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Chapter 28 - Unfinished Business

Sorry for the long wait! As some of you know, my old computer has lived its life. Flat lined about a month ago... There I was with back-ups in hand, waiting for my new laptop to arrive; delayed, because of another problem I won't bore you with. After a week or 5 later, she's finally here and we can get back to business.

If this chapter seems a bit everywhere, forgive me... it wasn't at all flowing right. It gave me a headache and I was demotivated for almost a week before I made the decision to cut off a huge part. And then towards the end, I got tired of it and just wanted to get it DONE!
(lack of pictures says it all)
But enough of that... go read!
**Adult situations, Nudity**

Jane jumped back when the door suddenly opened and she was once again greeted with the naked torso she got all up close and personal with just a day and a half ago. With her luck, of course she'd get the right room immediately.
'Hello Jane' Damian said smiling and leaned against the doorpost. Does he always dress like that, or un-dress like that when he's at home? Or are they simply his PJ's? Jane willed herself to keep her sight limited to just his face -as if that would help-
'How...' she cleared her throat to release more voice, 'How did you know it was me?'

'Your shadow was cast underneath the door. When no one knocked I got suspicious... but I did sneak a peek through that little hole, right there' he pointed at the door behind him. 'So I decided to save you the trouble of knocking since you were just about to' he laughed.
Jane noticed that when he laughed it reached his entire face, especially his eyes. They had a sparkle in them...
'Please, come in' he offered, stepping to the side to let her through. Jane was contemplating if that'd be a good idea and looked down the hall she came from. There was a bench at the end...
'I promise I won't bite...'
'...hard' he added watching her face as she walked passed him. It was enough to make her look up at him, that's for sure.

In contrast to the cold exterior of the motel, the room was decorated in brown and cream creating a very intimate setting. Intimate, now there's a word! Jane thought, taking another step inside. She only turned around at the sound of the door closing.
'Don't look at me like that'
'Like what?' Damian asked, still grinning.
'I don't know, like that! Like you've seen me naked'
If possible the grin on his face widened a few inches and he let his eyes wander. From her eyes to her waist then lower towards her feet. All the while he said nothing and just tipped his head to the side when he met her eyes again.
'Oh my God!' Jane exclaimed, 'You haven't h-have you?
Damian laughed at her distresses expression. 'Relax, no, I haven't'
'Oh' she breathed out, wondering how long she had been holding her breath. 'It's just Julie wouldn't tell me and... I'm glad nothing happened...'
'I didn't say nothing happened. Just that I didn't see you naked. Some things don't require the removal of clothes, you know'

Her face went completely white at those words. 'Damian, I'm serious! What happened two nights ago?'
'Well...' He moved away from the door and searched for something in his suitcase, ' started with some dancing... then cuddling... kissing...'
He walked back to where she stood nailed to the floor, with something in his hand; he was looking at it.
'Rin made it sound worse than it actually was, so I called in a buddy from the club and he emailed me this, this morning. I don't think this screams of desperation. It certainly didn't feel that way... what do you think?' he said, turning the piece of paper around. It was a photo of the two of them latched onto each other with both lips and bodies.

'Oh no...' Jane whispered taking the picture with her free hand. Damian noticed she still held onto her briefcase, every now and then switching arms, when there was a perfectly able surface just behind her. He wondered if there was a special reason for that?
'Oh no...' she whispered again and again.
'I'm a regular at the club, so those booth-cams should've been turned off, but I'm kind of glad they weren't. That's a nice souvenir'
Jane didn't even hear him. 'How did this happen? I don't remember any of this- why do you remember?'

'I've been ordering that drink for a few years now Jane. Surely I've built up some resistance to its effects'
'The drink? Effects? Why would you need to build up resistance?' she knew the answer to her question before she even asked it, but it flew out anyway.
'So it can't be used to drug me. Kind of obvious no?'
'You DRUGGED me?' Jane didn't think hearing it out loud instead of just thinking it would upset her so much.
'No, Jane, I didn't! You ordered that drink all on your own remember. I had nothing to do with it' he held up his arms.
'Nothing to do w... You could've told me- you SHOULD'VE told me!' she flared, poking a finger in his chest. God, his chest was distracting even in her angry state. 'You don't care about other's feelings- about how I felt'
'Oh, I know what you felt, trust me'

