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Chapter 18 - Touch

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‘Yes, right the- right there’ she moaned, running her hands through his hair. He pulled her hard against his chest. She lifted her leg and let it rest on his hip. With an added shimmy against his body, she hinted for him to take it to the next level. He knew what she wanted, only he had different plans. He pressed her against the wall with his body weight and continued sucking on her neck. ‘You smell so good’ he said stopping to look at the little red mark he left on her neck. ‘Hmm, don’t stop! Please don’t stop!’ she grinded her body against his; roughly running her fingers through his long brown hair.

‘Sweet…’ he said running his tongue over the hickey all the way to her chin and back, ‘so very sweet… Can I bite you?’
She was so high up in her own desire she didn’t notice that there was nothing happening in his pants when she felt him lean into her body some more. ‘Ooh, kinky! Yes, bite me… anything, just do it quickly!’ she answered, her breathing out of control.
That was all the encouragement he needed as he dipped his head and ravaged her neck. She yelped at his vigor. ‘Oh my God, yes… more mo-’

She winced at the feel of something cutting her flesh. ‘Did you just… Ouch’ there it was again, only this time it felt like a thousand knives being shoved into her neck. She started to struggle; push against his shoulder to get him off her. He didn’t budge instead he latched himself tighter around her neck. She opened her mouth to scream for help but was met with a quick hand pulled over her mouth. He moved away from her neck and looked into her eyes. He watched them widen even more when the fear of what she saw truly sank in.

‘You will not scream’ he compelled, her blood dripping from his mouth, ‘You are enjoying this… It feels so good; you don’t want me to stop…’
‘…I don’t want you to stop…’ she mechanically replied.
He released her gaze and she lifted her arms back around his neck as he returned to feed.

When he was done he closed the bite-marks before addressing her again, ‘You are tired. You want to go home and rest… no more work for you tonight. It’s a slow night after all… You have never met me… and this never happened…’
The young girl nodded absently, gathered her purse from where she dropped it and went on her way.


Raven slipped through the window right before daybreak and pushed the end-table back to its original position. He felt rejuvenated and energized. Another night or two and he’d be fully regenerated and Marina will be out of danger. She was proving to be quite a challenge for him in his current state. He was able to hold out an entire month; he did it before, but that was when he was alone. Now in her presence, close to her he found himself unable to contain his hunger. Her blood kept calling out to him; luring him. Feeding off an animal one night past had settled his bloodlust for a day, but if it wasn’t for the prostitute just moments passed he’d be sinking fast. With her blood still coursing through him, he changed back into his pajamas and looked out the side window at the rising sun. Soon he’ll see her again…

Raven had been keeping a close eye on Marina to see if she knew about his presence in her room two nights ago. If she did, she didn’t show it and to fool him was a difficult feat in itself. He sat down and watched the sun come up; anticipating the moment she would walk in and clean the wound… the wound!  Looking down, he could still feel the tingling of the muscles pulling together in a fast heal caused by the woman’s blood. He was so used to the feeling he didn’t notice it before.

In his bloodlust, he forgot that human blood speeds up the healing process a lot more than animal blood. Shit! It’s healing too fast. Knowing it would create too many questions Raven threw caution to the wind, it’s not like he would die of an infection, and slowly ripped open a part of the healing scar. A few drops of blood dripped down his stomach. It was a necessity to keep his other side from being discovered, but he hated it…

It was just wishful thinking on his part, because it was still Binny that came to clean his wound an hour later. He frowned when he tried to sense Marina and wasn’t able to. She wasn’t at home… at 7 in the morning? Funny, he didn’t even hear her leave. He looked out of the side window and noticed the empty space her car usually filled. Did she leave before he came back? Raven didn’t know why, but he got an uneasy feeling. Jealousy … rage… concern… all meshed into one.

‘It’s pretty much closed now’ Binny said, pressing underneath the wound, making him wince, ‘yet still fragile’ She closed the bandage box and returned it to the drawer. There was no need to close the wound anymore since it was passed the risk of infection. Her voice brought him back from his thoughts and he looked at his chest…even after he ripped it open, still it healed too fast. Raven then looked at Binny getting ready to leave his room. She didn’t even glance in his direction let alone say that she was finished.

