Monday, 5 November 2018

Tamed Summary 2018

Good heavens, it's been almost 3 years. Sorry it took so long for me to finish this story. I would have preferred to do it in the usual chapter style, but after the hood got corrupted for the umpteenth time, I got discouraged. I was not looking forward to building everything again and I just let the characters sit there, abandoned and almost forgotten.

This is a summary of the last chapters of this story. You can skip to your favorite characters to know their fate, BUT you may/may not miss something, since most of the characters are linked. What happened to one may have caused what happened to another and so on. With this summary, I hope to put the characters to a proper rest. Characters not mentioned are either dead, or their story has no direct link to the main characters.

I thank everyone that stayed with me throughout this journey. I have gained a lot of new friends, lost some in the literal sense. Know you are all in my heart even if we don't talk that much anymore. I will see you guys on the net and in my next story.



Allen – Bison - DiGorgio
Rosalie unexpectedly woke up out of her comatose state in the middle of the night. Feeling she was running out of time quicker than she had initially thought, she bewitched a pen to write down as much of her thoughts as she could. Everything she wanted to say to the twins before she went. Along with instructions on how to control the powers that would flow into them after she dies. The time-magic that the twins have was considered too great for them, so Rosalie had absorbed a large amount of it when they were younger. That amount was about to return to them when she died. To them and… Marina. Marina was the 3rd time witch in their family. **Julie represented the past, Jane the future and Marina the present --See High Witches' Council--** During the recording of her thoughts, Rosalie weakened more and her condition worsened. The twins knew she wasn't going to make it since the reaper had told them as much, but they panicked when Rosalie struggled to breath and called an ambulance. Rosalie was hospitalized and stabilized. Jane's new home became that hospital room; never leaving her side.

The hour of the great confrontation (LOL) between the vampires and the hunters came and the twins learned its location through Marina. Damian went to revenge the murder of his mother and sister. Julie went with him, pumped up with both her and her sister's powers through the mind link they had finally perfected. Reaching the battlefield they were frustrated by some sort of barrier that they could pass. Numerous witches and magic users stood around what appeared to be a magical dome that was drawn up by the witches' council. Their solution was to let the hunters and vampires fight it out without the use/help of magic. Damian flew into a fit of rage and started attacking the dome to no avail. He shifted his attention to the scene in it and using his elements manipulated the earth underneath the vampires and hunters' feet. Ripping it up into large fissures; digging holes and burying them.

Victoria of the witches' council appeared to Julie and told her that Jane needed them. She was in labor and there were complications. Julie could feel Jane's distress and believed her. Victoria told her to take Damian with her, 'cause they needed him to conceal the magic in the babies or the human world would know magic exists. Julie mentioned Jane's distress to Damian and that they needed to go. Already having lost his sister and mother, he couldn't lose Jane too. His revenge would have to wait.
After teleporting back home, they reached the hospital and were informed that Rosalie had passed on and that that was probably the reason Jane went into early labor. The babies were constricted and would need to be born via c-section. If they could convince Jane, because they couldn't get through to her. Julie told Damian and Jane what Victoria said and after convincing Jane to have the c-section, Damian called in the help of Francesca (Club-owner/Canceller). A quick teleportation from Belladonna Cove to the hospital's men's room and Francesca cancelled out the babies' magic, so they wouldn't have accidental magical outbursts at the birth and would seem human to the doctors.

Jane gave birth to twins Harper (boy) and Hailey Rose. Hailey had respiratory failure and died a few minutes after… Little did they know that Rosalie had not passed on with the reaper. Choosing instead to stay, despite repeated warnings of haunting her family later on. She had left her body and was with them all the way through the whole ordeal. When Hailey died, she wanted to spare Jane the hurt of losing a child and entered her body. The doctors were baffled by Hailey's return and called her a miracle baby.

Hailey Rose grew up a healthy kid with powers of her own that were a mix of her parents and Rosalie's.
She  was an exceptionally gifted witch and despite it being Rosalie's spirit inside of her, she grew up her own person… with the occasionally misplaced memories of a previously lived life.

