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Chapter 29 - Raven or...


The house they drove up to was buzzing with activity. A pleasant melody was coming from inside and the children were playing in the yard. Julie had just appeared with some cookies when she saw Marina's truck. Her eyes were practically glued to Raven the minute they got out and remained so even while she was hugging Marina. 'And who's this ready-to-be-served dessert?'

The devilish grin that spread over Raven's face almost made Julie collapse. 'Jules, this is Raven. He's—'
'Hi there' she cut Marina off, 'I'm her cousin Julie. Nice to meet you!'
Raven took her outstretched hand and made a small bow over it. 'The pleasure is all mine, Julie' he said placing a feathery light kiss on her knuckles. If his smooth voice wasn't enough to win her over, the elegance of that gesture made Julie giggle like an idiot. Marina had to clear her throat to bring her back to earth and the purpose of her coming to greet them.
'Oh, sorry, I almost forgot! I need a favor! George won't be able to make it and he was in charge of the cake-'
'Hmm, then we'll just have to bake one'
'I already did!'
'From scratch? Julie I'm impre—'
'No, honey! Pillsbury - Devil's Food! You know I can't cook worth a damn' Julie giggled, 'I also don't know a thing about decorating it… that's where you come in!'

'Okay, but can we get inside first? It's kind of freezing out here' Marina smiled.
'It's not that cold yet… Oh, oh how rude of me! Raven, please come in—Girls, I want you inside in a half hour okay! We don't want you to get sick' Julie set the tray of cookies on the balustrade and followed the others inside.
The garden was beautifully decorated with balloons and garlands and Marina was just about to ask who did it when Julie left their side to attach a bow to the wall lamp; instantly answering her question.

Introductions were made for both Raven and another man Marina learned was called Dante. She left the men to talk and went to find her other cousin Jane. Only one place to look for her of course. Cupcakes, cookies, macaroni & cheese , greens and a rack of lamb in the oven by the smell of it. 'There's the kitchen-princess'
'Marina? I didn't even hear you come in' Jane broadly smiled, removing her oven mitts. 'Did you have a safe trip? Tell me you'll help Julie with the cake? I'd do it, but I'm doing these already' she pointed at the food table with enough food to feed 25 people that Marina saw on her way in.
'The trip was fine and yes, I'm helping with the cake… but first, where's the birthday girl?'
'In her room! She says she'll come out when she feels like it- you know how she is!'
'All too well' Marina laughed, taking the cookie Jane handed her. She looked up at the mentioning of Raven's name and watched him help both Dante and Julie to push the couch back.

She was about to turn her face when their eyes met. Even if it was for no longer than a minute, it was enough to make her feel all warm inside. Was he always this charming? Or was it the fact that her family warmed up to him so quickly that made him stand out more? Certain feelings of longing and be-longing grew stronger in her every time she looked at him. She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall; imagining her and Raven together. Am I really falling for Raven? Is this—
Marina's eyes snapped open at the sound and looked at Jane, now standing exactly as she was with a fake dazed look on her face almost like mocking her; Marina could do nothing but laugh. 'So, what's his name?'
'That's Raven, I'll introduce you as soon as Julie lets him go'
'Raven huh, nice mysterious name! His looks are intriguing too… I'd say you've quite a catch and I haven't even met him yet, go figure! But then your dazed look just then says a lot… are you in love with him Cuz? Or are you still falling?' Jane asked, watching Raven steal glances of his own every now and then.

'I don't know what I feel Jane, I honestly don't… Sometimes I feel comfortable being around him and then there are times I get the feeling I should stay away from him, like he's trouble. Or that getting involved with him could lead to… I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking it' Marina sighed.
'Maybe you are… a 'friend' of mine told me the exact same thing two days ago. He said to just give it a chance and see what comes out of it. And that advice I'm giving to you now'
''Friend' huh?' Marina squinted her eyes at Jane, 'Will I be meeting this friend at the party today?'

'No, he's in Belladonna Cove! But seriously, if there is something going on between the two of you, act fast or my little sister there might try to steal him away from you. Even if she is with Dante right now… or maybe I might steal him, who knows' Jane joked, pinching Marina's shoulder before checking on the lamb again. 'The lamb looks okay, just a bit longer and we're good to go! I'll go check on grams now, It's time for her vitamins'
And with that she left Marina alone with her thoughts.