‘What is it about me that has you treating me so coldly?’ he stopped her with his question.
‘I’m not, I’m just cautious. It’s the normal reaction of someone who doesn’t know you. If Marina chooses to believe in you and overlook a lot of things, I will be the one to keep it in balance… I’m giving you half a chance because I don’t like to see her hurt…’

‘Likewise’ Raven said, ‘No worries there’
Binny thought hard and carefully over his answer. ‘There? So I do have to worry about something else…’
‘Wrong answer Raven…’
‘That’s your personal opinion’ Raven countered, meeting her stare, ‘why don’t we let time decide that hmm?’
Binny frowned for a minute and then gave him a ‘fine’ shrug and he answered with a short nod in her direction.


Raven didn’t see much of Marina until after noon when she came back. The many grocery bags she had in the car explained where she was this morning and something about meeting and catching up with an old friend; he overheard her talking to Binny while they were putting away the groceries. He got out of his room just as she entered the barn. She was readying her riding gear to take out one of the horses when he reached her.

She stood sideways and whispered calming words to the horse and shared a giggle as if she was talking to a person. Raven just stood there watching. A twinge of sadness flooded his senses and he leaned against the barn wall. Life must’ve done a real number on her if she felt more comfortable talking and laughing with an animal than with an actual human being that could answer back, give comfort when needed. Or maybe that’s exactly why she could be herself around animals… they couldn’t answer her back or show her any unasked for sympathies… Raven couldn’t stand her throwing her life away like that. People needed people to socialize with, to love; hell, to survive even. And he was determined to bring her back to that and the sooner, the better.

Catching his movement in the corner of her eyes, Marina turned to face him and all the heart-racing feelings he awoke in her, the last time he stood close enough, returned -full force.

She looked at him, took a deep breath and tried with everything she had to suppress whatever reaction his presence was causing to her body. He noticed the change in her immediately of course, but it was the quick revert that made him frown slightly.
‘Hey’ he said, moving a bit closer.
She lowered her eyes to break the captivating stare he was trying to lock her in.
‘I uh… got you 2 new sets of clothes, so you don’t have to wear that everyday’ Marina pointed at his outfit.

There was a sparkle in his eyes. It warmed him to know that she thought about him, even if they were apart. Unknowingly a smile crept to his mouth and he looked down and ran his hands over his jacket. ‘It did not really bother me’
‘Yes, well, I, personally, wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing the same clothes over and over again and Binny is pretty much tired of washing it every day’
‘I see…’

Marina waited for the rest of what looked like an unfinished sentence, but he said nothing more. Nina whinnied restlessly behind her trying to catch her attention. She ran her hand soothingly along the horse’s neck wordlessly telling her to wait a moment longer.

‘Well, Nina is giving me the stink-eye, so I’ll let you get to it’ Raven said, giving Nina a pat the head. She nudged it away playfully. Raven liked Nina; she was the only horse who didn’t judge or fear him because of his nature. In a way she reminded him of her owner; A beauty that, like the horse, didn’t seem to be able to see the bad in him. A beauty he wasn’t able to keep his eyes off…

‘Why don’t you come with us?’ Marina smiled warmly at his interaction with the horse.
Raven looked a bit unsure. Nina nudged him again firmer this time as if in agreement with Marina.
‘Beats sitting in the house with nothing to do… and it would be of great help to me. Besides, didn’t you propose to get out of the house and go do something fun for a change?’
He looked at the house… with Binny in it… and then back at Marina.
‘I did say that, yes! …Alright then’

Marina showed him where the other saddles were and how to tie them, before opening the stall to the brown mare. ‘Come on Ella! Guess you don’t have to wait till tomorrow’ she ran her arm along Ella’s neck like she had done to Nina. It always seemed to sooth them. But Ella started to whinny uneasy when Raven came back in view. This is what he meant about reacting to his nature, which was all it was. She couldn’t possibly remember that one time he fed off her, he made sure of it.

‘She’s a bit jumpy by nature, so don’t take it personally’ Marina excused the horse’s reaction.
That’s not the only reason right now… Raven thought, approaching the fussing horse. With soft soothing words he managed to settle her down a bit; showing her that she didn’t have to fear him.
‘You have a gift… Maybe you had horses in some part of your forgotten life’ Marina said, mounting Nina.
Raven didn’t answer, but followed her example and mounted Ella.

