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Chapter 10 - Feelings

Mild Adult Content

Calum was sharpening his samurai blades. After almost 5 years of dealing with unworthy units, they could use some pampering. His eyes followed his hands as he moved the sharpening stone over the edge of the blade – a sharp and clear mirror-image reflected off them and made the corners of his mouth rise slowly. ‘Ah…’ A wince of pain vibrated through him as his finger accidentally slid off the blade and met with the, again, razor-sharp edge. Drops of blood surfaced and pooled in his palm. Calum's eyes turned red as he licked what little blood he had left in his system, off of his hand. He was going to need to feed soon...

Chase entered with the news that Byron just came back, bringing Calum out of his daze thinking about his next victim. The newborns in the west-village had also been slaughtered.
'Lillian's' Chase answered Calum's unspoken question, 'Byron said he saw three hunters, all of them unknown, but they were wearing the silver watch tying them to the Lewis Clan'

'Dammit!' Calums swore, thorn between hurling the blades in Chase' direction or returning them to their hiding place in the sofa. The latter won since it delivered him no grave losses. 'At this rate I'll be back to square one in a week! How did they even find that nest?'
'The hunters followed one of them. Apparently the newborns have been sneaking around, going on feeding rampages outside the village. I don't know how they passed the sentries'

Calum's blood filled eyes made him seem twice as enraged as he was. 'Send Byron to the northern nest. Have him kill the sentries and take over guarding the newborns. Send Jalim to the border nest and have him do the same. I have no use for weak sentries. And remind both of them that if anything happens to the nests, the same fate as the sentries awaits them' He took a set of blades from the sofa and hung them, neatly stacked, back on the wall.
'Right away master Calum!' Chase answered, his eyes fixed on the blades next to his leader's head. His lingering made Calum look up.

'If you don't mind me asking master Calum, the blades... I've seen what they can do to a vampire and I've been wondering where you got them from?' A frown appeared on Calum's face. 'Just out of curiosity...' Chase added cautiously. Calum was getting a bit tired of the questions. First about Lillian, now his blades... He was not the sharing kind. But considering Chase has been the one to clean up the newborns mess… Keep order among the units…
'A hunter' Calum sighed, 'the leader of the, now extinct, Taihinda Clan. 6 years ago! It was the only weapon she ever used. It took a total of 18 of my men and myself to take her down. The blades, I took as the spoils of my victory'

'I never knew they had this kind of weapon' Chase exclaimed looking at the sofa where he knew one of them was lodged. 'It's quite unusual such a blade. The way it glows green when in use and the fact that it slows the inflicted wounds from healing, makes it even scarier... Kind of like magic... Maybe it's a cursed object, or enchanted?'

The twinkle in Calum's eyes after saying that made Chase regret ever bringing it up. Calum looked at the cut on his finger from earlier. It was still in its healing process. 'Magic huh...’ he said looking as dazed as when he thought about who he was going to feed on.. Chase knew what was coming next... He was so not in the mood to get scratched, at least not in the literal sense! His face twisted in a very painful way the moment the words left Calum's lips.

'Get me V'


‘Okay, eye-liner… check! Kiss-Me-Deadly lipstick… check! Cleavage… ‘
‘I’d say that’s a double check!’ Marina mused comfortably from the couch, watching as Binny got ready for her date with Byron, or Boy Wonder as Marina liked to call him. Binny got tired of waiting for him to call, so she called him instead. After a good scolding from her part and some praise for her forward-ness from him, a date was set.

‘You don’t think this dress is too business-womany, do you? Maybe I should wear the green one?’ Binny fidgeted, putting on her shoes. She lost her balance countless times, but eventually managed to get them on her feet.
‘You look fine. This dress is simple yet cleavage-showing… and doesn’t at all scream needy. Unlike the green almost see-through dress which makes you look fat, by the way’
‘It does not’ Lubinnia’s eyes widened, ‘it brings out my womanly curves!’ She ran her hands down her sides to emphasize her statement and at the same time straighten her dress.