'I said 'how' not 'what' you inconsiderate bastard' Jane lifted her hand, aiming for his face, but he caught it just as fast. The laughter gone from his face replaced by a deep frown.
'Inconsiderate, am I?'
Jane tried to pull her hand free from his grasp. Can you spell vice-grip?
'If I was as inconsiderate as you say, I would've slept with you that night. And with the fire you tackled me with it would've been a sheet-wrestle to remember. It's because I used my head that the only thing that happened is there on that picture'
Damian's eyes drilled a path through hers down to the very center of her being and even though she was still trying to free her hand, she couldn't look away.
'I'm glad I didn't tell you about the drink. We would've never known otherwise...'
'Known what?' Jane asked, her voice a bit squeaky.
He closed in the space between them, moving forward while slightly pulling her towards him. 'That you're as attracted to me as I am to you'

'I-I'm not attracted to you'
'Really?' Damian countered. Before Jane had a chance to register what was happening the briefcase she was clutching to prevent any rash actions from either her or him, was on the floor and she was underneath him on the bed.

'Damian!' she exclaimed, flailing her arms in front of her before he pinned them on the bed above her head.
'Darling Jane; Aphro disagrees with you on that... and so does your body. It's warmer now. Even your heart is beating faster...' he let his free hand caress the side of her body from her elbow to her waist and back up, '...just like that night'
Jane shook her head from side to side. 'I was drunk...'
'On desire, yes, nothing else. Aphrodite is a virgin cocktail'
'I-I was drunk...' Jane held on.
'Okay, fine, you were drunk! ...but you aren't now... what's to stop me this time?' he nuzzled her jaw line, taking in her sweet scent.
'I- have to go home a...'
Damian took possession of her lips to drown out her words. 'No, you don't...'

Her cheeks colored at the feel of her body betraying her. His kiss was passionate, rough and very demanding. If it weren't for air, she would find no mercy at all. 'Jean... prophecy' she managed before being attacked by his mouth once more.
'Hmm, let the elders handle it'
With one skilled hand, Damian removed her waist-belt and was now moving under her top across bare skin. He caressed her breasts through her bra.
Jane had to think of something to make him stop before this got out of hand... MORE out of hand... but it all felt so good, so right... Had it really been that long? she wondered.

She hissed when he pinched her nipple, but felt the after-effects of the sting way down in her pants. Damian smiled when her cheeks colored again; a deeper red this time. She was very responsive and in no time her nipples rose up in search of his hand. He removed his hand from under her top to tease the now visible nubs on the outside. Jane closed her eyes and gasped when he bit one; leaving a wet stain on her top. She wiggled her body and arms to try to free them. Not sure anymore if it was to push him away or to pull him closer...
Damian's  mouth left her right breast and travelled back up her neck, licking and nibbling along the way. Jane suddenly arched her back and let out a moan so loud it scared her.
'Yes, I remembered you liked that' Damian whispered, before sucking on the spot between her collarbone and neck again.

Jane bit her lip hard to keep from screaming it out. He was working her body like it had never been done before and she felt a shiver move down the side of her body. Jane was beside herself with the feel of it all. She purred softly and arched her back again. It was Damian's turn to moan now. Her movement had caused her thigh to rub against the front of his pajama pants. He became strangely aware of the bulge, begging to be freed. Readjusting himself to make it more bearable, he turned a bit to the side and refocused his attention on Jane.
She felt another shiver down the side of her body. Her eyes flew open when Damian fumbled with her jeans-belt, realizing the shiver was actually his hands moving down. She looked down and saw him remove her belt... with both hands. How long had her own been free? It didn't matter- she got up and tried stopping his hand from unbuttoning her jeans. 'Damian, no...'

He grabbed her hands and once more lifted them above her head. 'You only seem to relax and enjoy this when your hands are tied. That's a bit naughty Jane' he whispered against her lips. She wanted to protest, but he silenced her with his mouth again. Damian covered her entire body with his and Jane moaned inside his mouth. His bodyweight on top of hers was a wonderful crushing feeling, but it wasn't enough for Damian. He wanted to feel her, feel them together and let his hand move to her jeans again.
'I-I can't'
'If you keep telling yourself that, you'll start believing it one day Jane!' Damian teased her earlobe; pulling it between his teeth while successfully unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. He played with the area just beneath her stomach before letting his hand slip inside her jeans. Oh dear, this was really happening... Quick Jane think of something or this will end in you screaming his name! But was that really a bad thing? She needed to think about this for a minute and his hand slipping into her pants was making it very hard to do so.
'Damian, I-I........I'm in my period'

