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Chapter 13 - Craving

This wasn't supposed to come out until the 27th, but I'm in a giving mood.
Lynn, fantasies sometimes come true!

Why did it have to be her in that alley? Chase thought as he stood outside the building’s gate. Moving past it would definitely set off the alarms, programmed to alert them of a vampire presence. He was a bit irritated. When he dropped Val off, he planned on going on the hunt. His senses were fixed on the hunt. Once his senses were locked on a prey, they would stay so until he pursued. Chase wanted nothing more to do with Alex than use her as a gate-way to the hunters, but his senses were locked on her now, if he was going to have his fill tonight, she’d be the way to go. No other would satisfy his thirst- no matter how many he hunted. Give him a quick fix, maybe, but satisfy, no!

‘Dammit’ he cursed within his mouth. He was hungry and dinner was behind that wretched white gate. He’d have to come up with a way to get her out of there. Bring her to him, instead of a pursuit. He pushed his hunger from his mind; damn thing was clouding everything, and concentrated on finding her.

Dear Diary,
*Edit #4: Just came from an occult-shop with Charlie. I’ve been going on the road with her more often now that Kat’s locked herself in the basement. You only see her on occasional meetings, but I’m not complaining. I like being on the road with Charlie, it’s nice, being under the wing of one of the top 3. Maybe I can learn something. The occult-shop was ghastly, okay I lied, it was neat and normal looking, but the smell coming out of the cauldron almost made me throw up. It was horrible. Like spoiled cheese with a hint of pickles. And as interesting as the rest of the shop looked, I was glad to be out of there. Something startled me in the alley, I saw it move, but I don’t know what it was. Charlie and I waited, but we didn’t see anything other than a stray dog. The shadow I saw looked bigger than a dog, that’s for sure…

When we got home we gave Kat her stuff right through the crack of the basement door, before she half-closed, half-slammed the door in our faces. I heard a faint thank you, but the sound the door made drowned it out. I guess it’s safe to say she’s still made about her bike…

Alex lounged on her bed writing in her diary. It had become a habit of hers. She wrote in it every day since becoming a hunter. Being in love with her job, she wanted to record everything she did from the minute she woke up until she closed her eyes at night even though most days that didn’t include much. Her thoughts were interrupted when the branches of the oak tapped against her window. She opened her window and broke them off, before settling back on her warm bed. I’ll be sleeping a lot better now that that’s been taken care of Alex thought before her eyes fell on her diary again. She reread the part she wrote about the shadow in the alley. Her mind worked over-time trying to recall the shape. This time it came close to the human-size, but the movement was too fast… unless it was a vampire.

Pushing her diary and empty teacup to the other side of the bed, she lay flat on her stomach. If it really were a vampire, she wondered, was it a good idea to leave him in the alley. He didn’t reappear when they waited, which suggested he must’ve been on the hunt. She got a nauseous feeling thinking about the helpless person they left in harm’s way just by turning away. If it was one vampire she could take him.
-Of course you can…
I suppose… and he isn’t one of the higher levels, because they don’t hide. With the powers they possess, they don’t have to.
I can take him…
-You can take him…
I should take him…
-You SHOULD take him!
Her conscious made her stronger and the guilt made her get up and dress. Alex put the empty teacup in the kitchen before slipping out the backdoor. The last thing she needed were ants in her bed when she came back.


The nights continued to grow colder and tonight was no exception. Alex shivered right through the thickness of her green wool sweater, but continued to walk the brick path. She reached the split in the road and remembered going left with Charlotte to the occult-shop. If she were a vampire, she would pick a less traveled path to hunt and not be caught. Alex took a breath and went right to the less illuminated path. There were no nooks in the overgrown wall, so she only had three directions to keep an eye on; the way she was going, the air above and most important, behind her.
It was quiet, a little too quiet. Nothing but the sounds of Jiminy Crickets performing the night away. The usual sounds of the night. She was listening for anything unusual to ensure her she was going the right way. After turning a corner, she didn’t need the sounds anymore, since meeting with a dead-end told her exactly what she wanted to know.

‘Shit!’ Alex exclaimed, looking at the overgrown wall now blocking her path. She buried her hands in her pockets to keep them warm and took in the scenery around her. Like the shop, this alley was also surrounded by old run-down factories. Few of them had windows big enough to crawl in and out of. Ready to turn back, Alex eyes again fell on the wall in front of her. She moved towards it to have a closer look and examined the climbing plant. Underneath it at several well-measured paces were nooks big enough for a hand or foot. It looked very much like a ladder hidden from view.

Careful not to lose her balance, Alex reached out to the nook above the one she held and steadied her footing; she was halfway over the wall. From a distance, the wall looked no higher than her, but now that she was climbing it… eyes can be deceiving. There was no nook near the top, so she lifted herself on both feet, preparing to fling herself over the wall. As soon as she gained her strength, she jumped over the top and landed on the other side of the wall.