Not that she was alone for long… As soon as Raven found his escape from Julie, he was by her side. 'Your cousin is quite a handful. I did not think someone as small as her could exhaust me even a little bit' he faked breathlessness. 'Tell me the one you were talking to is not the same, apart from appearance?'
'Looks and sarcasm are probably the only thing they have in common, don't worry!'
When Raven heard Julie call out his name, he quickly ducked inside the kitchen making Marina laugh.
'What is it?' he heard Marina say, realizing he's zoned out listening to her laughter; he was amazed she could make him do that.
'I just enjoy the sound of your laughter, that is all' he confessed, making her cheeks color. 'Well, do not stop now…' he teased.

'Hmm, what's going on here?' Jane said, catching the two in what seemed like an intimate moment.
'Nothing…' Marina was quick to deny.
'I'll bet! Hi, I'm Jane!' she said taking Raven's hand.
'Yes, I know!' she said side-glancing at Marina, whose cheeks were still a bit pink. 'Well, she's had her vitamins and she's asking for you Marina. You and the young man that is creating all the commotion. I tell you, nothing escapes that woman' Jane said throwing her hands up. 'Go on, don't keep her waiting. She already grilled Dante at his introduction. So, good luck! I'll go finish the food'

Marina heard Raven sigh and turned towards him in front of Rosalie's door. 'Relax' she said, more to herself than actually to him, 'She may be old, but she's not a witch'
Raven nodded and followed her inside her grandmother's sitting area.

'Grams!' Marina walked up to Rosalie and relaxed her head on her grandmother's lap, while Raven remained at the door. 'I've missed you so much!'
'Well, that's your fault. You know where I live and you could've visited at any time, but no, a lady has to give a party to see you' Rosalie said with a scoff, patting Marina's head.
'I know Grams, but a lot has happened recently and it's pretty hectic at home. Part of which is him…
Marina said motioning for Raven, 'Grams, I'd like you to meet R—'
'Yes, well, we'll have plenty of time for introductions later' Rosalie interrupted 'and why you haven't been visiting, but I want to talk to him first. Marina, be a dear and go help Jane in the kitchen'

Marina was confused and it showed on her face. Grams had never shooed her out of the room before and what added to the confusion was that she was being shooed so that her grandmother could talk to someone she had not even been properly introduced to.
'Yes dear?' Rosalie answered, raising her eyebrows.
'…nothing… uh, happy birthday Grams' she leaned over and kissed Rosalie's cheek.
'Thank you my dear! Now run along!'
She nodded and moved for the door. Raven was still standing there and she looked up at him, still confused. He simply gave her a reassuring smile before opening the door for her. His eyes remained on her as she disappeared behind it and he heard the door close with a soft click.


He closed his eyes briefly and turned towards the old woman on the other side of the room.

'Hello Rosalie'

To Be Continued

Way to come back with a cliffy huh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I know it was short and more pictury than texty, but don't hurt me!
Evaluations at school are done, so I can do Tamed again, Yay!


  1. That is a mean cliffhanger to leave us on!

    Marina is falling for Raven...I can't blame her. But I hope he isn't trouble for her like she senses.

    1. I feel bad, trust me, more so because everyone's been anxious to know more about Raven. If I hadn't written up to chapter 32 already, I would've changed the ending to this one...

      ~I'll go sit in the corner now~

      Marina is falling hard! Their moment in the field opened up a whole nother door for her now that she knows it's not one-sided. I think it's more the vampire side of him that she senses and calls trouble... Let's hope that's all it is!

      Thank you for stopping by Cat :)

  2. I wondered if she would recognize him. Remind me, he's not the one that sneaked into her room that night, was he?
    Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? More like 'are you a good vampire or a bad vampire?' That's been the question for a while now. He's still a little shady in my book. Cute shady, but shady. He Is falling for Marina, tho.

    Yes, now go n sit in thecorner n think about what you've done, young lady!

    1. Did you now? Yes, she knows him and no, he was not the one in her room. That vamp has been barbecued and is now in the hunter's basement.

      Good witch-Bad witch, try neutral witch! As for him, he drinks blood, so bad. He didn't hurt Marina, so good!
      Cute shady, I like that. Raven's history with Rosalie will be revealed in the next chapter that, if set-building goes well, will be posted next week. It shows part of his character, so you can decide then which side you'll give him.

      He has a weak spot for Marina, that's for sure! I'm giving them some alone time in ch. 31 to work out their "falling" issues.

      Yes m'am, can I still say thank y-- no, okay, yes m'am!

  3. SON OF A BITCH!!!!!! REALLY SERIOUSLY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? All that party stuff and you get to the end and then no not cool. Last scene that had Raven was a cliffy and now this shit?!?!?!?! UGH I swear JM I coming to freaking hunt you down.