Jane couldn't believe she actually said that. A feeling of disgust and nausea came over her at the very idea of it, had it been true... Ugh! It did work, though... he stopped dead in his tracks and lifted his head to look at her. She camouflaged her face to make what she said believable.
Damian frowned, waiting for her to say she was only kidding. She didn't and he felt his stomach turn a little. He started to withdraw his hand when he noticed how far down it already was- no feminine pad. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes and heard her gasp as his hand moved around the cramped space of her jeans to the sides of her underwear. She was bluffing and he, even given the grossness of the claim, was calling her out on her bluff; searching for tampon strings. And what a surprise... there were none!

Jane cowered under the weighted look Damian gave her. She never in all her years thought he'd check. 'I...uhm...'
'Yes, Jane' Damian said flatly, waiting for the next excuse.
She sighed the mother of all sighs and if her hands were free, she's throw them up for effect. 'I've run out of excuses'

'About time' he whispered.


Allen-Bison Residence

'Another pinch of Rosemary should do the trick' Rosalie said, chopping the leaves as fine as possible.
Jean was helping her make the potion. There wasn't that much she could do since it was Rosalie's potion and only Rosalie knew it's ingredients, but cutting up or weighing the ingredients and the occasional stirring in the pot was doable.
'I remember when we did this at Milly's house and the potion just blew up in her face!'
'Maleficent was as clumsy a witch ever. She blew up everything even a simple tea recipe... It did make for some laughs though' Rosalie cackled and added the Rosemary to the table-sized bubbling cauldron, 'That should do it'

Rosalie put an empty vial into the wooden holder just when Julie entered the kitchen. 'What are you guys doing? Planning on hexing anyone?' she giggled.
'Yes-' Rosalie whispered.
'You-' Jean whispered, pouring the liquid into the vial, 'for burning the soup'
'You're joking right?' Julie informed seeing neither of them smile, 'Right?! Grams?'
Jean looked at Rosalie and both burst out laughing.
'Oh, that's mean Grams! Seriously, reliving the old days with your friend by making fun of me is NOT cool! It's not even close to funny!'

'Sure it is! We're laughing aren't we?'
'Well, I'm not' Julie said sitting down next to Jean.
She bumped against the table in doing so, causing the vial-holder to shake and quite a lot of the liquid to spill. It moved in a stream over the table into the pot-plant on the other side.
'Oh, dear, I am so sor---' Julie grabbed a towel and started mopping it off the table. 'Uhm, grams... Is it supposed to do that?'
Both Rosalie and Jean looked at her and then at the instantly, VERY much, dead plant. The potion was still foaming through the dirt. Jean sneaked a quick worried glance at Rosalie, who gave her a small head shake -new batch, she mouthed.
'Hmm, yes...' Rosalie answered Julie, 'See, a human can survive this cleaning process, while it's way too strong for plants. It's perfectly fine. Although, I'm sensing I put a bit too much Marshmallow root in it this time. Where's Jane? I believe she has the recipe book... Julie? Julie!'

Julie had been staring at the plant -RIP- thinking about what they have been digesting all this time without even knowing it. What if too much could kill them too?
'Oh, she's not home. She's at... the... motel...' Julie said side-glancing at Jean, 'If it's about the book, I have it! It's in my room, I'll be just a minute!', she tried to fast-talk, but Jean stopped her on her way.
'What motel? Where I'm staying?'
'What for?' Jean put a hand on her hip and leaned on the table.
'She and Damian had some unfinished business to take care of since Belladonna Cove... I don't know anything about it' Julie lied with crossed fingers behind her back.

'Unfinished business you say?' Jean then smiled, 'That sly dog of a son of mine... I'm sensing I should stay away for a while'
'With Jane? Don't get your hopes up. That girl's legs are practically glued together' Rosalie scuffed.
'Yeah, my sister is kinda stuck up when it comes to men...'
'Damian can help with that... He looks like my husband, God rest his soul, so if he's anything like his father he knows a thing or two' The smile left Jean's face and the frown returned, '...and talking about this is kind of uncomfortable'
'I agree!' Rosalie answered, looking like she had a bad taste in her mouth. Jane wasn't a kid, but the thought of her in a position like that was a bit unsettling. 'Julie, the book?'