Alex quickly scanned the area around her, right hand lodged in her knife-pocket. As soon as she secured her surroundings she followed another small alley to a skinny ladder leading up to a small balcony. The ladder was almost the same color as the walls and easily blended in. She slowly approached the ladder and was startled by the same stray dog that surprised her and Charlotte earlier that evening. He must have dug holes everywhere if he was able to reach this area too. The dog never glanced at her and continued its way to wherever. Alex’ attention returned to the ladder and she debated whether to climb it or leave and come back with back-up…

-That isn’t fear talking is it?
…Not fear, just caution… she told herself eyeing the ladder.
-Show yourself how good of a hunter you are…
I am a good hunter…
-You can take one vampire…
Who says there’s only one in there?
-Who says there’s ANY in there?
Alex was getting irritated at the constant contradicting voice inside her head. Doubting herself would not serve her well and she had better deal with it now. You don’t rise to the top doubting yourself…
You don’t rise to the top by getting yourself bitten either… Alex thought bitterly. She drowned out all her doubts and climbed the ladder.

Alex barged in the door just off the ladder; hands at the ready. The small balcony was attached to an equally small space that functioned as a room. She tipped the switch next to the door lighting 2 light bulbs on either side of the room. The one right next to her seemed to have burned out. The dimly lit room now revealed what she least expected. It was empty. No one was there but a bunch of furniture. Three counters in one corner apparently served as a kitchen with a small fridge and a checkered table chaired for one person. A red door on her right led no doubt to a small bathroom. It was made-up of bricks that were in a better condition than the rest of the room. Alex took it to have been built sometime later than the rest of the room. To her left was one of those old square fireplaces she didn’t think still existed. It was cold, so it hadn’t been used recently. But the room had… it was free of dust and cobwebs.

She moved to the only three windows in the room. Her eyes followed the ivy that had draped itself across the windows, holding onto the blinds for strength.
What is this place? Alex wondered looking out the window. The view reached another factory building with bigger windows showing what looked to be an office once. She examined the space around the windows and noticed some sort of residue dried in the wooden boards. Running her fingers over the stains, she smelled the residue. Gunpowder…
‘Someone was targeted from here’ Alex whispered looking back out the window to the office-space. She was so lost in thought; she never felt the change that had occurred in the room.

Chase looked at her from the old square fireplace. He was bummed at how easy it was to lure her here. She was a hunter for crying out loud. He’d expected to have to really put in some effort. This proved way too easy. He crossed his arms and continued to watch her. She doesn’t even know I’m here… He didn’t know whether to take that as insult or a compliment to his abilities. He was getting bored and fast. So much for the thrill of the chase; she was turning out to be a dumb lamb stumbling into the wolf’s lair.

What followed next caught him completely off guard. He only realized what had happened seconds after dodging the knife that flew straight at his head. Alex had turned around and as soon as her face came into view a few leaves of the ivy next to Chase’s head were slowly making their way to the floor. Her knife sticking straight out of the wall. Guess she did know he was there…

‘Really?! Alex?!’ Chase bellowed, ‘A knife?!

She reached inside her other pocket to pull out another, but he was out of her view and behind her before she could actually gasp. The only movement Alex saw, or felt was a gust of wind going through her hair. His slow breathing behind her made the hairs on her neck stand up.

‘Now what, hunter?’ Chase let out alongside a predator growl. Alex panicked and without thinking, she made for the door.
‘Ah’ Chase breathed in. The thrill of the chase; adrenaline rushing through his veins. She was giving him a run after all. And to not disappoint, Chase set in ‘the chase’.

It was a short distance between the window and the door, but it thrilled him nonetheless. He caught up to her before she could turn the knob and open the door big enough to pass through. The door slammed shut again as Chase threw his whole body into the act. Alex let out a small whimper at the sound the door made and closed her eyes tightly; hoping this was a dream she would soon wake up from.
I should never have come. This is the worst idea I’ve ever acted on. Why did I even let myself get talked into it?

His hand was still against the door when Alex very slowly turned around to face him. Fear written all over her face when her eyes met his. A shiver went through him when her heart started to beat faster; pumping the blood through her veins like crazy. Damn, the scent of her blood was driving him mad; beckoning him to take her and end his hunger. And yet the predator inside him had other plans. It wanted more… it NEEDED more. He zoomed in on her quivering lips…

‘Now what, hunter?’