It wasn’t long before the duo left the barn on horseback making their way down the forest-path next to the house. Taking the horses for a walk was Marina’s favorite check on the everyday to-do list and it showed in the way she occasionally threw caution to the wind and just enjoyed nature. The horses were extra lively too and tried nudging each other several times. It had been almost a year since they were taken out simultaneously and one could tell they enjoyed immensely. Marina had to not once, but twice pull in the reins when Nina wanted to move into a sprint out of anxiety. Playing in on the horse’s extra energy, she ushered into a trod and watched Raven follow suit.

Neither of them said a word to one another since leaving the barn. Raven took in the surroundings on the path they were on. He had seen his fair share of woods in life, but this one had a serene untouched aura around it; true virginal woods, quite a rare sight in these modern times. The way the trees seemed to hold hands and hug the forest path. A bit more inside the density of the forest, a group of maple trees looked assembled around a big oak tree, the forest protector, seeking council. The wind whistling through the leaves seemed to carry the whispers of secret meetings. Wind… It was a wonder the wind was able to penetrate the thickness of the forest surrounding them.

Another gust of wind hinted a group of Jasmine bushes nearby. Raven looked for them, but the wind must’ve carried their scent from a different part of the woods. He took in a deep breath…
‘Jasmine’ Marina said turning her head to see if he smelled it too and confirm that she wasn’t imagining it. She could always smell them at a certain time of the day. Winter, spring or fall, it looked as if they weren’t season-bound and forever blooming. She had looked for them on her many walks, but never found a single one. Raven did. There was one right in front of him, only to him, Marina looked more like a rose, waiting for that moment to open her petals and bloom once again.

‘Come on, we’re almost there! What do you say we let them really stretch their legs?’
Her voice brought him out of that poetic state he seemed to have drifted into. Must’ve been the woods… yes, definitely the woods. Raven looked at the reigns in his hands and then back at Marina with an ‘are you sure about that’ look. What if the horse leapt off the path and straight into the vastness of the forest?
‘We’ve been here so many times, they know this path better than me’ Marina answered the look he gave her, ‘and know exactly where we’re going… or are you scared you’ll get beaten by a girl?’
She looked at him daringly and he enjoyed seeing that part of her.

‘Scared?’ he let out a chuckle, ‘There’s little that scares me, love. You’re on!’ he added with a cocky smirk. Something in Marina stirred when he addressed her with love, but she shook it off and with a clicking sound made with her tongue, steered Nina from a trod into a full on sprint. Raven was impressed by the fire she possessed, it was little, but it was a start. Giving her a short lead, and hoping she was right about the horse’s sense of direction, he too clicked Ella into a sprint.

Feeling the freedom in the reins, the horses really let loose and soared down the path. Their speed made it seem as if they were flying at times; hooves hovering above the ground. Ella didn’t like the head start Raven gave Marina, or Nina for a fact, and caught up fairly fast. Marina’s laughter echoed through the forest and Raven listened to the beautiful sound, before joining the fun of it.

By the time they reached the small river stream on an open plain, Ella had taken the lead away from Nina. She wasn’t modest about winning Nina either and let the other know it with short snorts and whinnies. She even trotted in one place for a minute or two. Her over-enthusiasm made for a quick descent on Raven’s part. Who knew if Ella got too excited, she might even throw him off and he would not thank her for that. Marina walked up to the Raven and the cocky horse and gave him an approving nod for winning. He helped her off Nina and together they relieved the horses of their saddles.

They let the horses roam freely under a watchful eye and moved underneath the shade cast by a large oak tree. It was surrounded by flowers in a perfect circle. Not jasmine, but hundreds of yellow and purple flowers. Behind the tree that circle grew wider and wider, like a spread blanket, going deeper into the forest.
Raven was in awe of all the beauty around him; hidden in the unexplored woods all this time.

‘I think this place just turned into my favorite place in the world’
‘Have you seen the rest of the world?’ Marina leaned casually against the mother of trees, ‘besides, it’s already been claimed’
‘By whom?’ he asked frowning boyishly. He knew the answer to that question, but he was humoring her.
‘Well, me of course! Who else? This is one of my most favorite spots—‘she stopped her sentence a bit too quick for him to not notice it and he searched for her eyes. ‘… at least it used to be…’

Raven had a feeling it had to do with her father, so he didn’t push for a why.
‘I haven’t been here in quite a while. I stop halfway up the path and turn around. It just doesn’t have the same feeling it did when my father and I used to come here. Still, beautiful and calming, but kind of lonely now’ Marina moved away from the tree and into the flower field.
He watched her as she slowly lay down between them and had to admit it was a beautiful sight. She had a rare beauty of herself, but between the flowers, that beauty was perfectly framed.