'Oh, right. Excuse me' she said to Jean and moved to the stairs.
'Is your son a player or something?' Rosalie continued when they were alone.
'No, quite the contrary, but he does have charm... and he knows how to use it. The twins don't know about this, do they?' Jean dangled the empty vial in front of Rosalie after washing out the fatal contents. She was no simpleton and noticed when Rosalie lied to Julie about its purpose.
'The less people that know about this, the better. And I am also making the cleansing ones for them as a cover up, so...' Rosalie pointed at the green vials next to the wolfs bane, 'I don't know what messed up this batch though?'

'Maybe because I made it? Is the spell/potion that sensitive?'
'It could be, but I don't think it's likely... Maybe I just messed up the amount of something. I'll need the book to be sure'
'Okay, but just to be safe, I'll cut up the ingredients and you add them to the cauldron' Jean said, shoving the cauldron to Rosalie's side of the table.
'Btw, do you know how to make the cleansing potion?' Rosalie informed.
'Yeah, I make it for Rinka too... why?'
'I need to distract Julie. She'll want to stay and watch us make it, but the ingredients differ. Jane is adept at potion making. If Julie by chance mentions one of the other herbs to her, she'll ask questions. Perhaps you can help Julie refine her cutting techniques. She still needs improvement; there's another cutting board in the cupboard over the sink. That should take her mind off what I'm doing'


Roadside Motel

Jane moaned out loud when she finally found her release. So loud she had to cover her mouth as she rode out the waves of the third orgasm he'd spun her into. The skill he showed made her feel like it was her first time all over again... or maybe the long time without had something to do with it. She closed her eyes as she slowly descended back to earth, feeling all warm and fuzzy, but somewhere still a bit wanting.
Damian placed a kiss on her flat stomach before lying next to her. He enjoyed looking at her and right now she was more beautiful than ever. Her cheeks were red, her breathing was returning to normal and she was warm all over. The look of a just satisfied woman; and the fact that he was responsible, made him enjoy it even more. He wanted her to be as comfortable as possible, so he took his time with her.

'Are you okay?' he whispered, sliding a finger down her shoulder.
'Are you kidding me?' she looked up at him and he smiled, 'Wait, you can pillow-talk?'
'Yes, I have quite a lot of energy... but you know that by now... It usually takes a third or fourth go to get me exhausted or like most men incoherent'
'You're very sure of yourself, you know' Jane said squinting her eyes.
'How so?'
'Most men would be offended by all the excuses I made to not let this happen'
'Then I guess you're lucky I'm not most men'
'And it just turned into cocky! If only for that reason I think I would enjoy seeing you incoherent'
'Would you now? That can be arranged you know...' Damian whispered, moving back on top of her.

Jane closed him in an embrace as he suckled on that little spot in her neck that drove her crazy. It had quickly become his favorite spot for exactly that reason. He murmured soft words against her skin making her squeal. His hand tickled and caressed its way up the inside of her thigh stopping just in front of her mount before resting on the bed next to her.
'Tease' she whispered in his ear and gave it a nibble.
'If we had more time I would go for that incoherent third, you know I would' Damian caressed the tiny red circle he left on her neck, 'You still haven't answered me... Are you okay? I wasn't exactly that gentle the sec...'
Jane silenced him by pressing her lips against his; keeping them occupied for another minute or so before he lifted his head to look at her. She played with the piercings in his left ear noticing them for the first time.
'I'm fine'

'Honestly, I haven't felt this alive since... well, a long time'
''re welcome...'
'Cocky' Jane chuckled and squirmed when he scraped his stubble beard against her skin. 'Apart from alive, I also feel a bit dirty'
'Dirty?' Damian frowned a bit. 'How so?'
'How so... Damian I just slept with you in a motel-room'
'No, I slept with you in my temporary residence'
Jane had to smile again. She was doing it a lot in his presence she just realized; or was she still after-glowing?
'Doesn't change the fact that it's still a motel-room'
'No, it doesn't' he said pressing a kiss on her collarbone, 'but mine sounds classier'

Jane enjoyed the caresses and just the nearness of him thinking about how a girl could get used to it, but then it dawned on her; the reason he was in a motel in the first place. He lived in Belladonna Cove and she here in Riverblossom Hills with an entire day's journey between the two.
'Damian... what are we doing?' she whispered.
He knew exactly what she meant and sighed with his head on her stomach. 'Not now Jane… don't ruin what we have right now'
'I know, I don't want to, but…'
A knock on the door interrupted her. Damian stared at the door and motioned for her to be quiet. He wasn't expecting anyone other than her, and she was already in his room. The knock on the door came again and this time, to not sound suspicious, Damian answered. Blocked by the vast door, they heard the muffled voice a man.

