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Chapter 41 - All I've Got Now...

Longest chapter yet!
A NSFW part near the end!
Plus, I'm sorry for some shots. It was snowing again at the twins house and I didn't see it until I reviewed the shots for uploading. Try not to look out the windows 'kay! Thanks!

Jane frantically dropped herb after herb in the bowl. The different scents mixing in the air resulted in quite an obnoxious smell that seeped through the attic door. She stopped only to open up the small window and returned to drop in the next herbs. Damian wasn't picking up his phone and she could feel it in her gut that something was wrong. Nothing happened between them for him to ignore her like this, so something had to be wrong. She looked up once when she heard the sound of coughing, but dove back in when she saw Julie coming up the stairs. 'Something is definitely wrong. I've been trying for 2 days now and Rin is not picking up either. I think we should we go back to Belladonna Cove!'
'I am!', Jane said, throwing in some Belladonna; the last ingredient for the teleport potion. How ironic, she thought. 'The potion is almost done, now it just needs to cool down'
'Can't you freeze it?'

'If I could, don't you think I would've done it already?', Jane snapped and started to pace back and forth. Julie said nothing and just stood there. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take it out on you. I'm just… worried. Grams said I had to let it cool by itself or it could reroute to another place. Oh, Jules, what if he's injured? What if he's---'

'Don't! Do not do this to yourself. All that stressing and worrying can't be good for the baby. I'm sure there is some explanation for all of this. We'll use the potion and go see if they need our help in BC'
'No, Jules, I'm going alone. I need you to stay here with grams. I know she can handle herself, but she seems tired more often even though she tries to hide it. I'd feel better if you were here with her'
'I understand, but what if it's a trap? That vampire with Raven said that they were going after Rinka… maybe they are using her as bait or something, I don't know?'
'I'll cloak myself and check it out first. I promise you, I won't do anything reckless. There is enough potion for the both of us. Keep it close so I can call for you if things get rough. Damn it, can't that thing cool off faster!'


Jane whispered the cloaking spell before stepping into the mist created by the teleport potion. This was the first time she used the teleport potion and now she knew why grams didn't recommend it; it hurt like hell. It felt as if her body was ripping into a million tiny pieces to be able to float through space. The longer she was travelling, the more it seemed to hurt. Grams assured her that her child would be fine, but the pain made her doubt her grandmother's words. Every minute of this was pure torture and she kept wishing for it to be over. Not that it was a relieve when she reached her destination. If the pain at the start was a 5, the rejoining of all those ripped pieces kicked it up to a 7. It felt like a million needles stitching her back up. Jane let out a few pain filled grunts as she reappeared in Damian's apartment and it took a while for her to be able to see and think clearly. The place was not the neat and well organized place she knew it to be. It was a mess…

Books were thrown all over the floor; ripped pages. The bar stools knocked over in the kitchen and the always neatly placed chess-pieces could be found everywhere from the sink to the steps on the stairs. What had happened here? Jane almost called out Damian's name, but quickly remembered that she was cloaked and hidden from view. There could be others in the apartment and if her pained grunts weren't loud enough to alert someone or something of her presence, calling out would be really stupid. The apartment had an open floor plan so she could see every part of it. There was no one downstairs… Jane looked up and strained her ears for sounds upstairs before ascending the winding staircase. She found the bedroom in very much the same state as downstairs when some movement near the balcony doors caught her eyes.

'DAMIAN!', she yelled, instantly dissolving her cloaking spell, and ran up to him. He was sitting with his back against the wall. The movement that caught her eye before, was him lifting his leg up to rest his head on. The sound and the recognition of Jane's voice made him slowly look up. His eyes were red and had a tired expression, but also rage. Jane knew then that the messed up house was his doing. He had gone on a rampage… but what had caused it? Jane inspected his face asking him what happened, but he just stared at her, probably wondering if she was really there. She noticed his entire face was swollen and that in combination with the red eyes… had he been crying? Her answer came the minute her hands made contact with his face and he realized she was really there. He broke down and all she could do was hold him as he shuddered in her arms. Jane's eyes fell on the only object in the room that was untouched by his rage; a picture of Damian with his mother and sister, and Jane couldn't help but shed a few tears herself...


