Monday, 30 July 2012

Chapter 21 - Orient Express

Nudity, Adult situations

Julie nestled deeper into the warm arms that surrounded her. ‘Good morning’ he whispered into her ear before nibbling on it, making her giggle. She sighed, turned around to face him and then frowned.
‘You were a lot sexier in what you wore last night’ Julie pouted pulling at his t-shirt; a little sweaty from his morning exercises.
‘Last night I wasn’t wearing anything’ he answered leaning forward to kiss her.
‘Exactly’ she said smiling against his lips before flipping him over.

‘Ah, yes, I remember this’ Dante whispered, when Julie moved over him. She claimed his mouth and felt a little of the fire from last night return, before she noticed the light in the room. After gazing out the window, she quickly searched for a clock. ‘What time is it?’
‘A little over 7.30 I think, why?’
‘No no no, Jane’s gonna kill me’ she muttered while hastily searching for her clothes. ‘My bra- ah’ she said grabbing it and making for the bathroom.

‘Where’s the fire?’ Dante said sitting up straight. He heard her turn off the shower and watched her dart in and out of the bathroom grabbing various pieces of clothing off the floor.
‘I should’ve been home by now, Jane and I leave for Belladonna Cove today’
‘And I hear about that now?’
‘I think we both had other things on our minds last night’ Julie said straightening out her hair.
‘I’m not talking about last night. You could’ve told me any time before that’
‘So I forgot, it happens, Jason! Besides, I wasn’t even sure I was still going; now I am!’

‘I feel a bit annoyed you opted not to tell me’
‘Why? Would you have prevented me from going?’ Julie looked at him a bit annoyed herself at him ruining what should’ve been a beautiful morning.
‘Of course not! But we’re a couple now Julie! The least you could do is tell me when my girlfriend is going to be in another city almost an entire day’s ride away. Give me at least the right to worry about you!’ Dante took out a clean shirt from the drawer and partially slammed it shut.

‘Like I said, I forgot. I didn’t think you’d make such a big deal over it’
‘It is to me. Julie you are not a one-night-stand I don’t have to give a crap about come the next morning. I care about you dammit and it hurts you kept something important from me’
‘Alright, alright I’m sorry it won’t happen again’ she sighed. ‘This is all new for me, Jason, I’ve never had to share anything with anyone apart from my sister, so yeah, I might slip once or twice. You have to have patience with me on that’

Dante just looked at her for a while before dropping his gaze. ‘Are you giving me a ride or am I calling a cab’ she crossed her arms like a stubborn child.
‘And risk the chance of you walking out on me, no I’m driving!’ he answered searching for his shoes. Julie couldn’t help but stifle back a smile at his words. She wasn’t gonna walk out; maybe let him stew for a week or so, yeah, but not leave entirely. Then she realized she was already doing that, leaving him for a week. Since he was already angry at her for not telling him she found it best not to add the fuel of how long.

‘How long will you be gone?’
Julie could kick herself, or him, didn’t really matter much. Instead she mashed her face and screamed inside, wishing she had a pillow. If she wasn’t sure he was a human, she could swear he was a witch with telepathic abilities.
‘A week, give or take’ she answered after a deep breath, seeing him cringe, but he said nothing and continued to tie his shoes.


As if the silence in which they rode back to her house wasn’t enough, Julie also had to endure a scowling Jane awaiting her at the gate. She crossed her arms when they got out. ‘Good morning! You slept well I take it’ her angry stuck to every spoken word like Velcro, ‘Oh, and just in case you were wondering, that little dot way up on the highway, that would be our bus’
‘So we missed the bus, it’s not like there isn’t another way to the train station. Jason’s here, he can give us a ride’ Julie said walking inside the house to change. In no way would she stay outside to hear Jane’s rant.

‘I’m sorry?’ Dante said, to an already closed front door.
‘Well you are partially to blame for her being late’ Jane turned towards Dante crossing her arms in an angry… and also protective stance. His being so close to her didn’t help her new feelings any. In fact they were doing twirls inside her body.
‘I won’t be blamed for this. Because until this morning, I didn’t even know you were leaving’
‘She…she didn’t tell you?’ Jane looked baffled.

‘No, she didn’t’
Jane didn’t know what to make of that and decided to just keep quiet as Dante crossed his arms and leaned against the fence. She could tell he was disappointed and hurt. Knowing it just might kill her, she joined him at the fence, prepared to be the friend he knew. He looked at her sideways and flashed an appreciating smile. Or at least she thought he did, because it was gone just as fast, replaced by a somber look. A sudden urge to hold him swift over Jane and for a minute there she considered it. Her hands were already loosening from their crossed position when he got up suddenly.  She saw him bent over the car door and soon enough heard the trunk snap open behind her. Stupid, stupid, stupid Jane! What is wrong with you? Get a hold will you! She silently reprimanded herself and moved to help Dante with her bags.