'Excuse me, sir, but this is the manager to remind you that check-out is at six. If you stay past that, we'll have to bill you for another day. Have a good day sir'
The man moved away from the door and Damian relaxed. He looked at his watch and then back at Jane who then slipped into the bathroom. It was already 4.30… So much for not ruining the moment… Following her lead, he quickly washed his face and important parts of his body after she came out. Jane sat on the bed, silently watching him throw a few items in his suitcase; mouthwash, toothbrush, deodorant… There was another suitcase in the corner which Jane assumed was Jean's. She got up; picked up her briefcase off the floor and set it down on the bed beside her; placing the neatly folded picture of them inside.

Damian watched her as he buttoned up his shirt. The warm and fuzzy feeling was gone the minute the manager knocked on the door, but just now he noticed it on her face. She was uncomfortable again; fidgeting with her briefcase. He wanted to say something to her, but he didn't know what. Even his witty humor would probably be received poorly.
'Come on, let me take you home'
Jane flashed a smile when they moved out the door, but it didn't reach her eyes. Damian unlocked the car door for her to sit while he put the suitcases in the trunk. She felt her stomach turn with the 'slam-bam, thank you m'am' cold business-like feeling that washed over her as she watched him walk to the front-desk to check out. If she felt dirty just a moment ago…

… now she felt plain cheap.

Damian called his mother from the car saying he was on his way and they arrived just as Jean was saying goodbye. Now that she knew what the prophecy was about she wanted to be close to Rinka at all times. The minute Damian and Jane stepped inside Jean's eyes were on her; expressionless, which made Jane a bit uneasy. After introducing Damian to Rosalie, Jean made the promise to stay in touch and that the next time she visited she'd bring Rinka along.
'I'll see you around Jane' she whispered, hugging her while eyeing her son. They'd need to have a little talk when they were alone.

Jane felt her face turn red when she followed Jean's gaze. Does she know what happened between her and Damian or was she fishing? She was probably fishing…
Damian made a head gesture, wanting her to walk them out. He took her hand the minute they were outside stopping in front of the fence. He waited for his mother to get into the car before turning towards Jane.
'Don't think so hard about this. You'll start forming negative thoughts' She wanted to cut in, but he left her no chance. 'Yes, so our first was in a motel, but it wasn't meaningless Jane… not to me. And I sure won't call it a one-night stand, or one-day stand if you will' she smiled weakly. He caressed her face and pressed a long, but very soft kiss on her lips.

'Give it a chance Jane, don't give up on us before we've even begun'
Jane knew he was right; she was over thinking this, but just going with it was going to be hard. That's not who she is at all…
'I know it's going to be hard. It's you after all'
She quickly looked up at him. 'You read minds now?'
'No, but your face said it all' he kissed the tip of her nose, 'I have to go! I'll call you as soon as I arrive in BC'. 'As soon as you arrive?'
'Immediately after' he smiled one of his charming smiles and took a seat behind the wheel.

… and he did!


Special thanks to Ts3 Pose creator and Story writer Brooke (Mypalsim) for allowing me to use her "Make-Out Pose" (<-- click to see which one). Told you I could use it :)
You can find her Ts3 poses on her site: Mypalsim's Poses for the Sims 3

...and yes, I had written the scene for Jane & Damian, but decided to cut it for various reasons. The chapter works without it as well... I knew I couldn't fool you guys! :)


  1. OMG Jane finally got laid!!!! She needed it, man did she need it but as soon as the effects wore off she was back to her old worrying self. I like Damian and I'm glad he was able to put her at ease a little.

    What are Rosalie and Jean up to? What spell are they making and what's it for? Those old ladies are sneaky for sure.

    Glad you are back up and running.

    1. Yes, Trophy for Damian. You know it's bad when you're family says your legs are glued together.
      The effects weren't completely gone when he mind switched back. The motel part is really bothering her... especially since it's the first time in a long while. Even in previous relationships she's never once been in a motel.

      (I wonder how she would've handled Seth's club-idea?)

      Damian is a good guy, despite his name's bad qualities. For story purposes and real-ingame time, they slept together, and just to show how terribly proper Jane is... she's been sporting the engagement and marriage wants ever since!