The next day

Rosalie sat in front of the fireplace and stared at the candle she had lit for both her lost friend and granddaughter. They were trying to find out who was putting a hit on her and ended up targeted themselves. Fate works in mysterious ways, so maybe it was already fixed in stone, but for some reason Rosalie felt guilty for reaching out to them in the first place. Maybe if she hadn't… they'd still be…
'I'll be back s-soon, grams'
Her thoughts were interrupted when Julie came in the room, dressed for the funeral, ready to make the teleport trip herself. Her eyes were red from crying last night, but she had managed to get a hold of herself to attend the funeral today. Rosalie got quiet at the sight of Julie dressed entirely in black and just stared at her. Julie walked over to Rosalie and laid her head on her lap. Softly stroking Julie's head, Rosalie gaze drifted back to the candle on the mantelpiece just as the flame started flickering. None of the windows were open, so she knew it was either her or Julie's strong emotions disturbing it. The grandfather clock in Rosalie's room chimed as the hour grew near and Julie had to go, or she would miss the funeral.

The coffins were displayed in one of the showing rooms of the auction house where chairs were lined up for the small gathering of friends and business partners who came to pay their respects. There was a short service held by a local priest. It was a beautiful service; anyone would agree, but even though it was short, it was still bothersome for most. All the gifted restlessly sat through it waiting for it to be over. This was not the way to do it and some of them thought it unnecessary to go along with this human pretence. But with both Jean and Rinka known in the human world through the auction house, they knew it HAD to be done.

Damian silently sat on the front row with Jane and Julie on either side of him. Jane's hand was starting to hurt at the amount of pressure he was putting on it, so she made small circling motions on his back which settled his mind a bit and made him release the firm hold on her hand. Only a little while longer and this would be over. Damian stood next to the doors where he received the condolences of some of the known business partners and clients before they took their leave. He shook their hands and thanked them for coming. Jane noticed that there were a lot more people in the room that didn't get up to offer their condolences, nor did they leave after the service when the others did, which was strange. She looked back at Damian as he closed the doors behind the ones that did leave. The doors had been closed for a mere second when 4 women stood up from their seats and walked alongside Damian to the front. Two of the women went to Jean's coffin, while the other two stopped at Rinka's.

Both Jane and Julie were wondering what was happening when the covers of both the coffins were lifted and put aside. Julie averted her eyes when she saw Rinka, all dressed in white with flowers all around her, and let out a sob. Even Jane had to take in a deep breath and wipe away her tears. She had taken in upon herself to be strong for all of them, especially Damian. He might break down again if he sees her doing the same. When the women joined hands and started chanting, Jane knew that everyone that stayed was like her, a witch or magic practitioner, and that they were now sending them off in their own way.

A young woman walked down each row of chairs with a basket collecting what seemed to be pink flowers. This was the first time Jane was a part of such a ritual and didn't know what to do when the woman reached her and Julie. She was surprised when Julie reached inside her purse and produced 3 similar flowers and put them in the basket.
'Grams gave them to me. She asked me to put one for each of us', Julie explained. Jane smiled as best as she could and looked over to where Damian stood. He wasn't sure how they would react to the ritual until he saw the flowers and managed a weak smile of his own. The basket of flowers was passed over the bodies twice before the women folded them underneath Rinka and Jean's head like a pillow.

'Suf-Reyet Nal, Sin Ban Fit…An-Orddor-Neyek', the High-Priestess said.

'Suf-Reyet Nal, Sin Ban Fit…An-Orddor-Neyek', everyone repeated, including Damian. Jane and Julie joined them the second time the woman said the words. A bowl of dirt was placed next to the bodies, along with one of water. The same flower girl did another round; this time with candles for everyone. They all took one and waited for the next part.