‘Okay, you gonna be okay? The room to our guest is still locked, right? Alright, then I’m all set. Don’t wait up, I have a feeling I’m gonna be late… Wha-why are you laughing?’
‘Nothing… Have fun… and drive safely!’
‘Oh, I will, he can count on that!’ The smile on Binny’s face grew wider as she looked at Marina. ‘Oh, you meant the car… right!’ she said, closing her in a hug.
‘Remember, no matter what happens, or what you hear, DON’T go into his room alone!!’ Lubinnia said, pointing in Marina’s direction, ‘It’s been 2 days, he should wake up any time now… and if he doesn’t today, or in the next few days, we’ll call the morgue, cause then it’s safe to say he’s dead’. She glanced up the stairs to where he was, before pinching Marina’s cheek and making a move for the car.

The minute Marina closed the front door the weight of the world set in. She felt heavy, a certain gloom and loneliness took hold. This was the first time this year that she was on her own at night-time. Looking around the empty living-room she made her way to the kitchen. She didn’t know why she thought it would be less lonely since it proved quite the opposite.
Sitting down at the kitchen table, she felt the one thing she had tried to prevent from happening building up… her mind starting to recall. She knew this wasn’t going to be easy and Binny wasn’t here to distract her…
Marina’s fight lasted a good two minutes, after which she let go with a sigh and let the memories flood her mind.

Her father playing the violin on Christmas day in front of the sparkling Tree, with an egg-nogged Binny singing off-key… Jacob always laughed, but continued playing… The three of them were together every night… sipping a simple cup of coffee or watching TV. They would always find something to do… There was so much happiness in their lives… No one suspected that just around the corner of the New Year, their happiness would come crashing down.

Marina’s head began to throb when she saw the flashes of the car collision. She could hear the vague screaming of the firemen as they tried to get the fire under control… ‘Over here- I think there’s someone inside’

…I’m sorry m’am… nothing we could do… too intense…sorry for your loss…
She cringed at the words as they played in her mind over and over again, and still she had a hard time digesting the fact that she would never see her father again. That he was really gone.

Today we honor a great man who has served his country for as long as he could. Even in his retirement, he still offered shelter to those in need. His name will be included in the Hall of all the Heroes that served his country alongside him. Colonel Jacob J. Astor, you have been a true friend and brother. You are a hero to us and you always will be. May you rest in peace. You will forever be in our hearts.

If it hadn’t been for Binny, by her side throughout this ordeal, she would’ve broken down a long time ago. Been a complete mess! Lubinnia even received the national flag in Marina’s stead. During the entire service, Marina’s thoughts were back at home, with her father; sitting in front of his chair as he told her stories of the war by the cozy fireplace.

She lowered her head onto her hands; remembering his smell. That musky smell that she hated when she was a little girl. There was also a hint of mint mixed in that smell. It made it his own. How she missed holding him. Tears glistened in her eyes, threatening to spill…

‘…I miss you daddy…’


Calum’s Residence 2
God knows where… 

Calum heard a commotion on the other side of the door, which could mean only one thing. She’s here…
The door swung open and a woman with short black hair that matched her face perfectly entered the room. ‘Next time you request my presence, just call me and I might consider it. Not have me picked up by your head dog like I’m a slave or something, waiting for you to summon me’ she spat the word in Chase’s direction, who was quite obviously avoiding her gaze. His face was still sore from where she tried to scratch his eyes out. As much as that hurt, he waited graciously for her to enter to close the door and find some ice for another part of him that made him walk funny to the refrigerators. It didn’t matter if he asked her nicely, or had to drag her to Calum, he always ended up with scratches or in this case scratches and blue-balls.

‘Don’t Val me! You putting on a sexy voice will do no wonders for you tonight’ she said crossing her arms, trying to look stern. ‘I have a date that you’re keeping me from and I would like to get back to it’
Val saw something reflect in his blood-red eyes at those words, but she turned from him and walked towards the couch, where two sets of blades were still waiting to be polished. ‘Are these the blades?’ she asked crouching in front of the couch.

‘They don’t look very special to me…’
‘They glow green when in use’ Calum said taking a seat on the couch right next to where she was standing. ‘And, from a recent personal experience, I can tell you that they indeed stop a vampire from rapidly healing’
‘Alright, I’ll take one with me, explore it completely. Sounds like anti-vampire magic to me. The thing is, I don’t smell anything magical on it. It’s not enchanted, that’s for sure… maybe something in the metal?’