      Rosalie and Jean were making the stripping potion for Marina, but the twins don't know about her witchy-ness, just to be careful of their gifts in front of her. Jane is adept at potion making, so she'd know what they were doing... Lucky for them, she wasn't there!

      Glad to be back!
      Thanks hun :)

  2. A confession-he's attracted to you Jane Allen. Now turn me off and go for it...her mind screamed.

    Jane cowered under the weighted look Damian gave her. She never in all her years thought he'd check.

    I would be completely mortified if I told a guy that and he checked! OMG!

    YAY she finally got her rocks off! Maybe this will help her relax a LOT more...especially since it was a threepeater :D So happy Damian was her "first" in a long time. He was a real gentleman about the entire thing and the fact that he called her as soon as he did with the promise he made was just awesome.

    Jean and Oma are beginning to worry me. They are trying to keep the secrets from the Twins about the prophecy but that's all they have been worrying about lately so it's bound to come out at some point! They can't expect to keep this secret for too long and need to start trying to figure out how to keep their loved ones from becoming bad with abuse of power or overuse as it were.

    So happy you have you computer issues sorted! Now I expect much more soon :D

    1. See what happens when you don't read again...
      I had removed that part... It was MY mind that was actually screaming that!

      Correcting now!

      He didn't check it to be honest, but his hand was already that far down. When he noticed no pad and the other excuses, he figured she was bluffing.
      Trust me, I can take a guy that isn't abhorred by it, but that hands on is a NONONNONON!

      The boy doesn't play! And he pillow-talks! Plus he called her right after! Says something about him... He's Jean's son, so out of a good family! I wouldn't expect any less from him.
      Jane had BETTER relax, or so help me, I will move him in with her and TIRE her out!

      Rosalie won't be able to hide it much longer since it was the twins that went to get info on it. She'll tell them about what Jean said... eventually or sooner if they corner her. Maybe she'll leave out the parts about Marina and Rinka being half-sisters. (That part was actually Jean's request when Rinka was born. She didn't want the Astor family to break up...)

      Rosalie needs to stop carrying it all in her onesy! She needs to give more credit to the twins. They can actually help her with this.

      Thanks Deej!
      It was about time... Any longer and I would've really lost it! (yeah, no pressure at all... LOL)

  3. Jane, Jane, Jane, you sly dog! Your legs aren't glued together at all now are they? LMAO. I love the two of them together. I must say, this chapter's title was spot on. Unfinished business indeed!

    1. I guess she showed them huh!
      These two are quickly becoming my favorite couple and they JUST became one LOL

      Yeah, but is it finished yet?

      Thanks hun!

  4. *cackles up to the ceiling*
    "Told you I could use it." I scared my son behind me for laughing so loud.

    I wondered if I'd ever see that pose, that you'd decided not to. Very cool! and with my now-favorite couple too. :D

    Now to the actual story for goodness sake!
    Rosalie and Jean scare me a little. What the eff did they do wrong? It's a freaking good thing that Julie is so clumsy! Did the trickle of stuff leave a trail of destruction on the piece of furniture? Sorry, that's a crazy question that doesn't really matter, but I couldn't help but think about it as that part happened.
    I'm not going to pretend that I even understand at all the whole putting in the ingredients and 'do this not that' because that all just flies right out of my head. I'm guessing that they're mixing it up (pardon the pun) a little and that's why things screwed up? I believe the theory of the person doing it to get certain results makes sense. I could take the 'it's their energy into the potion' or 'people drop skin cells all the time and maybe that has something to do with it' thoughts. :)
    That was mean of them to tease Julie like that that they were going to hex her. Crazy old lady jokes!

    AND NOW the really good part. /sigh
    I must say I am SO FREAKING GLAD that Damian forced her to (omg that was hot) realize her feelings. /melts. It was going to take something like THAT to get her to do so. He worked her body like a skilled musician does their instrument. Hm, that's a good line. Still, yeah. Oh yeah. *Stops self from going on a nonsense ramble with a whole bunch of 'yeahs' and '/melts' etc* Oh, that 'temporary residence' part couldn't have been more perfect.

    Until it was time to go.

    Dammit, Jane! Quit overthinking! Crazy analytical people. I just don't understand them. Very, very good of Damian to do what he could to stop all that crazy thinking she was doing. She needs to fill her mind with better thoughts and Memories.
    Jane, he told you it wasn't a one night stand, and he's not going to disappear into the dust since your families are so connected. Besides, you know where to find him. Besides, LOOK AT HIM! He is head over heels already.