His hand brushed over hers when she handed him her bag and a shiver went through her. He would’ve notice it too if Julie hadn’t reappeared with her own bags in hand. Easy Jane, he’s touched you before. This time is not different that the last… or so she told herself, focusing on Julie as a distraction. ‘Did you see grams?’
‘Yeah…’ Julie answered handing Dante her bags.
‘Did she hit you?’
‘Yeah…’ Julie hissed.
‘Good, you deserve it’ Jane smiled, turning her sister by the shoulders, and sat down in the backseat, leaving Julie to deal with the unsolved issue of Dante.

The drive to the train station was strained, because neither of them spoke. Jane looked out of the window constantly to prevent herself from staring at Dante while his attention stayed on the road to prevent himself from saying things he would regret later. Julie kept turning the radio on and off, not finding one tune to lessen the tension.

Unknowingly they each let out a sigh when they reached the station. Right on time too; the train was already loading and platform #6 looked practically empty. They gave their bags to the train-assistant who hastily looked at his watch. At that exact moment the first honk sounded. Jane tucked her hair behind her ear and moved for the car. She was surprised when Dante closed her in a bear hug.
‘Have a safe trip and be careful’
‘I will. Don’t go spraining your ankle in class or something while I’m away’
Jane saw him smile for the first time since leaving the house. He held her once more before she stepped off the platform. Waiting for Julie, she turned around at the door, instantly wishing she hadn’t.

Julie put her arms around Dante’s neck willing him to look at her. She put on a pouty face and made some sad eyes. ‘I’ll miss you, you know’ she said pressing her body into his. Dante suppressed a devilish grin trying to claw its way to the surface.
‘This doesn’t change the fact that I’m still angry at you’
‘Good, it’ll only make you miss me more’ Julie smiled rubbing her nose against his, making one side of Dante’s mouth turn up in a smirk. However the sound of the second honk made his face grow serious again. Rolling a lock of Julie’s hair between his fingers he looked at her trying to etch her face in his mind. She’d only be gone for a week and already it felt like forever. She felt the same way apparently and needed a reminder of her own.

Standing on her toes she locked his lips in a passion-heavy kiss. An older man walked passed and sneered at the overly display of affection, but neither of them took note of him. It was a kiss that would have to keep them for the next week and no one would take that away from them… except for the conductor’s whistle. This was it then, the final departure signal. Julie pressed one last feathery kiss on his nose before she released him and stepped off the platform. ‘I’ll call you when I get there’

‘You okay?’ Jane said waving to Dante as the train started to move.
‘Yeah, I’m good. Actually exciting now’ Julie answered turning her face from the window, ‘I’ve never been to Belladonna Cove before. Yes, I know, we’re on a mission, but still, I’m excited. You?’
‘Maybe a little bit------- he’s still there’
‘Who is- Dante?’ Julie said straining against the glass to look at the, now far-off platform.

Dante stood on that platform for as long as the train was visible and even a few minutes after. Back inside his car he glanced at the digital clock, already counting back the hours.



  1. Julie better watch herself. She didn't want Jason before but now that he's forbidden fruit it seems like she has a pull towards him.

    Not sure how to take his over reaction to her leaving. They haven't been seeing each other that long but now that they have had sex he got a tad demanding.

    1. got the twins mixed up...but sure you can figure out who I was talking about LOL

    2. True, but that forbidden fruit looks so delicious...
      She only rejected him because he was married. If he wasn't, maybe they would've hooked up a long time ago.

      I told you guys he had flaws... This one is a post-marital one. Hopefully Julie will catch on fast and confront him about it.

    3. Yes, I knew who, LOL ^__^

  2. Jason seemed a bit too angry at this news. His reaction was really shocking to me. It's like he bagged and tagged her ass after one night and that "psycho" switch flipped Why was he that pissed off??! Jane kind of validated his feelings with the "she didn't tell you" bit. I mean the girl said she honestly forgot but if you ask me there wasn't a place to tell him that she was leaving as they seemed to just really hit it off rather quickly. I don't know...I think I want to look more into this "divorce" thing and the real reason wifey cheated.

    Maybe he's a vamp or something too...something else perhaps. Unless he's just a really jealous man after what he's been through and hasn't been able to settle those emotions yet...

    Jane, Jane, really need to get a hold of those feelings you're having. Poor Grams really did a number on her! She has no idea how to act around DJ now!

    1. Okay, so maybe it was a little too soon after their romp together I showed one of his flaws, I admit! Bad me! Yet it was so fitting with her leaving for BC...

      Haha, shall I gather the papers for you? Then you could leisurely take a look at them. I can even arrange a meeting with the ex (I should have her somewhere?)