'We say goodbye to our beloved sisters, Jean, daughter of Anya, and Rinka, daughter of Jean, as we lay them to rest in Mother Nature's Embrace. Earth', the High-Priestess said and Damian lifted his hands; sprinkling dirt around mother and daughter. 'Water', she said and from his still lifted hands water came out; sprinkled around mother and daughter. 'Fire', she said, holding her candles with both hands and everyone followed their example. Damian folded both hands over his heart before lifting them again. Fire in full blaze covered both his hands. 'Elements', Julie whispered, figuring out what Damian's born power was. 'He has the gift of the elements'.

The witches blew on their candles as if blowing them out, but instead one by one each of the candles lit except for Julie's. She did exactly what everyone did, but still nothing happened.
Jane leaned over and softly blew on it; igniting it for her. Julie wondered why she wasn't able to do it herself and was beginning to think something was wrong with her powers, when she saw another woman doing the same for the person next to her. It probably wasn't something every witch could do.

'And Air', the High-Priestess finished, letting go of her candle. Everyone's candles started floating towards mother and daughter and Damian stepped away. The bodies rose up to level with the candles and disappeared in a blinding light; once again one with nature…
The ceremony was done.


The witches and magic practitioners embraced Damian and left with a smile on their face. It was their way of letting go and being happy for the peace their sisters would find in the beyond. Everyone but Damian. He was quiet the entire way to his house and Jane found it difficult to get a read on him. The house was for a large part still a mess, but with some time, Jane could have it all cleaned up. 'Do you need me to help?', Julie offered, helping Jane to get the couch back on its feet. Putting the pillows back where they belong, Jane caught Damian walking up the stairs to his bedroom. She stopped what she was doing and shook her head at Julie. 'No, that's okay, I can handle this'.
'Alright… I should probably go back home… check on grams'
'Yeah, you do that. I'll be home soon, I just don't want to leave him like this right now, you know'
'I understand… I'll call you later, okay', Julie gave her sister a hug and drank the rest of the teleport potion to return home.

Damian stood in front of the picture of him and his family and just stared at it; Hoping it would give him the answers he was seeking. But being only a picture, it stayed silent. He pulled on the tie he was wearing and placed it neatly folded on the wardrobe. Jane walked in on him hunched over holding the small table for support and breathing in deeply. 'Hey, do you want me to get you anything? Some thee or coffee?'
'Something to eat maybe?'
'Damian, you haven't eaten anything since this morning. At least have some fruit…'
'I'm fine Jane. You don't have to mother me'

'That's not what I was doing and you know it! I didn't hear from you for 3 days!! You weren't picking up your phone. I assumed the worst and now I'm here and I was right to assume the worst had happened, because it did. I tried to keep it together, but don't you think this affects me too? She was my cousin!', Jane snapped, ' If I'm wrong in caring for you, then I'm sorry, but that's what you do for the people you love, you care!', she turned around to walk away. Damian grabbed her hand and tried to pull her to him. She violently pulled her hand away and he took her in his arms to keep her from leaving. She was still resisting when he pressed his face into her neck. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to push you away… All around me there's nothing but sadness and loneliness and death. To know that you care about me, that you love me is what I really need right now…', he whispered. Jane turned around and held him close, feeling the steady beat of his heart. 'I'm here… you don't have to feel alone, because you're not!'

'No, I'm not, I know that…', Damian said pulling back to brush his lips against her, '…but I want to feel alive again… help me feel alive again, Jane', he rested his head against hers and closed his eyes, breathing her in. Jane sighed and nodded against his head. They pulled apart and silently undressed.