    UGH UGH UGH. Not cool. So ticked off where the hell is the rest of this. She knows him? He knows her? WTF really. UGHHHHHHHH

    You are getting hurt! Seriously hurt for this! :(

  4. WTF!?!? They know each other??! His memory isn't as faded as he claims! He knows her name! OMG (ok I'd say maybe he heard one of them say it but that didn't happen) WHAT?!?! Wow! So she knows what/who he is!!! And now comes the "stay away from my family or I'll kill you" speech OR she knows he means them no harm OR he is using Marina as a way into the family *GASP* that one is seriously scary! OMG OMG OMG!!! He is probably a catalyst to this whole prophecy thing! *GASP* he is the one that will trigger her magic!! *GASP* he'll poke her in the direction he wants!! /faints.

    Ok maybe that's being a bit dramatic but OMG! There is so much that happened with JUST the name calling "Patrick/Rosalie" that right there was a doozy all in itself!

    Relax' she said, more to herself than actually to him, 'She may be old, but she's not a witch'

    ^That made me seriously LOL!

    1. Yes, it would appear so! It was a bit strange Rosalie shooed Marina before the introduction don't you think? Maybe she didn't want to know what fake name he told her granddaughter...

      Haha, stay away from my family... you're spot on with that one. Whether he's danger or not, that warning is to be expected.
      You have a lot of interesting theories going on there. I like it! Although, I must say... my gutter mind seriously went "uhmm" when you talked about him poking her in the direction he wants XD

      Come to think of it, maybe that's why I left it so short in the first place to get the "name" intense moment. It wouldn't have had the same effect if there was more after that.

      I was grinning like mad when I wrote that :)

      Thanks Deej!

  5. P.S. Patrick was looking at Jason like "Dude watch your hands, I bite." He was cutting an evil vampire look there for a second LOL!

    1. I know right!
      It was all spontaneous too. Dante just hugged her as a greeting and Raven's head just snapped to the right. I was like "Okay, Raven! Down boy... retract those fangs. It's just a hug"

      Hahaha! Evil vampire indeed!

  6. Wow, that was a cliff hanger lol, I'm not sure I will forgive you for this so soon...

    It looks like those two are falling for each other, not sure if this is good or bad but it's fun to see!

    1. Ouch!! That hurt, right here, in my stomach!
      Haha, sorry Aeon, but it was perfect to capture the name-calling intensity! I promised to make up for it this week. Friday I think, if shooting goes well.

      I'm giving them some alone time in one of the next chapters to work it out. They're acting like a bunch of grown-up teenagers, which is kinda funny. Especially for a vampire...

      Thanks Aeon ^__^

  7. Patrick??!! Shaking my head you Jean

    Luckily there are more chapters for me to read otherwise this cliffhanger would go unforgiven :P

    1. Yes, Patrick!
      I had to throw some more secrecy in there, I just had to!

      Lucky indeed!
      Thanks Acid!

  8. And Julie meets Raven... *sparks*? heh
    Jane is a kitchen witch, huh? *L* They are good luck and protect against burnt food ;)
    Oh but Grams is there at this party? uh oh... Will Raven's secret be found out? reading on ... Oh you brat!!! you stopped it there.... booo.... But Raven reacted to the name Patrick and he knows Grams. I don't think that this can end too well.

    1. Julie is a social-butterfly, so yeah!

      Jane is VERY good in the kitchen, so she might be a kitchen witch. Lol, protect against burned food. Then Julie is definitely not a kitchen witch...

      It's grams' party, she can't be absent! Will Raven's secret be found out? With that old witch in the house... FOR SURE!!!

      But that's what brats do... they leave cliffies. LOL, yes, Rosalie and Raven know each other!

      Thanks Zhip!

  9. Wha... What was that? "Patrick"? I mean... Rosalie knows him!? Now, seriously, this woman has a lot of explaining to do!

    1. Hihi, he does answer to that name, yes!
      I think it's fair to say that Rosalie knows him fairly well!

  10. Your a mean, heartless person, leaving it at that. I've always liked Raven and I don't think I'm going to find out anything to change my mind. I so desperately hope that he and Marina hook up tho....edenz~

    1. Ouch!! Straight in the cavity that is supposed to be my heart!
      If Raven is a favorite, you're right,,, nothing I say can change your mind about him. Even if it turns out he doesn't just go by one name and has a hidden agenda of his own.

      As for him hooking up with Marina... I'm a mean, heartless person, so I'mma leave it at that!

      Haha, thanks for reading Edenz!