Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Chapter 24 - Family-Friends

*Hikari = Light (Japanese)

Later in the day Julie met up with Damian at the auction-house. The prophecy they were looking for wasn’t there and Jean searched her home safe, where some of them were kept, but also came up with nothing. So Damian set up a meeting. He would take them to his house to search through the ones that were lodged there. He was surprised only Julie showed up. When he asked where Jane was, she answered something about Rinka calling about the same thing and Jane going with her.

Damian didn’t really trust the situation since Rinka didn’t mention it to him. He picked up his phone immediately and called her. ‘Hey Rin, it’s me! Is Jane with you?’
‘Yeah, we’re going to check at my place. Sorry I didn’t call you first; didn’t mean to make you worried, D. Is Julie there yet?’
‘No, it’s fine, you just don’t know who’s who anymore these days. Just making sure! Yes, she just made it, we’re moving out now. I’ll see you later ‘kay, be careful!’
He turned towards Julie again and smiled. ‘Shall we?’

They arrived at a very modern looking house nearly 15 minutes later. It occurred to Julie that this auction business must pay out a pretty penny, ‘cause it all looked so expensive. The auction-house, his house… for a moment she wondered what Jane saw at Rinka’s apartment. She glanced through one of the glass windows and saw a small Jacuzzi-area, before stopping behind him as he fumbled with the door-keys.

‘So, you're a witch too, I know! You were in the Riverblossom Hills Library. Witches section, I read your name in the register’
‘'Witch' is more like a female term for someone capable of using the arts’ he said opening the door.
‘So you're a warlock?’
Damian pulled a face. 'I associate that term with evil magic, which I don't use…'

‘So what kind of powers do you have?’
He eyed her, teasingly. 'Uhm...’ he said appearing in deep thought, 'I have a very green thumb'
'A green th...' Julie's eye twitched. 'A green thumb is not a qualification to be called witch... warlock... whatever'
'You're right, it's not!' Damian could hear the slight irritation in her voice, the way she spout out the last word. He turned the corner and opened the door to what seemed like a long hallway.
'So, if you're part of the community, you have some 'Other' active power!' Julie said, stepping inside after him.
'You're right, I do!'
'And you're still not gonna tell me?!' she stopped to glare at him.
'No, I'm not!'

Julie wanted nothing more than to smack that grin off his face. She had never met anyone as annoying as Damian in her life. She didn't know what bothered her the most. The fact that she couldn't get any answers out of him or the fact that his mannerism reminded her so much of... hers. Now she realized how irritating it must've been to Jane.
'Is there an end to this apartment of yours? I feel like we've been walking for days' Julie said crossing her arms, glancing at the long hallway they still had to walk.

Damian just smiled at her. The never-ending walk had been a test. See if she was of an evil clan, even if her grandmother wasn't. He decided to let her off the hook, sensing no evil intentions from her. If she had evil thoughts, the walls wouldn't be white.
'How so? We've been standing in one place this entire time'
'Haha, nice try Damian! I'm not crazy, so don't make me out to be! We just entered this hall 3 minutes ago'
Damian snapped his fingers and the hall dissolved, leaving them right where they started; the kitchen.

Julie's mouth dropped to the floor.
'An interactive illusion' he answered her unspoken question, 'comes in pretty handy when you're being robbed'
'So, you what? Make them go through all those fake rooms until the police get here?' Julie managed to say, still dumbfound.
'Well, yes and no… I don’t know what they see! It's different for everyone. When I'm with them, I see what they see, like with you, the white hall'
'I get it... you're an illusionist!'
'No... I'm not!' he laughed again leading her down, what Julie hoped, were real stairs.

‘So if I had failed the test and proven to be evil- what would you have done?’
‘Wipe your memory and leave you alone on an open field--- naked’ he watched her face when he added that last part. It had gone from amused to doubtful and at last insecure. Julie suddenly didn’t have a purpose for her hands. Then they were crossed, then swinging, then touching her face. She wasn’t one to fidget, but right now seemed quite practiced in it. He laughed at the different emotions she showed and tried to put her at ease.
‘Relax, I’m kidding! I would never leave someone on an open field’ he said glancing at her behind him.