      Noo, he's not a vamp. His house is too bright for that, HE'D DIE!!!! Besides he was in broad daylight taking them to the station. (Don't link him to Raven)
      His previous marriage has something to do with this flaw!

      Well, she's away from everything now, so let's hope she fares better!

  3. What a wonderful chapter and I could sit and look at Dante all day along.

  4. Wow, a morning after argument after the first date is NOT a good sign. Dante is a bit possessive there, and Julie's more of a free spirit, I have a feeling they will clash again, And again...
    And then there's Jane, just about ready to jump his bones, lol.

    1. Yeah, it was a bit too early (forgive the pun), sorry 'bout that! They will clash again, yes, but not anytime soon.

      LOL, don't we all... *wink*

      Thanks Cat! ^__^

  5. Your pictures were wonderful.

    Dante does seem a bit possessive, but able to cool himself down. I am glad for that. Will have to see how that relationship continues. Jane better be careful. I have a horrible feeling that the relationship with her sister will be severed, just my feeling. Will have to wait and read more :)

    1. Aauww... *Sparkle*

      He'd better or this one will walk out too. Then he might just seriously break down and it'll all be his fault.

      Jane and Julie need to be locked up in a room to talk it out
      *hmm, idea forming...* I'm kidding! It'll happen in BC!

      Thank you Zhip! ^__^

  6. Okay. Dante is hot. If I wasn't married to Calum (in my dreams) I'd nab Dante from Julie in a heartbeat!

    Now, lusting after Dante aside, I found his outburst unsettling. They haven't been together that long for him to be so possessive. Even if they were together for a while, his possessiveness would not be justified. I hope it was just disappointment on his part over being apart that was making him act a little postal, and not some inherent quality that might need psychiatric evaluation.

    The twins...Jane, I feel for her. It's sad that she's realizing her feelings for Dante right when her twin gets involved with him. I wonder though if in a way it's not a case of wanting what she can't have, or competitiveness on her part? Either way, it would be sad to let a guy come between them.

    1. Hmmm, the Elite doesn't like your comment. I can see him plotting right now! Good luck!

      It came over as very possessive and maybe a bit over the top, but going to a different city for a week and not telling your significant other, even if you've only been dating for a while, is kind of a big deal. It actually shows some form of trust in each other...

      Dante overreacted, because he was denied that trust and plus. Her not telling him makes it a bit suspicious. What would she be doing there that he doesn't need to know? (witchcraft aside, relationship wise) Dante needs to know where they stand in this relationship, because he actually cares about her. She not a fling/rebound or just-somebody to him. He is ready to start over and he might want to do that with Julie.

      Jane... Her mind has been corrupted by grams. I don't know if her feelings for him are genuine or a thought of 'maybe'/'what-if' and seeing him with Julie makes it somewhat hard to figure them out. When you have a good/best friend that is also your type, it's pretty hard to figure out what you really want: friendship or that extra mile!
      Jane is in that situation right now...

      I hope their bond isn't as weak as to let a guy come between them...

      Thanks Val! ^__^

  7. Loving the triangle going on here! I'm really not sure why but I like Jane more, she saw him first and should have called dibs with her sister though :/

    1. Haha, I like that Aeon! Just plain black and white for you, no gray area! She saw him first so, back off Julie!

      Thanks Aeon! ^__^

  8. Jane is walking on dangerous ground me thinks. She was too late and I'm thinking she's putting way more thought into what she thinks Dante feels or thinks than there is actually truth to. Now that he has Julie in his life, i don;t think she will ever be more than a friend to him...edenz~

    1. Hmm, don't know why I didn't receive a note about this!

      True about Dante! With being with Julie, he sees Jane as nothing more than a friend. Jane should realize that quickly or I see some bad break-ups not too long from now. She's seeing things in everything Dante! A simple touch, a hug...

      The twins will have some motel-talking-time in BC...

      Thanks Edenz!

  9. Thought I read this, guess I didn't.

    When Dante and Julie started arguing I was like nooo! Then I remembered that I kinda like him for Jane, except I don't want her to have her sister's sloppy seconds. Still not sure which one of the twins is my favorite....

    The train thing is soooo cool!

    1. Still having the 'Which twin do I like more' dilemma, I see!
      Lol, she won't have her sister's sloppy seconds... not if it's Dante's choice.
      (Plus, there's nothing sloppy about him, hahahaha)

      The train thingy was a downloaded comm. lot with just a train, no station, nothing.
      So I took the train's wallpaper and made my own train WITH station :)
      Glad you like it! :)

  10. Oh this is bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad kind of bad.

    Crap. I don't know which sister to take sides with. Why you do this to me?

    1. aka bad!

      Don't worry about it! Pixx is in the same boat as you! Doesn't know which twin she wants to side with either! LOL