do have strong chemistry, which will also make it harder on Jane if she decides she can't handle them together. Julie might have to make a choice one that'll hurt either way...

      I already put Rosalie in the time-out corner just for that little jealousy-bug she planted in her brain. Let's hope that bug doesn't create a rift between the twins.

      I think Jane was also shaken up about that power surge, however she might not have realized it was her EMOTIONS that released it.

      **Thanks Jaz**

  11. Jane should carry a fire extinguisher with her at all times, with her ability to create fires. I think the other candles lit because of her strong emotions. Could be dangerous. She will singe people when she's mad! Could be useful :) .... I hope her emotions and regrets and jealousy does not cause a huge rift for her and her sister, then they will both be hurt. That was some ending to a first date for Julie, wow.

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      Haha, who were you thinking about when you said 'could be useful' Bad Zhip!
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      Yeah, Jane drew the short straw again. First he was married and then tied (ish) to her sister... poor Jane!