Julie stepped inside a room that was dimly lit. The accordion lamp on the wall was the only light source. She held onto the railing afraid she might trip and he stopped to look at her.
‘Is that the only light in here? How do you know what’s where?’
‘It is the only light in here. I only turned it on because of you, it’s usually off’
‘How can you work in the dark?’ she pointed at the desk underneath the lamp.
‘I don’t… see the thing about prophecies- they’re very bright!’

‘Now see, I’m not sure I like you pulling on my leg so much. I’ve seen the prophecies at the auction house, remember! And as far…’
‘Hikari*…’ Damian whispered over his shoulder.
‘… as I know- what did you say?’
Julie took a step closer to Damian, but was instantly distracted by a shimmer of light on one of the back shelves.

At first it looked like smoke gathering inside one of the globes, but as it got stronger and brighter, it seemed more like a fireball trapped underneath the glass. One by one all the orbs flared up and lit up the room like Christmas. Julie was in awe. He wasn’t kidding; it was VERY bright; so bright that he simmered a few of them down again.

‘Why didn’t the ones at the Auction house glow?’
‘This is what they normally look like, so I froze them. If you have to stay in this room for long periods of time, the flashing different color lights can be quite nauseating. I took care of that real quick!’ he smiled, ‘Oh, and excuse the mess—we relocated a few orbs when they started to pile up in the orb-room…’ Julie followed him to the middle of the room, ‘Now let’s see— Allen, was it?’ he asked in her direction.
‘Uh, no, Astor’

‘ASTOR’ he said with a strong voice.
Ready to ask him why her ears needed a drill, she stopped when soon enough an orb started glowing gold.
‘Oh that’s kinda cool! So you just call for it—BROWN!’ she yelled suddenly. Surely there must be a prophecy with such a common name, but nothing happened. ‘BROWN!’ Julie yelled again, lifting her hand this time for special effect—still nothing.
Damian walked back over after retrieving the orb in question. ‘Nice try, but it doesn’t work that way. It has voice recognition. It’s a spell that only the caster can control’
‘I’ve never heard of a spell like that… Did you create it yourself?’
‘No, it’s a known spell, you’ll find it in one—of the books in the library’ he said reaching for his cell.

‘Rin? …Yeah, I’m holding it right now. What do you mean you have one?’
‘I don’t know! I called for an Astor orb, but there was nothing here. Then this one flared up as we were leaving— a minute or two ago’
‘Right when I found mine… But if there were more Astor orbs, they would’ve been put together’ Damian answered eyeing the one in his hand.

Like I said, it’s not an Astor orb—Hold on D, mom’s calling. I’ll group us. Hey, mom’
‘Hey, I take it you found what you were looking for?’
‘Yes, their orb was at my place, but mom, Rinka has one too’
‘This just got more complicated. That makes a total of three orbs.’
‘Three?’ Rinka’s voice sounded.
Why do you think I called you—one in the back was activated 2 minutes ago
‘But those are worldly scaled…’ Damian voiced.
I know…

What does that mean, mom?’ Rinka voiced concern.
‘It means—‘, Damian answered, ‘that they’re linked. But which one of them is the source?’
Definitely the Astor orb, it’s the oldest of the three. Bring the other orbs to the auction-house; now if you can. I’d like to doctor this thing out right away’
‘Sure, I’ll drop Julie off at the motel and be there soon’ Damian said and Julie started to protest.
Yeah, I’ll take Jane back and meet you there’ Rinka voiced before hanging up. A faint sound could be heard in the back of Jane also protesting.


‘Don’t ask’ both Rinka and Damian answered, when Jean gave them a questionable look about the girls.
Jean smiled. ‘They’re twins- what did you expect? Where are the orbs?’
Rinka handed her mother the bag, ‘There both in it’
Jean took the bag and made for the hidden room, with the 4 of them trailing behind her. ‘I can handle it on my own you know’

‘You’re kicking us out? Your own children?’ Damian uttered.
‘Well, they—‘she said pointing in the twins’ direction, ‘won’t be left outside and I can’t work with all of you around me, so, yes, I am kicking you out. Go do something creative… I’ll call you when I have something’
And with that she closed the hidden door in front of their baffled faces.
‘I can’t believe her? And just what are we supposed to do in the meantime?’ Rinka let out.
‘I’m not leaving, so we might as well wait for her here’ Jane said, sitting down on a near chaise lounge.