    Oh, now to YOU. What the hell are you talking about that it was all over the place? I didn't feel that. It sort of felt like a soap where we'd get a little of these guys, then a little of those guys, then everyone's together, then those guys again... etc. The transitions were so good.... except the first one where I worried you leave it at that, but so glad you didn't. They needed that pillow talk. Besides, my brain is all over the place all the time anyway so it was perfectly normal to me. :)

    SO glad you finally posted this update. I'd gotten concerned.
    I loved this. (in case you were wondering)

    1. Stop scaring your children... :P

      Julie's clumsiness came in handy. Sure, at some point they would've tested it, but sooner was better. The trick with potion making is that the amount of the ingredients needs to be PERFECT. A little too much of something can make it lethal. Especially with difficult potions such as Stripping-potions (Marina's powers)

      LOL at the skin-cells. Goodness, only you would come up with that! It has more to do with the mental-energy one puts in making a potion. Skin-cells.... shudder! :)
      Two old hags, meeting after so long, were bound to pull some jokes and Julie was, sadly, in the vicinity! Haha...

      Jane is really stubborn and he caught that in BC when she refused to go back to the motel and again when she refused to move from the secret room, waiting to hear from Jean. He knew she wouldn't admit it, just because! A good thing Aphro came into play!
      I was unsure about his aggression, or better yet her refusal. If she had refused with a little more conviction, it would've seemed he was ready to sleep with her against her will. That would've been bad for his image.
      I'm glad you liked it!

      Jane likes to (like her pre-monitions) think ahead' sometimes far ahead. That's why she's do cautious all the time and nothing fun happens to her. The minute she realized she liked Damian and his caresses, her mind quickly flipped back to the fact that she'd have to miss him very soon. Long-distance and all that...
      That's partially why she also feels cheap. She slept with a guy in a motel and he's going back to his city right after!!
      I would've felt it too, to be honest!

      He does like her very much and I hope she listens to him when he said to give them a chance. Long distance relationships are a pain, but he's kept true to his promise to call, so yeah, who knows!

      Oh dear! Yes m'am?
      I don't know, it just felt that way when I was writing it! Don't yell at me... *sniff*
      I think the cut-return thing is my style of writing too. I was mentioned that before...
      WEll, I'm glad your brain is all over the place. Makes for a lovable person!
      Thanks hun!

      New laptop had to be broken in LOL
      I won't leave you hanging dear, if I don't post, you know something's up! (nothing better act up in a while or so help me...) No hun, I didn't know you loved it... you were a bit vague LOL

  5. Hmmm, at first I worried that Damian was kind of bad. Not sure why, I just got that vibe from him, guess not! I guess with Damian that previous yoga instructor is a person of the past.

    Rosalie and Jean though...what are they up to?!

    1. His name played a part in your vibe. Damian, Damon, all bad-boy names. Maybe, she is over him with the arrival of Damian, but we won't know 'till he's in the picture again.

      Rosalie is making the power-stripping potion for Marina; Jean is helping. They made a lethal batch by mistake, but yeah, to be rectified shortly!

      Thanks for stopping by Aeon!

  6. Okay, I'm finally all caught up again. You know I LOVE ME some Chase, especially after that hot night he had with Alex. Mmm-hmmm!! "Chase...I need some Chase!!" But you have done a great job distracting me with other hotties and hot scenes:

    1) Marina and Raven: So glad to see these two get close! Their horseback riding trip to the woods was beautiful. It showed a softer side of Raven and showed how Marina's father's death still affects her emotionally, and Raven's ability to pick up on that. And that near kiss!! You left us all hanging!! You better hurry up and get back to that kiss missy!

    2) Dante/Jason and Julie: Lots of chemistry between these two and a hot love scene to boot! But I do notice that Dante got possessive real quick..I mean dude...first date, first sex, and you already call her your girlfriend? You're lucky Julie likes you, otherwise she woulda been like..umm yeah..I gotta bail. And don't call me.

    3) Damien/Jane: Woooot that girl got some!! It doesn't matter if it's in a motel, I mean it doesn't always have to be perfect. What matters is that it was good, and the guy is still there the next day. But Jane needs to stop overanalyzing before she sabotages this relationship, like her previous one. Just go with it, girly!