The fight between the vampires and hunters ended with both races almost extinct. Damian considered his family's deaths avenged and devoted his life to Jane and their children. Julie is still in a relationship with Dante Pierce. She told him she was a witch once, but he freaked out and they had to erase his memory. She's fine with keeping her secret for now, but hopes she can break it to him in a less freaking-out way at some point in the future.

Having come into their full powers after Rosalie's death the twins, Jane and Julie, and Marina were contacted by the High Witches' Council, because they were the next generation of High Witches, to resume their duties. They all – refused – the position.


Raven told Marina to stay at the rosetta mansion. Julie and Damian were there, Raven was going… she had a really bad feeling something was going to happen. She took Binny and Chase and left for the battlefield. She arrived just in time to watch Angelica run her spear through Raven's heart. 'Nooooo' she screamed, running towards him. Binny on her tail. Raven killed Angelica, but he was done for. Marina was sobbing over him begging him not to leave her. He told her she had to go on living. She had to go on living, not for her, but for… His words cut off and he was gone. Binny tried to pry her away from him, but she held on. After all that they had been through… Now she was alone again. Marina was distraught. She finally figured out the dream she had with the tombstone. It wasn't her father's or brother's. It was Raven's.

 For 3 months all she wanted to do was sit in that flower field next to his grave. She wasn't living, she was just alive. The only reason she ate was because Binny forced her to. It wasn't until Chase mentioned hearing an echo of a heartbeat whenever he was near her that she pepped up.  A trip to the doctor's office confirmed her pregnancy. She was the first ever vampire mate and now the first ever to bear a vampire's child. The pregnancy wasn't the easiest one, but she had to do everything she could to keep that part of Raven alive. They suspected the child to be a vampire as well, because she was rapidly losing weight. In her case it was lucky that a witch's pregnancy only lasted 3 months, or she would've dried out.

Marina went into labor in the same field she took Raven to on their horseback ride. The same field that now housed his tombstone.  She gave birth to a healthy baby boy she named Craven. Craven grew up normally and they wondered if he was fully human. They were proven wrong on his 7th birthday when he accidentally bit into his bottomlip while brushing his teeth; his fangs had come out. Vampiric urges started to kick in and even though he was able to eat human food, from that day on he had to hunt small animals in the woods to satisfy his blood thirst.

Craven is the first and only one of his kind. A half vampire, half human child that was born, not bitten.
Marina was contacted by the High Witches Council to take up her post as council member, but she refused. She wanted nothing to do with witchcraft, despite being born a witch. She was perfectly happy just being a mother to Craven.


Gibson – Tyson
The night Charlotte went to the vampire leader to deliver the declaration of war with Kat and Angelica, her mind played tricks on her. She was seeing things. It was when they had returned to Hunter's HQ that it was all cleared up. Chadd had followed them here. He waited until the bitchy hunter had left to make his presence known. Charlotte couldn't believe her eyes. Chadd, her brother wasn't dead. Instead he was one of the very things she hunted. The things she hunted to avenge HIS death! All this time he had led her to believe he was killed by vampires. Chadd tried to explain, but Charlotte wasn't having it. When he called her by her pet name 'Lotte' she shot him. Even Kat couldn't believe she did that.

Chadd explained anyway, just to keep her from fighting in the upcoming battle. He knew things; things about the vampire Calum that could lead to his baby sister's death and that was the last thing he wanted. He left all those years because he wanted to protect her. He couldn't let her die now… Charlotte still wasn't having it and told him she'd kill him if he showed his face again. Chadd showed his face every night since then. He was that determined. This made Charlotte rethink her purpose in all of it. She got into this profession to avenge his death. Now that he wasn't dead, she was kind of lost. This was the one thing she was best at, but to be honest, her resolve had changed. She wasn't going to fight something between Lillian and her lover. Especially now when all Lillian seemed to think about was her revenge. Charlotte's role in this was done. She told Kat she wasn't dying for some lover's spat and was leaving. She wanted Kat to come with her. Kat refused. Charlotte's resolve might have changed, but Kat's hadn't.