‘I admire you optimism. And your believe that she’ll have it figured out in a jiffy. She’s fast, but not that fast’ Damian smiled, ‘You’ll only get bored waiting for her here’
Jane sighed and Julie fell next to her making the cushions deflate with a poof.
‘I know’ Rinka said, suddenly enthusiastic, ‘Have you guys been sightseeing yet? You told me it’s your first visit to Belladonna Cove right?’
‘Grams life is kind of hanging in the balance, so forgive me if I’m not it the sightseeing mood Rinka, no offence’
‘Yeah, but we called her every night since being here and she said she’s fine! Not that I believe her every word… but hearing her voice sets me a bit at ease’ Julie added.

‘I for one think it’s a great idea’ Damian cut in, ‘It’s better than sitting around here doing nothing. The phrase ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ does still apply to us ‘gifted’.  How about we test that? Besides, your train leaves tomorrow afternoon. You can’t go back home not having been around town. You’ll ruin our reputation’
‘How do you know when our train leaves?’ Julie asked skeptically.
‘I oversee the delivery of important items auctioned in this place, so I travel a lot. I know the schedules of the places I frequent’ Damian answered, ‘So what do you say? Let your new friends show you their home-town’
Julie glanced at Jane. ‘Well?’
She’d rather stay here and wait out the results, but the idea of winding down seemed very appealing. They’ve been after this prophecy business for the past 3 and ½ days…
‘Alright’ Jane said after giving it some thought, ‘But I need to get something at the motel first and I have to call grams’

‘Okay then!’ Rinka exclaimed, ‘Be sure to get some comfy shoes, because we’re pulling out all the stops. Oh, and some swimwear… Oh, and—‘
Damian put his hand over his sister’s mouth to stop her rambling. ‘We’ll meet you in an hour. I’ll pick you up from your motel’
Jane and Julie nodded and made their way to the elevator. Rinka removed Damian’s hand to add just one more thing.
‘And don’t forget some club-wear, we’re hitting up “The Grimoire” tonight’
She wasn’t sure if they’d heard her, because the elevator doors were closing at that exact moment.

‘I take it you didn’t tell Jane?’ Damian asked, making Rinka turn towards him.
'Tell her what?’
‘You know what!’
No... ? Damian waited for her to finish what sounded like an incomplete sentence. Instead she turned around to face him.
'You are my family... and this is where I belong... right here!' she answered instead, sliding her arms around his waist, forcing him to unfold his, and nuzzled against his chest.
A smile formed on his lips as he held his baby sister in a warm bear-hug.

'Yes, I am your family' he held her tighter if possible, 'but only a part of it! Don't you think they'd like to know they have another cousin- That they would want to get to know you if they knew the truth?'
'The truth? Me- the illegitimate child of their uncle?'
'No, D. Mom and da... their uncle were childhood sweethearts, that's all. That night was a mistake and we both know it. Mom already had daddy, and he was also married'
'Hey, you are not...' 'D. I don't...'
'No, you listen to me now!' He put his arms on her shoulders and willed her to look at him. 'You are not a mistake. I thank God each day that he gave me you for a sister. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you! ...and that night might have been wrong, but in a way they did love each other. You were born out of love and don't ever think otherwise, okay?!'
'Okay… I love you D.' she nestled back into his arms, unfallen tears glistening in her eyes.
'I love you too Rin!

Damian held his sister for as long as it took for her smile to return. 'Are we good?’ he asked, gently pushing her manes behind her ear.
'Yeah, we're good!' she smiled reassuring, '...and uhm, I'll tell them some day, but for now I'm happy with the way things are, okay!'

