Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chapter 1 - Sixth Sense

*Warnings* - Bad photo-shopped cloak
Riverblossom Hills
Allen - Bison Residence
Jane awoke with a startle. ‘What the hell?’  Her eyes quickly scanned the area to find… nothing. Her heart was still racing and she had that splitting headache she knew so well. ‘While I was sleeping… that’s a first’, she mumbled stepping out of bed. Her eyes fell on the window as she made her way to the bathroom. It was still dark outside…
The cold bathroom tiles sent a slight shiver through her body. She opened the faucet and cringed at the sound. Why is it that every sound seems enhanced when you have a headache? Jane splashed some water on her face to calm down. It seemed to help a little. She filled a cup and sipped on the cool liquid, letting the images flow back into her mind.
A shadow… next to my bed… 4.20am… Jane thoroughly searched the image. What does it mean? Was someone going to try and kill me? In my sleep? She looked up at the bathroom clock. It was 4.16 now… The moment she lowered her gaze another flash crept its way up. …There was a picture on the wall… She was starting to get a bit dizzy. I've seen that picture before… 3 minutes left on the clock. But where…?  As soon as Jane recognized the woman in the picture, it hit her. She wasn't supposed to look at the different aspects of the dream image, but instead see it as a whole. The entire room was very familiar.
‘Oh, my God! Grams!’ she dropped the cup and ran as fast as her legs could carry her to the lower levels of the house.
Don’t let me be too late… please… don’t let me be too late… Jane silently prayed.
When she reached her grandmother’s room the door was open. Jane entered just as the shadow from her dream crept beside her grandmother’s bed…
‘Get away from my grandmother!’ Jane said as she, cautiously, moved in on the stranger. The hooded figure turned around, moving away from the bed, towards Jane. He took a swing at her with a sharp object, she couldn't clearly identify, barely missing her skin. As a reflex she lifted her leg and buried it in his stomach. The moan that came next revealed what the cloak concealed. It was a man… Jane’s kick had quite the impact as she saw him hunch over, almost folded in two.
It was a good counter-attack, but it didn't last long. Before she could count to 5 he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Trying to fight off the increasing pressure he applied to her neck, she heard a sound coming from the hall and out of the corner of her eye she noticed some movement near the bed. You've got to be kidding me… there’s three of ‘em… She could not take on three people; she wasn't strong enough. Jane started to really get scared when she felt she was slowly slipping into unconsciousness. Oh no, help…
His sudden turn loosened his grip on her neck. Something else had caught his attention. She heard the faint whispering voice of her grandmother coming from the bed. As she gasped for air, she recognized it as chanting. Apparently so did he, because he was trying to make a quick escape. Jane gave him another kick, aiming right between his legs this time. A weak kick as it were, but the impact was better than the last.
Just as he hit the floor another figure entered the room. Jane moved quickly as soon as she recognized her sister. ‘Take my hands, quickly Jules!’
It was then that Julie recognized her grams voice chanting from the bed.  I know that chant…
‘Jules!’ Jane yelled again. Now was her turn to act fast. Julie reached out her hands to Jane’s and white sparks started to appear. Grabbing hold of each other’s hands they joined their grandmother in the chant.
'To be protected from you,
This magic charm we do,
With these words we banish thee,
For you to let us be,
To be protected from your harm,
With light we now seal this charm’
A bright white light emitted from their joined hands. Small at first and growing… and growing until it covered every inch of the room. They heard a spine-tingling scream filled with agony and the sound of shattering glass. Then it was silent…
When the light subsided a few seconds later there was no one to be found. ‘Grams, are you alright?’ Jane was the first to speak after her grandmother turned on the nightlight. It wasn't bright, but at least they could see each other now. ‘Yes dear, I’m fine…', her grandmother replied with a shaky voice.
‘Who was that?’ Julie asked, still recovering from the shock. ‘…more like ‘what’…’ Jane said looking at her sister. She caressed the back of her sore neck ‘… so strong… he just lifted me as if I weight nothing. I’ve never met anyone with that kind of strength before…’
Their grandmother stared at the opposing wall… lost in thought; her mind racing. ‘Well, whatever he was he’s pretty wounded now. That spell attacks anything that we consider to be our enemy’.
‘Yeah, and that scream… No way that spell missed. I guess 3 people do make the spell pretty powerful huh? We got him good.’ Julie smiled proudly looking at her sister. When Jane didn’t respond she followed her gaze…
‘Dammit, seems he got the window pretty good too… just look at this mess!’ Julie growled. She cursed inaudibly and started picking up large shards of glass. ‘Wait, Jules, you’ll cut yourself. Let me get the broom…’ Jane said leaving the room.
Rosalie watched as her granddaughters cleaned up. Being very careful not to show how worried she actually was. She knew they hadn't seen the last of it. Others will come… they’ll come and try to finish the task this one failed to accomplish…
She sighed. ‘So this is it then… This is  how it all begins…’
Lewis Clan
5.45 am
250 miles from the Astor-Bison residence…
The low ticking sound of the grandfather clock was the only sound disturbing the silence in the room. She heard the girl approach before she even reached the office. Her coming this rude hour meant that there was news.

‘Miss Lewis?’ her voice came from behind, ‘Charlotte just reported in. We were unsuccessful at getting the information needed. He was…uhm…’
‘Hm, let me guess… They roasted him’. Her voice was cold and detached – Stained with disappointment and yet a hint of satisfaction. It’s as if she knew all along what she sent him into and didn’t care.