Charlotte left 2 days before the great confrontation (LOL). She met her brother Chadd at the bus depot for the last time. She told him she would move on with her life, as far away from here as possible. But that she was still a hunter. For her the brother she had, had been dead for too long to try again now. She'd turn her head the other way this last time. If he ever came in front of her again, she'd kill him. With those last words she boarded a greyhound to elsweyr (Skyrim plug –elsewhere-)

Katherine 'Kat' Tyson learned from Chadd that Calum was a very proud elite and would always take credit for his achievements. He didn't take credit for clearing out the Taihinde Clan of hunters. That it must've been the work of a rival hunter clan. Kat put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that it must've been Lillian. She kept Kat alive just to be able to get her hands on the anti-vampire venom that the clan was famous for. Kat felt betrayed and saw Lillian for what she was. She'd do anything to get her way.
On the battlefield Kat searched endlessly for Lillian, but couldn't find her. Was she even there?
At some point Kat got distracted and was surrounded by 15 vampires. She met her end at a rabid low level vampire that ripped into her neck.


High Witches' Council
After Jane and Julie's visit the trio visited every possible outcome to ensure that the balance between good and evil and the non-magical world would remain. The only solution was to keep magic out of the battle and let the hunters and vampires cancel each other out. They drew up a magical barrier, a dome, to prevent any magic user to enter the battlefield. Their plan worked to a certain point. They hadn't taken into account Damian's power of the elements. When they realized that he could manipulate the earth from underneath the dome, the outcome of their plan was fast changing. He was disturbing the balance they had foreseen. He had to be removed. They sped up the time of Jane's pregnancy and sent her into labor. Her complications made Damian and Julie leave the battlefield, putting the outcome the council had predicted back on track.

When all was over, it was time for the council to retire and recruit the next council members. Born into the same family, they were to be the most powerful council members yet. Victoria, Mica and Karima appeared to Jane, Julie and Marina to inform them of their duties towards the magical community and that it was time to take their place in the council. To the astonishment of the Council, the three witches refused. This had never happened before and they were at a loss for words. With no new council members to relieve them of their duties, they had no choice but to stay in their post for another something-something years before the next members were ready. Were they even born yet?


Angelica was out for revenge of her own. The realization that she was just a pastime for Raven and the care he had shown for his new mate enraged her. She wouldn't rest until she killed him.
With that fire in her heart and eyes she entered the battlefield. The fight ensued and she disposed of numerous vampires before she spotted him. She saw red and charged at him. Her spear had been coated with an anti-vampire concoction. They fought for what seemed like a long time. She ultimately got the drop on Raven. Angelica drove her spear through his heart, the anti-vampire venom dripping into it. No vampire could heal from that, not even an elite. Raven spun around and drove the same spear through her as well, impaling them both on it. She smiled at him and whispered, 'At least she won't have you either' as her eyes clouded over.


Kaiser - Wick
Chase reunited with his sister and the two of them are closer than ever. Or at least as close as Lubinnia allows. She still hasn't been able to lift the binding spell she put on Chase, much to the later's annoyance. Lubinnia was ultimately forgiven by Marina and allowed to stay by her side. Meaning that Chase was there too. Chase never forgave himself for getting trapped in this spell by Binny, meaning that he couldn't protect Raven when he needed to. He vowed that for as long as he is able he'd take care of Raven's son Craven. The next generation of vampires. One not bitten, but born!


The hunters were beginning to suspect Lillian of being crazy when she talked to her dead sister over and over again. Was she crazy? And if so, what did it matter. She was finally getting revenge for her sister's murder. All the vampires were going to die. Even that Raven. Lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the commotion outside her door. Didn't hear the vampire alarm that was blaring. Not until her door opened and 15 hunters spilled in; thrown by the 2 vampire elites. Raven and Iden were standing in front of her, but what did she have to fear? She was immortal; they couldn't kill her. That was the last thought that went through her mind before she was knocked unconscious by Iden.