Nah, I’m joking! XD

‘Now what, Alex’ he repeated, calling her by her name.
Alex’s lips stopped quivering at the nearness of Chase’s own. Her fear partially gave way to another kind of feeling. One that came close to a certain one he gave her that night outside of the hunter’s HQ when he tricked her into letting him feed from her. She was ashamed of having these feelings at the most inappropriate times, but she couldn’t help it. His being so near just had that effect on her.
Chase grinned and took her bottom lip between his teeth. With her lip caught between his jaws, she felt his canines grow longer. He released her lip just when his twin companions threatened to pierce through the thin surface. When they reached their full length, he ran his tongue along them accidentally brushing it against her lips; tasting her cherry lip-gloss that disgusted him and yet aroused him because it gave her a sense of innocence.

He pulled back and watched her tongue through her partially opened lips. He got the sudden urge to pierce it with his fang and suck on it. Feed from her through her mouth…
He pressed his lips on hers; his tongue forcing his way through them in search of hers. Ready to lure it inside his mouth to carry out his urge. Alex wasn’t at all aware of his plan and thought it was a dominating kiss. She always wondered what his lips would feel like and now she knew. She hesitantly and very carefully pressed her tongue against his.

Chase didn’t think this little act of trying to bite her tongue, would turn on him. He was in control and her plain refusal to follow his tongue into his mouth, frustrated him and he put in more effort resulting in deepening the ‘kiss’. By the time he realized it was futile, other urges had awakened in the pit of his stomach due to the ‘kiss’ and everything went down-hill from there.

Like the hungry animal he felt like, he buried his face in her neck; fangs protruding his half-opened lips. Taking in the richness of her scent, he trailed a path of fiery kisses up her neck and settled on her earlobe. One fang pierced the softness of her lobe and a crimson drop of gold appeared on it. Chase licked it off, tasting her… It was delicious, but he knew she could do better. He needed to make it sweeter, a true feast… a delicacy. In one fast movement he removed her sweater AND blouse AND bra. Alex only noticed they were gone when a little chill swept over her bare breasts. Chase returned the warmth of her clothes twice the amount when he hands moved from her back to her breasts; cupping them gently.

He kept his face buried in her neck, sucking on her earlobe and let his hands explore. He considered himself quite experienced and didn’t feel the need to see what he was doing. The sensual act of him spreading his fingers equally over her breasts caused her to moan. He brought his fingers back together to take hold of her nipples; rubbing them until they became hard. Chase pinched them hard enough to force a reaction. When he heard the moan laced with a winch of pain he was satisfied and his hands made their way to her jeans. Like her sweater, blouse and bra, her jeans quit being a barrier in a matter of seconds; leaving her with nothing on but a small satin thong and the green band in her hair.

He turned her around making her face the wall as he pressed his arousal against her behind. Letting her know what she was doing to him. Alex liked the sensation of something hard pressing against her through the rough fabric of his own jeans. Running his hand up and down her back he stroked her like a cat while moving his hard-on in circular motions against her. When his hand moved up her back again, it came to a halt in her hair and he pulled the green band from it, making her hair fall along her face. Pulling her by her elbows, he moved her towards the bed straight across the old square fireplace and placed her on it.

Chase removed his sweater revealing a set of abs she wasn’t expecting on his average frame. She wanted to touch them, but a low growl originating in his chest kept her from it. Instead she settled for counting them as she followed his hands move towards the belt on his jeans. Alex had just reached ab number 4 when he stepped out of his jeans revealing a big tent in his boxers. Her eyes widened a bit as she stared at the bulge. When he put his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers her eyes widened more with anticipation. Seeing her reaction he removed his thumbs from his boxers and squinted at her. He tilted his head, looked at his growing erection and then back at her. Alex understood that as him giving her permission to touch him.

She carefully and slowly lifted her hands and rested them on his hips. Looking up at him she slit the index finger on both hands inside the broad band of his boxers and started to pull it down. He was so aroused that even though she was already far over his hips, she had to pull up the front of his boxers over his arousal to be able to slide the boxer down lower. His hard-on bounced back up from the action and Chase closed his eyes. Alex, on the other hand, opened hers wide. Gifted/Well-Endowed. Two words that immediately came to mind along with wondering if he would fit

‘Lay back’
The dominance in his voice sent a shiver up her spine just before she complied and lay back on the pillow. In one swift moment he was hovering over her. He moved so fast she never even felt the bed move. Alex was very aware of his body and the size of him as he steadied himself by his arms. Each placed on the mattress just below her breasts on either side of her torso. Holding her eyes captive in his, he curled his fingers around the cords of her slip, slowly sliding them over her thighs all the way down until he held it in his hand. He held it up high, tempting her to look at them and acknowledge that she was completely naked. Her eyes never wavered from his, but a pink blush colored her cheeks and he knew she saw it out of the corner of her eyes. Chase dropped her slip and reached between their bodies searching for that sensitive spot previously hidden by the satin piece of cloth now decorating the floor.