‘Now that I’m here again, I can almost feel him. He used to lie here each time we came up here. I really miss him you know’
‘Yes, I can see that everyday…’ Raven answered, lying down next to her leaning on his right arm. He moved his leg underneath her head. She lifted her head and allowed him to, but still gave him a questioning look.
‘You don’t want sand in your hair or ants, trust me. Having long hair has taught me a thing or two. Some things, like fire-ants, I learned the hard way!’

Her laughter gave a small echo on that open plain. How he savored that beautiful sound. In observing her, he also learned to have her keep doing that; she needed to be distracted with other thoughts. That way she’d have no time to sink into her sadness.
‘What does Binny think of this place? I see no weeds, so I’m sure her obsessive cleaning has reached this place too’

Marina laughed again before turning to face him. ‘You’ve noticed it huh? She can overdo it sometimes, but no, Binny hasn’t been here… no one has. You’re the first, apart from my father and me’
‘You mean no one comes here?’
‘No, the forest path is right next to our farmhouse, almost on our land, so people automatically assume private property. Binny doesn’t come here, because you can only reached it on horseback. She’s been afraid of horses ever since one of them pulled her hair…’

Raven smiled as Marina continued the story, but he wasn’t listening to the words. He eyes were fixated on her lips. They weren’t big, but they did have a kissable fullness to them. The rose lip gloss only seemed to enhance them. He imagined those lips pressing against his. Very certain they’d be soft; lips that looked like hers did could be nothing but soft and feminine.
She already stated that no one came to this place, so why not? If there ever was a time, okay maybe not time, because this very well might be the wrong one, but if there ever was a place to go for it… this was it.

‘Raven…?’ she waved a hand in front of his face, ‘you’re staring and I’m guessing your mind isn’t here… have you heard a word I said?’ she smiled at him.
‘I have heard every word you said, but I wasn’t listening to them… I was distracted by your mouth… your lips have got me hypnotized’
Marina froze visibly at his words. Her body’s physical reactions to him were not as one sided as they appeared.

When she said nothing, not telling him ‘no’ or ‘stop’, he decided to test the waters a bit more.
‘I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now’ he said, slowly pulling her up by her arms; giving her the freedom to pull back should she want to. He shifted his gaze from her lips to her clear blue eyes holding them captive. Raven could swear they were a tad darker then he remembered. Taking care not to frighten her, he carefully leveled her face with his.

‘Raven…’ she, almost inaudibly, whispered his name. A bit hesitantly and unsure, but she wasn’t pulling back which excited him more. His eyes let go of hers and repositioned themselves on her lips, slightly parted now. Raven moved forward… being so close he could already feel her warm breath and the staggering way it released on his lips. He heard her heart skip a beat as he kept closing in…

To be continued…

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    1. Mommy!!! Daijah's being mean! She said the b-word!
      See why that couch is necessary!!!! Life-saver!!

      This chapter was supposed to continue... but the rest is not finished, so to post early, I cut it! Hehehe, just the way you like it!

      I am still laughing at your comment, no joke! I can't even see my screen!
      Looks like Binny's coming around a bit. Let's face it, Raven hasn't put a foot (just a fang) out of line since being there and maybe she's realized she was being paranoid. She'll still watch him like a hawk, just not obsess about it...if only she knew what was happening in that field!

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    The shots and descriptions were beautiful. I loved the path and the field. Great job.

    Binny, keeping the balance LOL. Right she is just being mean but Raven had been a model house guest so hopefully she will back off a little.

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      Binny is slowly, very very slowly coming around. After all, Raven has done nothing to them that requires her attitude toward him. Let's hope this really is the beginning of a more pleasant Binny. She already agreed on something concerning him, so who knows...

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      Ayayay, ducks back behind the sofa!
      I know, I'm sorry, I don't like cliffies, but it was soooo beautiful and I caved!


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