The foul smell woke her up and she held onto the bars to steady her up. Was she in a cell?
'You have nowhere to go, love' She turned around to find Iden sitting on a bench in the corner. He was reading a magazine. 'You really think locking me up will keep me from exacting my revenge on your brother?'
'Raven didn't kill your sister and the one that did is already dead. Calum. So you and I will just pass our time in here. Away from all of it'
'Where are we?'
'Abandoned town a few miles into the hills'
'These are sewers'
'You can't keep me here! I need food and water and…'
'And nothing, you're immortal. You won't die of hunger or thirst'
'You're right, so I'll just wait until you die and escape. There's no one around for miles, so you won't have anything…' Then it dawned on her.
'That's why you're here, love', Iden snarled.

Lillian was sentenced to a life worse than death. Being an immortal food source for a scorned vampire lover. No one knew where they were except for Raven and he was dead as well.


Iden and Raven ambushed Calum in his residence. The smuck asshole was sitting in his chair like a king. Having send all his pawns into battle for him, he was just waiting on the sidelines to claim whatever was left. His eyes almost popped out of his face when he saw both of his brothers in front of him instead of out there fighting. He wanted to use Val as protection against them (she has the power to remove sight temporarily ), but Iden had caught her first. He mentioned to Raven that she smelled different from the last time he met her. Turned out that Val was now officially mated to Calum. Raven reasoned with Calum and promised to let her go and forget everything if Calum take responsibility for his actions. Iden told him not to be so sure about that and told Calum to tell Raven the whole story. Calum refused.
Iden gave Val to Raven. Calum knew Iden was ruthless, but Raven was known as the Beast of New Orleans. She was more in danger in Raven's hands, so he spilled. He was the one that set those vampires on Raven's path. He ordered the hit that landed him on Marina's doorstep. They used one of his anti-vampire blades. Raven was about to let go of Val when Iden said, 'that's not all…'

Turns out Calum was the one that killed Camilla. Camilla voluntarily became mortal to be able to have children. The unhealed marks on her neck were Calum's. Raven had fed from her earlier and those marks had healed, but the venom of his saliva was still in her blood. That combined with another elite's saliva was a lethal dose. Lillian accused Raven, but it was Calum. Calum bit her because he wanted what was Raven's. He didn't know she'd die… but he also chose to keep silent when she did. Raven lost it. Before Calum had even finished his story he snapped Val's neck. 'NOOOooooooo,' Calum charged. But against 2 elite vampires? He didn't stand a chance. Iden suggested to bury him like their father, but Raven found the likelihood of someone digging him up far too high. They ripped him apart and burned the pieces. They had made the decision that if Lillian wanted a war, they'd clean up everything once and for all. Starting with Calum.

Next on the list was Lillian. She, like Calum, was also holed up in her headquarters. Ready to reap the benefits after all the pawns were done fighting for her. She didn't expect them to come looking for her here, but there was no fear in her eyes when she saw them. They might be hard to kill, but she was immortal. What did she have to fear? The plan they had for here was even worse. Iden and Raven knocked her out and dragged her down to an abandoned underground sewer system, where Iden had a cell build 3 months ago. Not being able to kill her, meant he wasn't gonna let her out of his sight. Raven locked his brother up inside with her and destroyed the lock. Iden was never planning to escape, but when she woke up, she'd want to at some point.

Raven left his brother's cell/tomb and headed for the battlefield to protect Julie and Damian, but they weren't there anymore. One who was still there was Angelica. They fought a long hard battle when Raven was struck through the heart with her anti-vampire spear. Raven turned around and impaled Angelica on the same spear. He looked into her eyes until they clouded over and removed the spear from his end.

Raven could feel the anti-venom spreading through his heart. He wasn't going to survive this. He could hear the faint calling of his name. Marina was there, together with Binny and Chase. Chase fought off surrounding hunters as Marina kneeled next to Raven begging Binny to heal him. He was beyond help.
Raven told Marina to go on with her life. Bad thing happen to good people, but that doesn't mean she should stop living. He specifically told her that she –had- to live on, if not for her sake… His words cut off and the last thing he heard was that little heartbeat he had come to love and then he was gone.