'Alright, whenever you're ready...' He smiled, rubbing her shoulders, 'Now, let's get something to eat, I'm hungry'
'I made some muffins yesterday, if you want?' her eyes lit up. Damian eyed her; unsure if that was a good idea.
'Beth taught me... I promise they're good!'
'As long as you don't kill me! 'Cause the pizza...' he pulled a face.

'D.!' she nudged him, but smiled.


  1. Lost family...Mother and Uncle sweethearts awww.

    Why 2 orbs and why would the mum kick them out? Something tells me she know more then she is letting on.

    Loved it :)

    1. Yes, Rinka is part of the twins' family!

      3 orbs! Jean has one too and it's a worldly scaled one. Meaning, it will change the world if it's fulfilled.
      Nah, she just kicked them out, because there's enough pressure as it is. Why add these 4? All they'd do is hover over her! No thanks!

      Thank you Lucky!

  2. Oh man, I really hope Rinka tells them they are related, I think the girls would love to have a cousin, and
    I can just imagine all the magica and not so magical mayhem they'd cause as a trio!

    D is such a darling big brother, he makes me wish I had one of those. Mhh, since Rinka is related to the twins, that makes Damian family kind of..but he's not blood related with the twins so anything can still happen between him and one of the twins ( side note: please change one of t heir hair color so I can learn to differentiate them). Back to my rant about Damian and one of the girls, so they can still get together, unless it would be too weird for everyone?

    So what exactly is D's ability, he was very elusive about his powers, but I'm guessing creating illusions is one of them?

    I'm so excoted for their night out, the twins really need to cut loose and have some fun, and who knows maybe this night out might just bring them doser again, after their rift over Dante.

    1. Yeah, I fear for Belladonna Cove & Riverblossom Hills should these three bond. Rinka's no cookie either. She and Julie have quite a few things in common. Magical mayhem... that's put mildly!

      Nah, they're not related to Damian. He was born from Jean's husband. Rinka is a high-school reunion - met childhood sweetheart - got lost in emotions - love child! She's related to the twins by their uncle, Rosalie's son.
      It might be a bit weird and I personally would feel like he's family too, but it would be no problem should he have a relationship with one of the twins. Both of them are related to Rinka, not to each other :)

      Damian's ability! Creating illusions is his practiced power. But like all my magic folk (he doesn't like me calling him a witch/warlock), they're born with one too. That one you'll see when Jean figures out the prophecies.

      I'm excited too!
      I'm finishing the posebox for it right now! Then it's snap away with my camera! They need to come back from that Dante thing. Maybe this is it?

      Thanks val!

    2. Auwwww, Where's the fun in it if I change their hair? :)
      I like the confusion (yes, they confuse even me. Thank god for the sidebar pictures.)

      I usually change their hair during a chapter (obviously didn't in this one) like: -Julie said, while tying up her hair- for distinctions. In this one it's weak, but the clothes. If you remember what Julie is wearing while with Damian, you'll know which one is Jane!

  3. Major, yet kinda scary/dangerous, flirting between Julie and Damian huh? :) That was fun.

    I like the unorganized organizational system they have lol. DUH, if a magical item appears to have a 'bug' then it's not there by accident!!! grrr.

    Evil name or not, I like Damian.

    Jean makes me laugh. Coincidence maybe? LOL. 'I can't work with all of you staring at me!' I am so like that, I think most of us are.

    Dammit. Now I'm caught up and I have to wait like everyone else. Pooh.

    1. Yes, flirtation alert! Julie's a free spirit! She'll always appreciate a fine man if he cometh by! LOL, I don't think she'll cheat on Dante, but hmmm.........

      Unorganized organizational system! No that is a mouthful! LOL
      Now I have a grin plastered on my face!

      Maybe he is evil... that'd be a twist! LOL!

      Me too, I can't do something when others are hovering. It's annoying!

      Haha, sucks doesn't!
      Thanks MyPal!

  4. I haven't decided if Damian is cute yet. I like his hair though.

    So, Rin is related to the twins, I wonder if she'll tell them...?

    I'm seeing too much of the twins now, bring on the sexy, horny vampires!!! (LOL)

    1. Picky picky!
      In her own time... It was a jump for Jane & Julie that she knew Julie's name from a vision, and now "we're family", yeah, not gonna happen today!