Damian's eyes on her made her feel a bit exposed even though he had seen it countless times. For some reason, him looking at her now, made her shy. Could it be because of the pregnancy?
Jane wanted him to hold her instead of looking at her like that, but he didn't move and she wondered if he had changed his mind. 'Damian?', she moved closer and placed her hand on his chest. That was exactly what he wanted, for her to come to him. He pulled her against him and kissed her hard and very demanding. Jane had never been kissed like that, not by him or any other guy in her life. Damian ran his fingers through her hair letting it flow freely. She broke off their kiss to slow things down a bit, but he gave a little tug to her hair and covered her mouth again.

Jane wanted to protest, but realized she sort of liked it. Being man-handled like that. This was a new side of him. Chalk it up to his grief or him just being experimental in bed, but she liked it. He lifted her up and laid her down on the soft synthetic wooden floor, which at first she mistook for the bed, before laying down on top of her. Damian nibbled on her earlobe and made his way down her neck towards her breast. Jane let out a moan when she felt his teeth scrape against her nipple… then he bit her; producing a different kind of sound close to a pained gasp. He licked the sting away before lifting his head to look at her. 'Your breasts are bigger now… and more sensitive'

'Damian, I…'
He just smiled at her and moved down to her stomach, which had a very small bulge and that only after a month. She was living proof that the pregnancy between two magical parents did progress faster than a normal one or one with one magical parent. But she was still worried about how Damian would react. And when he pressed a long lingering kiss on the bulge… Jane knew that he figured it out. She wanted to get up and talk about it, but he was done acknowledging the baby and moved further down kissing between her thighs. The ability to think left her when he added his fingers to the mix. She hadn't realized how much his roughness before had turned her on until she started shaking from her climax. He didn't stop there, but worked his fingers faster which resulted in her having a very close second one.

Jane's breathing came out in short irregular breathes as she rode out her second climax. Damian withdrew and waited. The moment she came down from her high he entered her. Jane gasped at the immediate penetration, not expecting it. He halted hearing her reaction thinking that maybe he had been a little too rough. The last thing he wanted was to hurt her. Jane started moving against him when her body had gotten used to his invasion and she heard him sigh. Damian held still and let her do whatever she wanted. Quickening her pace, she swirled her hips resulting in a deeper penetration from a different angle, making her moan involuntarily. She was enjoying herself and he liked looking at her, but her moan turned him on even more and he needed control again. He turned her on all fours; put his hands on her hips and the moment she moved back he thrust forward making her lose her balance.

She dug her nails into the floor when Damian started to really move. His mind flipped when her bare back came into view in that angle. To him it looked like complete submission and it send a surge through him that turned him on immensely. Stroking her back like a kitten, his movement increased and Jane let out little mewls of pleasure mixed with his name. Damian felt her clench her muscles and knew he had reached one of her sweet spots. Her tensing up resulted in more friction as he moved and not long after she erupted into a fit of spasms. Jane lifted her head and let out one of her biggest moans yet. This time, he didn't wait for her to come down and continued to move inside her, pressing more and more into her sweet spot. The sounds she produced sent him over the edge shortly after that and throwing his head up, he welcomed his own release. His mind went blank and in that moment there was complete bliss. No deaths, no feeling of sadness , no anger… just bliss.

Damian didn't know how long his euphoria lasted, but when he opened his eyes again, he was lying next to Jane. Her eyes were dreamy and a second away from closing, but she looked at him. He lifted his hand and softly stroke her cheek. She took this as a sign he was alright and her eyes closed; drifting her off to sleep. Damian pulled the spread off his bed and draping her in it pressed a kiss to her temple. 'I'm sorry, Jane', he felt it necessary to apologize for his behavior thinking that in a way he had used her, even if she accepted his roughness and didn't complain. Nestling in beside her, he watched her chest rise and fall indicating she was fast sleep. This was the second time he saw her asleep, but for the first time peacefully. So this is what an unencumbered Jane looks like, he thought. Damian caressed her face and lowered his hand to her stomach. He pushed the coverlet  a bit to the side to be able to better see.