    4) Chase/Alex: I love how Chase is trying to protect her identity and doesn't want anything to happen to her. There may be some feelings there. And I KNOW Alex has been craving her some Chase!! Girl, you better get some more of that hot man! Oh wait, you need to get in line first. :P

    It looks like everything is coming together, witches vs. vampires, the opposing groups, the special powers. Can't wait to see how this all ties together!

    Gorgeous shots and special effects, your story makes me nostalgic of Sims 2 as well! :)

    1. Right, I forgot you were (ARE!!) a Chase addict! Haha, welcome back hun, you've been missed! *bear-hug-vicegrip*
      It's hard to distract you from Chase, but I'm glad it worked!

      1) I loved staging that scene. Building the set also had a calming effect on me, so it's obviously my favorite scene. Marina is extra emotional about the loss because it's near Christmas time. This would be the first one without her father.
      That near-kiss... I couldn't resist, I really couldn't! I'm mean, I know! At least I was kind enough to hand out the parachutes first!

      2) Dante/Jason & Julie are just very energetic. Put those people in a room with a bed and... well, yeah! Their chemistry is off the chain. It wasn't their first date though, first dinner/evening date, yes, but they've had a couple of lunch dates before this. So, he may have a bit of a right to call her his girlfriend. He did get possessive right after they slept together, no arguing there, but he was only a bit hurt she didn't tell him she was going to the other side of the country. He can't understand she doesn't see the importance to include him... If he'd called her and she would not have picked up, because she was out of range (train) or for any reason-- he would be worried. That's only the point he was trying to make, but it came out wrong.

      3) It mattered to Jane, because she's miss perfect, do the right thing all the time, be responsible enough for both her and Julie, since that one is NOT!! A motel has a bitter business-sy taste for someone like Jane (me too, to be honest- unless we were on a vacation or so...) I'd hate for Jane to lose something good like Damian who is not only good for her, but who knows WHAT she is, because he's one too. Julie is still keeping her magic from Dante...
      Over analyzing is Jane's middle name. Maybe I should've let Damian take her to incoherent levels, no thinking then either! :)

      4) Chase & Alex (and we've done a full-circle back to Chase :P)
      Well, Chase also likes the upper hand on the hunters, but come on, we both know it goes deeper than that, even if he doesn't admit it! Alex is Chase deprived!!! Ever since Lillian ordered that extra security, hunt in pairs, detail they haven't seen each other in quite some time, for obvious reasons! Maybe I'm Chase deprived too...

      It is coming together. We are getting close to closing. These next few chapters will contain so much, it'll spin your pretty little head. I'd know, it's spinning mine. With certain things coming to light, the story progresses a lot faster.

      Thanks hun! I'm glad you're back!

  7. Maybe now Jane can relax a little, but I think the little visit with Damian will make things worse in her mind. Will see :)
    Making hexes in the kitchen was funny. Poor plant. haha

    1. I'm sure she's plenty relaxed now, but yeah, it's Jane. She always goes further in her mind than necessary...

      Poor plant indeed. I've re-considering giving them a new one lol
      Thanks Zhip!

  8. Poor Jane, she was trying sooo hard to derail Damien but he just flat out maneuvered her, and quite honestly it's something that was way over due. I hope she gives them an honest shot, god knows i would...he's dayam smexy!...edenz~

    1. Haha, the girl has some tricks and they would've worked had his hand not been that far down already. But one way or another, he would've gotten her where he wanted. Damian has many tricks of his own too.

      She had better! I like looking at him, so he needs to stay!!!

      Thanks Edenz :)

  9. Well, well... That was REALLY hot! I bet Jane is waaaay more relaxed right now. For a while at least, because knowing her, she might start having second thoughts soon enough (hopefully she won't).

    But that conversation between his mom and her grandma about them being together was kind of... weird o.O

    And Rosalie seems to be keeping a secret or two from her granddaughters. All that thing with the potion was a bit shady.

    1. Jane is definitely more relaxed after that!! Marsar, you know Jane well! Her mind already switched as soon as she felt the high subside. That's just Jane, she worries about everything before they even happen...

      That was way weird. I kinda felt uncomfortable writing Jean, lol, talking about her son like that... Ugh, the idea!

      There some things that don't concern them or so Rosalie thinks. This was between Rosalie and Marina's mother, Grace. Rosalie makes a cleansing potion for all 3 girls on a yearly basis, so it was the perfect excuse to make the power stripping potion at the same time. Secrets are always shady, are they not?

      Thanks for reading!