      The sexy, horny vampires are frozen in time. As soon as the twins return to Riverblossom, they can continue, so... SIT DOWN AND RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hihihi, excuse me!

      Thanks for reading Pixx!

  5. I kinda agree...Damian is usually a name saved for a evil...or slightly evil character. So henceforth I will expect Damian to do something wrong since he's holding something back (his magical ability...)

    Rinka should tell them! They'd make a good trio!

    1. Damn it Damon, you ruined it for Damian! LOL!
      True, it is usually used for bad guys. Did I do it on purpose? I'm not sure yet... But everyone has a bad-boy/bad-girl gene in them! Doesn't necessarily make them evil. I'm hoping for Damian!

      Julie was actually fishing. In the magic world you don't really talk about your birth powers, just the practiced one!

      LOL, good trio! They'll tear the place apart!
      Thanks Aeon!

  6. Man I'm gonna have to start taking notes. Does Gram know that Rinka is a cousin? I wold think she does, Gram know all. LOL

    Ok so what's up with the orbs??? More questions no answers. Damien seemed to enjoy toying with Julie. Wonder what may come of that? It was funny how she felt sorry for Jane after being around him LOL.

    A night out on the town. That sounds like trouble.

    1. Haha, Grams the know-it-all! Good point! Wouldn't surprise me if she does!

      Well, the Astor orb is link to two other orbs, one on worldly scale, making this bigger than just looking for the reason Grams's life is in danger. And since the Astor one is older, it's the source.

      Sneak peek!
      The Astor prophecy is the one the twins are looking for regarding Rosalie's safety! :)

      Damian is testing the waters with some harmless (or not) flirting with Julie. The DiGorgios are a family with just as many, if not more, secrets as any magical family! Yeah, now she has an inkling how Jane must've felt putting up with her taunting all these years. Guess she found her match in Damian huh ;)

      I know right!!!!!!!!
      Thanks Jaz!

  7. Wow! Damian is a real comedian isn't he? And so eager to avoid telling Julie what his power is. I suppose they still don't fully trust them? It was fun watching though :D He threw her for a loop a a few times I can understand her frustration.

    So Rinka is a cousin? That's interesting. I wonder if that had anything to do with the reason she dreamt of them of if that was purely of her own magics. Though I am curious if she knew she was related to them why were they so hesitant about believing them in the first place?

    Sounds like the girls are about to get a first class tour of Belladonna courtesy of Rinka. She was as happy as a glam girl being told she had unlimited credit on 5th Avenue!

    I can't wait to see what these three orbs are all about. It should be interesting considering they couldn't find one and now there are three!

    1. He has some humor to him, that's for sure. It almost rivals Julie's, which is why she's not on the welcoming end of it! Haha, a cookie of her own dough!
      The birth power isn't something one normally talks about. Enemies can use it against you. You know, send a fire-witch to fight an ice one. That's why! Jean trusts them, but Damian put her through the test, because her grams could be good company, but who says her granddaughters are?

      Rinka is their cousin, yes! She saw them because she has the gift of prophecy and when, because it was the same day as the showing! She didn't know she was related to them. The Astor prophecy made it all clear! Remember the look Rinka and Jean shared when the twins mentioned the other side of their family? Well, there you have it! :)

      Haha, exactly! Rinka has that bubbly happy-go-lucky nature about her, so she got very excited when they said yes! Let the mischief begin! :)

      Just shows it's a lot bigger than they thought...
      Thanks DJ

  8. This is getting weirder and weirder.....Rinka is their cousin, all three of the orbs are connected and I can't figure out if D is kin to them Rin is but if D has a different dad then should'nt be.
    At least they have found a way to pass a little time until Jean can finish her 'working' this should be fun!~...edenz~

    1. For someone sounding a bit confused, you've got it spot on.
      Rinka is their cousin. The three orbs are connected, yes, starting with the Astor-orb, ending with the worldly orb.

      Damian has a different dad, so he's not related to the twins, no, just to Rinka!

      I'm thinking they'll tear up the town. There won't be a BellaDonna Cove left LOL

      Thanks Edenz!