His child… their child… If his mind wasn't made up that day in Riverblossom Hills, it sure was now. He got up, fumbled around in one of his drawers and settled back on the floor next to her. His mother and sister were gone; taken from him by foul play, but it did teach him that time had gotten even more precious than he first thought and with that in mind, he slid the ring on her finger…


Jane didn't wake up until early the next morning. She heard the shower running and thought of joining Damian under it, but her body was still tired. She yawned and got up. Slipping back into her underwear her own movement in the mirror caught her attention. Jane stared into the glass and even stood sideways to admire her growing belly. A baby with Damian; and he was okay with it. Or at least he seemed okay with it. She realized they still needed to sit down and talk about the changes this would bring to their lives, but for now, right now, it felt good. The proud, pregnant, woman looking back at her had a satisfactory look upon her… and sexed up hair. Jane pulled a face. She wasn't about to let her hair ruin this pretty picture and started brushing out some errant strands. After clasping it up, Jane winced when she removed her hand. Her hair had gotten caught in something…

Her eyes grew big at the sight of the ring on her finger. Damian must've slipped it on when she was resting. Jane sat on the bed and just stared. Was this real? She had a turning knot in her stomach. A bundle of emotions and it made her speechless. She didn't even notice the water had stopped until Damian stood before her. Jane wanted to say his name, but only an incoherent sound came out. Taking in her questioning gaze, he sighed at took her hands in his. 'All the bad that has happened in my life, in our lives, these past weeks have taught me that time is precious and shouldn't be wasted. Rinka wanted to tell you that she was your cousin, but she thought to wait until the right moment. That moment never came… I'm not gonna let that happen anymore. If there's something on my mind; if there's something you need to know, I will tell you. I won't take anything for granted now.

I knew you existed from Rinka's visions and I have to admit, I wanted to rebel against it; just to prove that I was in charge of my own destiny, no matter what she saw. As you can see, I failed miserably. The moment I actually met you I knew then that I DIDN'T want to rebel against it… and I'm glad I made that decision. I fell in love with you. Yes, our relationship progressed fast for less than two months. A lot faster than I'm used to. And yet somehow I feel as if I've known you for years and that it was just time. Apart from the fact that you're all that I've got now, you make me happy Jane, truly, and I want you in my life from now on. You and our child, so… no, I'm not rushing things. My mind is thinking clearly even after what's happened. Jane Allen, will you marry me?'

Jane didn't know what to say. They'd been together for less than two months. A baby was already on the way and now marriage? No matter what he said, she knew and felt that he was rushing things. And whether it was insanity or just a high boost of confidence that led her; she knew that she loved and trusted him well enough to answer with a yes… to the engagement. Being engaged would still give him time to think it over once the grief of losing his family subsides. If he wanted to back down, she'll know that this was indeed too fast. It would hurt… very much so, but at least she'd know he made the decision without the dark cloud that has been hovering over them these past days...


  1. Liar! You said this was long...long my foot...where's the rest of the update?

    I loved this chapter so much, so much emotion, love and beauty all around!

    As sad as the funeral was, I adored that scene so much, the symbolisym behind it all, and the shots were just perfect.

    Two months, two years, it's really all relative when it comes to love, I think. And in the wake of Damian's grief, I think it's understandable that he would want to make the most of the time that he has with the people who matter to him. I love that Julie doesn't want to tie him down, more so now just because they are expecting a child together. Hopefully for Damian it's not just grief that made him propose, or I'll be just as crushed as Julie.

    1. Jane! I meant Jane. The twins need to stop looking so identical.

    2. It IS, I promise! 4353 words and 58 pictures! Never done that before! It's like 8 WORD chapters.... you people will be the death of me! LOL!

      It has a lot going on yes. The funeral took most of the work, because I wanted it to be perfect. It's sad, but my favorite scene. Especially the supernatural send off.
      I'm glad you like the shots!