‘Which spell did they use?’
‘We don’t know – Charlotte said there was a bright light coming out of every nook of the house, but in all my research I've never come across any spell able to do that.
“Hmm!” A sly smile formed on her lips. -Guess I was right. It won’t be as easy as that… Maybe it’s time to shorten a certain someone’s vacation. She won’t be happy about it, but if I want it to be done right, she’s the one to do it… A small chuckle escaped her lips. Revenge has a pleasant feeling even when just thinking about it. I may not have started all this, but I sure as hell will be the one to finish it…
'I guess that's it then', she mumbled to herself. ‘I'm sorry Miss Lewis, did you say something?’
She had forgotten the girl was still there. Had she been thinking out loud? Did she compromise her goal?

“That’ll be all for now, Kat. Please notify me when Charlotte gets back. I need to speak to her” she answered short not once turning around. With a quick and almost unnoticeable motion, she flicked her hand, dismissing the girl.
'Yes, Miss Lewis!' Kat said a little irritated at the motion before starting for the door.

Still gazing out the window, her eyes shifted towards a yellow cat with dark stripes holding a small motionless rodent between his paws. The moment the cat lowered his head to devour his catch, the rodent dodge the attack and ran into the nearest bush – playing dead. What if…

'Did Charlotte see him after the attack?' Her question stopped Kat, who was already halfway through the door. ‘No, she didn’t mention seeing him leave the house. We don’t know if he got out or not, but with the fierceness of that attack, I do think it’s very unlikely.

If he did manage… he could be anywhere!’

Forgive the darkness of the night pictures. The background of the blog made them look even darker.


  1. This is off to an intriguing start. I can't wait to learn more about all the characters and the two clans.

    I think grandma should tell Jules and Jane what's going on, so they'll be better prepared for what's coming.

    You didn't do badly at all with the cloaked figure.

    Great 1st chapter.

    1. Wow Val
      That was fast!
      Yesterday when I put up the blog, I was like 'What? She's here already?'

      Thank you, I'm glad the first chapter was intriguing enough for you. Because in my book you are one of the high-rollers in SimsStories. So it means a lot coming from you.

      Rosalie is planning on telling them when the time is right. I say it is now, but what do I know (LOL)

      I don't like the cloaked figure at all!!! I know I could've done better *pout*
      I am my worst critic. It's a flaw!
      Who knows, maybe I'll go back someday and re-do those parts!

      Thanks again!

  2. LMAO @ "Yesterday when I put up the blog, I was like 'What? She's here already?"
    Now why does that make me sound like a stalker?

    I forgot to mention, I love your header. It's gorgeous. And mmmmh, the guy on it is yummy too.

    Jules and Jane, are they twins?

    1. Haha, You're not a stalker! You were just fast! But then again you have been waiting for it for almost a month now!

      I love the header too. I find it gives off a certain warmth. Maybe the colors have something to do with that.

      Yummy yummy indeed! My keyboard almost broke making him. I was drooling all over. LOL

      Yes, Julie and Jane are twins.

  3. Finally! I've been waiting for a while now and now i can read to my heart's content. Yaayy!
    I'm really curious to know what grandma's story is. Sounds like a lot is coming.

    Can't wait to read what's happening next.

  4. Welcome to Tamed RedRose.

    I have a lot going on for the story in my head. Let's just hope I can post it in an orderly fashion. There is a lot to come, yes!

    Secrets; betrayals; combat; you name it!

    You're Sim Profile pic seems familiar. Were you at the after-party of The Spotlight? LOL

    Not so fast. Grandma's story can't be revealed in the first few chapters you know...

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Definitely an interesting start! Their grandmother is so calm about it and knows a lot more than just three attackers came for them.

    I wonder who this "she" is that will get they job done and why it's important. Off to ch 2!

  6. Welcome Qui,

    Rosalie looks calm for her granddaughters. She's actually worried about them even though the attack was on her...
    She comes clean (somewhat) in future chapters.

    'She' will make her entrance soon... (I hope) I sometimes feel this story is writing me instead of the other way around!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Great start, very interesting. Also loved your intro. I really want to know who the man is in the last picture. Going to the next chapter!

  8. Welcome DutchySim!

    Thanks about the intro! I might rewrite it a bit someday, but I'm glad you like it.

    I like your name!
    Ik weet zeker dat je Nederlands praat! LOL

  9. The darkness of the blog just gave those scenes even more atmosphere!

    Your story is very interesting! As soon as I can I'm going to get caught up!

  10. 11daisies,
    Hi, and welcome!

    The warmth of the header came out best with a dark background. I then immediately thought Black & Gold!

    I'm happy to hear you say that! Take your time!

  11. Interesting start! What information were they after?! And Grams is so darling lol she won't show her fear but knows what's happening. Great maternal instinct but let's hope she's prepared her girls for what's to come!

    Je suis dans l'amour jusqu'ici ! Le grand travail !

  12. DJ!!!

    Kat doesn't know it, but with that report, of failing to get the info and what happened to 'him', she gave Lillian exactly the info she was hoping to get.
    ~Is it or is not easy to get to the witches~
    She got her answer, don't you think? If even a supernatural being had to flee...

    Rosalie is very protective of her family. Whether it's from others, or from themselves. She knows more than she's letting on...

    Merci mon ami!
    (I'll deflate my head now. Don't get fooled though, my french is bad!!! My orig lang is Dutch! Haha!)

  13. What an interesting way to start! I love how you started with the action, and it started the story off right away.

  14. Hiya Lynn,
    Welcome to Tamed!

    I wanted to start with the twins and immediately show they are a force to reckon with.

    *Mission accomplished*

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy!

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    1. Tug on the line and I'll reel you in Kendra! ^__^

  16. I am intrigued and will read all the rest of the chapters as I have time. I love the intro to this story :)

    1. Thank you Whit!

      I'm glad you decided to give it a go! I'm always happy to see new readers!

  17. Alrighty looks like survived n I wonder what Miss Lewis's problem is.

    1. Has it ever occurred that maybe SHE's the problem LOL