Alex’s eyes half-closed and a shuddery gasp left her open lips when he found what he was looking for. A grin formed on his lips making his lip-rings glisten. He pushed one finger inside her warmth releasing a small whimper from her lips. The minute he started moving his finger a shudder went through Alex at the sense of déjà vu taking over her. It felt exactly like that night she had that vivid image of him; making her unsure if she had really imagined him or that it was all real… Chase smiled inwardly at her thoughts and made her lose the ability to think when he inserted a friend very similar to the one already crowding her. This was new… I didn’t imagine him doing thi… oh
Being able to penetrate her mind, told him exactly which buttons to push and he enjoyed the way she reacted to his touch. He didn’t have to do much since she was already pretty aroused. He quickened his pace sending her higher and higher…

She remembered that last time she wanted to scream out his name, but didn’t know it. Then she realized that now he really was invading her and she still didn’t know it. In between his fast movement and her moans, she forced her mind to function long enough to at least form the question.
‘W-hat is … your… na…’ her mind clouded over when she threatened to tip over the edge, making her swallow part of the question.

He said, seconds before removing his fingers as she was going over and entering her with one fast thrust, burying himself deep within her. Sending her orgasm to heights she didn’t think possible.
‘Ch-ase!’ she screamed, dividing his name into two syllables. Her body shuddered at the magnitude of waves going through her. He felt as big as he looked and filled her completely. He held her up by her shoulders to better brace against the shudders, while continuing to deliver fast hard blows into her body; not giving her a moment to recover from her earth-shattering orgasm, before sending her on to the next.
‘Oh, no you don’t, stay with me!’
He forced her to keep up with him and as soon as she could he flipped them over so she was now on top; straddling him. How she ended up with her back towards him was lost to her, but that was as far as her mind allowed her to think before abandoning her again.

With his hands on her hips he brought a rhythm to her movement, which he synchronized with his own. Their double movements made her breasts sway up and down violently inspiring Chase to take a hold of them as they continued their synchronized rhythm. Alex was lost to herself moaning out of control.

After a while Chase started to feel numbness in his legs from their current position and with a hand on her lower back pushed her forward so that she lay on her stomach never once leaving her body. He ran his hand over her back; stroking her, enjoying the soft little purring sound she made. One fast thrust made her body jerk violently and a gasp escaped her lips. Chase smiled inwardly at the reaction and lay down on top of her in his full length, running his tongue along the crevice of her back up between her shoulders.
He kept teasing her, scraping his fangs against her shoulder and just behind her ear. She wanted to feel the sensation again, wanted him to sink his teeth into her like he had done once before. ‘Chase…’ she said his name, a hint of begging in her voice. Chase would have none of it and removed his lips from her skin. Alex uttered a protest that half-died in her mouth as he pounded into her more vigorously; making her skin turn a reddish-pink. Alex was so high on ecstasy her mind never registered the prickling sensation of pain her abused skin was warning her about.

He wanted to wait… Her temperature was still rising; heating up her blood. A female’s blood always tasted of the finest quality in the final throes of ecstasy. Some fed around the first, but not Chase. He made his women come at least twice. Finding their blood tasted better the second time around.

He brought his mouth back to her neck when he felt her closing in on yet another big one. He was close too. If he timed it right, he’d find his release at roughly the same time she did. He changed his rhythm and deliver short fast blows into her. He felt her body tense up and when she was, again, almost over the threshold, he sank his fangs into her. Alex thought she was going to die. It felt like her body exploded. She screamed his name as wave after wave rolled through her body.  She was shaking all over and his feeding from her prolonged her orgasm, making it seem never-ending. After a few more thrusts he found his release and collapsed on top of her, lifting his head from her neck. Alex was still whispering his name in a chain-song.

When the waves ceased for both of them, Alex slipped back into her undies after which she fell asleep immediately curling up as much as she could on that small bed next to Chase. He was staring at the light, a bit in awe over what just happened. His face still had a seductive grin to it. Being a vampire he still had some stamina left and couldn’t sleep. He glanced sideways at the now sleeping Alex.

This was not what I had in mind when I lured her here, but man… she’s got some moves in her and her blood...

Chase felt very sated. A bit stuffed actually and he wondered if he maybe took too much this time. He checked her complexion. She looked fine and her breathing wasn’t labored. He moved her hair to the side and brought his head down. He lightly ran his tongue over the two marks his fangs left and watched them heal and close, before laying back down.

So much for strictly using her as a gate-way to the hunters…
Her blood in the heat of the moment turns out to be a real delicacy. One that I might want again…
Damn it…
This is bad…


Author's Note:
Bear with me. This is my first story written, so also my first ever scene. Hope it wasn't over the top.
Then again, as long as I like it, nothing should matter right? Glad you think so too!


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