Before Calum had a chance to act, she unscathed one of the blades and slid it through his arm. Drawing some more blood from his already half drained body. She studied the wound and made note of it. It indeed slowed down his healing process and he was one of the elite… She wondered how the other vamps this blade had been used on fared… No, not really, she just realized she didn’t care!

‘You cut me…’ Calum said holding her eyes captive in his. Val again saw something reflect in his eyes, but she replied indifferently.
‘And what of it?’

Faster than the eye could see or at least before she realized it, she found herself pinned to the wall. With his arms he locked her upper body in an unmovable position, all the while pushing his left leg between hers to keep her from slipping out below. He buried his face in her neck, savoring the sweet smell of her perfume. ‘It’s a bad thing you know, standing someone up!’ It took her a while to realize what he meant.
‘I’m not standing anyone up! No… Calum… I- I have to go!’
‘I was planning on leaving you alone this time, but you cutting me, changed my mind very quickly! No…’ he said nuzzling the sensitive spot in the nape of her neck, ‘…I lied, I never planned on letting you go! You spilled my blood and now you have to replenish what you took…’ he pressed his body against hers, ‘…from me’
‘Calum…’ she sighed, enjoying the feeling of his body pressing against hers.
‘Shhhh.......’ He ran a finger along the fullness of her bottom-lip, before moving back towards that inviting, teasing, and beautiful neck. ‘I missed you Val!’

Val let out a soft moan as he rubbed his obvious desire against her. ‘Oh’ she breathed heavily in his ear, ‘I can tell…’ her voice faltered as he moved against her body again, leaning into her this time. His right hand snaked its way up her back, moving underneath her red blouse. The sensual feeling that that little act produced her made her hold onto him as her legs threatened to give out from under her. She felt him press feathery light kisses on the length of her throbbing vein. She knew what he was going for and her eyes lit up at the idea. It had been an entire month since she last saw… felt him. She felt his desire grow bigger, begging for release, begging for her touch. After the light kisses he ran the tip of his tongue along the fore mentioned vein as she lowered her hands, rubbing against the front of his trousers.

‘Val…’ his voice hoarse with desire.
‘No more talking… just do it!’


After a good crying session, Marina felt some of the weight lift off of her shoulders. She never knew how much she needed to grief to be able to let go. It wasn’t gone entirely, but it was a start. She sat up straight, wiping the lingering tears off her face, taking care not to rub in her eyes. If they got puffy, Binny would know and never leave her alone again in fear of a reoccurrence. While getting up to wash her face, a noise stopped her in her path. She looked up, listening if she had imagined it… Sure enough, there it was again, fainter this time, but there was no mistaking it. The noise came from the guest bedroom.

Is he awake? Is he trying to escape? Should she risk checking on him?
She slowly got up and walked up the stairs; coming to a halt in front of his door. Taking in a deep breath and shooting a fast prayer upwards, she turned the key…


Valerie "Val" Prescott appears courtesy of Valpre (SimSelf Industries)

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    1. That's Val for you!! She's a feisty one. Always aiming for Chase, since he's the one that always gets send to get her.
      I'm sorry...

      Calum always used the blades on others, never aiming for survival. When he cut himself and then Chase's comment... That got him thinking.

      Marina and the mystery man... Maybe you're right, maybe you're not! Let's see in the next chapter if she goes in or not!

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    1. I had to get it in there at some point, explain why Marina has had a very bad year. The death of her father is only a part of the whole, there's more! But I decided it would be too much for her petite form all at once. I'm glad you like the shots!

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    1. Yupp, we all do that! Some for every date, other's have at least once!
      It will always be hard for them now, during the holidays. More for Marina since it was her father. Binny loved him too and had great respect, but he wasn't her father. Just her employer and good friend!
      With going on her date, Binny hopes to show Marina that her life should continue as well and not spend at home, hiding from the world. Little did she know it had quite the opposite effect on Marina. She'll get back on her feet, but she needs help to do so. Help that maybe Binny can't give... but someone else can!

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    1. COUGHWeird is an understatementCOUGH.

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