      Your thinking is the same as Damian (and mine). If the circumstances were different, he would've waited for her to get comfortable with the idea of - married-them-, but now with the loss, time is indeed more precious than before and he's not wasting any of it!
      Jane would never put him in that position. To her "because she's having their child" is not a "must" to get married! That's why she hopes that this decision of his isn't the baby and grief talking! Yeah, I can't tell just HOW she will react if that's the case, but I have a feeling there would no coming back from that! :(

    3. Haha, I know you meant Jane!
      I'll let them know to stop doing that twin-thing! (I enjoy you messing up though... Hihihi)

  2. Engagement yay...I hope he doesn't change his mind about the engagement. However I do agree with Val, long Chapter where?
    Jane loves him very much and if he does change his mind...he'll need to watch his back because NOTHING like a woman scorned especially a pregnant one

    1. OMG, I hate you guys!
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    Still, that is sweet how he's worried. That just shows he's a good one.

    I suppose Jane will realize it's real after a few months of him proving it... if she can get him to wait that long!

    1. You're old fashioned! What? You told me to call you that... :P
      Jane is the one that always second guesses things and wants to do the right thing, which is also why she would take responsibility for her own actions. Sure there's a kid on the way, but she won't tie him down if he decides that it was too soon or that maybe this isn't what he wants. I'm an old-fashioned girl myself. When I imagine a family, it's mother-father-child. But I know second-hand that most people aren't that lucky and that broken (but still good - Thank you, Lilo) families can function too. But like I said, it's just the way she is. She wants to know he's really in it for them, not because he lost his family.

      Yeah, I said it once that my character count was going to shrink as the story progresses and that it would be mostly females. We'll be losing 3 more (definite) before all this ends. Will you see them again? Yes, Rinka made a video for Damian, which will be delivered in the next update!

      (I love the whole afterlife thinking you have going on. Very vivid imagination, your is!)

      Maybe in his mind he felt like he needed to feel "anything at all" and since she was there, she had to do! I'm just fetching of course, I'm not saying that's what he was thinking, but yeah, I can understand him. Jane loves him, so there was no need to apologize, but it made him feel better to do so anyway.
      HELL YES, you just typed that! Man, how I missed you!

      IF she can get him to wait that long. Big IF! He might want to get hitched tomorrow for all we know.

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    Jane is being unnecessarily cautious I think. Less than two months with a guy and pregnant, and she is balking at marriage? Blah Jane, get your head back on straight.

    1. Being a prophet herself, she knows it is possible to alter destinies with decisions, that's why she feels guilty. If they hadn't sought their help and in so doing involve them, maybe this would've gone entirely different. The prophecy still stood, but one decision -good or bad- could AND DID change the way they get there.

      LOL, it's not the marriage that's bothering her (Yes, I know, you know!) It's just the timing. His, well their, grief is still to near to be taking these important decisions. Feelings could be misled by emotions. Love doesn't have a time requirement. Sometimes you realize it after 2 months other times even years aren't enough!

      Thanks Zhip ^__^

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      Cliffy? What cliffy? :P
      She's unconscious, so a decision couldn't be made right away! Besides Iden told you practically everything there needed to be said. That's not a cliffy, so I don't know what you're talking about!

      All separate stories must progress at the same time or they won't be together at the end. Raven and Marina's is close (they've already met up with Iden), the twins need to come closer (hence an update on them) and Lillian is practically there! If I stick to the 50 chappies thing, I've only got 9 left to get everyone to the end. So suck it up! :D

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      In the next chapter Damian will get some... not all... insight on why this happened.
      No, you didn't miss anything. I didn't show or say anything. Just the Chase hint that Calum was looking for Rinka and Lillian sending Angelica to her. That's it...

      If I went into it and made an entire chapter about their death, it would've taken out the -what the hell?- factor, so I decided to let Jane just bump into this situation.

      Exactly! It's been on his mind for some time, but choosing now to ask her, brings out different feelings in Jane. Sure to him it is -Now's as good as ever- since she and their baby are all that he has now, but to her... yeah...

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