Monday, 13 February 2012

Chapter 12 - Prescott & Preston

Nudity, Adult Situation, Calum in bulging undies

Careful not to wake him, Val slipped out of bed. Tiptoeing around the room, she found her undies near the fireplace and her pants under the couch. How they got so far under the couch, was beyond to her. She could barely reach them and when she got up, she bumped against the end-table, shaking the candle-holder. She hurriedly glanced at the bed; reassuring Calum’s still resting position. Val stared at him with a smile on her face. She had an auww moment when she noticed he was sleeping in a fetus-position. He was cute when he was asleep and a lot less threatening.

‘And where are you going?’
Val froze. She had turned her back for a micro-second, bending to pick up her blouse and he was already behind her. She picked it up and turned to face him. His eyes had returned to its usual hazel-brown color after feeding from her, replenishing his body. ‘Home! The shop needs to open and I need to check your blades remember. Last night was wonderful and you know it, but the sun came up and I have to get back to my life’ Val said, running her fingers against her neck, stopping at the bite-marks. ‘Now if you’ll please close these’, she pointed at her neck, ‘I can’t go out like this’

Calum slowly moved towards her, caressing her neck, just above the two bite-marks he left on her neck in their throes of passion, before sliding it down her arm. He tightened his grip and before she knew it, he had thrown her blouse onto the couch and she was sitting on the bed, Calum towering over her.
‘Come on, Calum! You’ve already fed last night!’
‘I did, yes! But that was just feeding and some fun; the hunger I feel now is a different kind of hunger’
He caressed her arm, sliding his hand up her shoulder, down to her right breast. Val closed her eyes when he cupped it. Rejection once again shed from her mind. He had a way of doing that… Massaging her breast and rubbing the erect nipple between thumb and index-finger caused her to moan. She didn’t want him to stop, but she needed him to. She opened her mouth to protest, but was silenced when he pressed his lips on hers. His mouth dominated hers, forcing her to open her lips and grant him access. His tongue pushed and sucked on hers, leaving her a bit light headed as his hand released her breast and made its way down to her jeans. He tugged on the button, sending it flying. While sliding down her jeans, his mouth released hers, allowing them a moment to breathe. He pressed a trail of red hot kisses down her neck going south. Val almost flew to the other side when his hot mouth closed over one of her nipples. Biting it softly, making her arch her back. She ran her hand through his hair, pressing herself against him. He released her nipple immediately, teasing her as his fingers played with the cords of her panties.
‘Calum…’ Val whispered with a pout.

‘You whispering my name in my ear last night was cute and……. rather insulting. This time I’ll make you scream it!’


When Val woke up a while later, she noticed they had slept through an entire day. …shit, the shop… She quickly got out of bed and got dressed. Checking to see if she still looked presentable, she saw no bite-marks on her neck. It their entire very athletic activity, she never noticed Calum healing the marks. When someone thrusts into your body so vigorously, you tend to not notice little things. Val’s cheeks turned red. What was she thinking about… She reached for her beeping phone to see which date it was, just before it died. …perfect… she snapped. She was planning on calling her partner to tell her she was on her way.

This month, 30 days before the Winter Solstice, they decided to keep the shop open until midnight. Some of the reagents needed for the Solstice ceremony could only be sold at night and their shop was the only one with high quality reagents. Every witch in town knew that… she only hoped they wouldn’t run out of ingredients to make them.

With her shoes in one hand, sword in the other she tiptoed to the door. She briefly glanced back at the bed and wanted nothing more than to just cuddle up against him, but she had responsibilities. She been away long enough… and with that thought she closed the door.

In the living room at the end of the hall she found Chase lounging in a high chair. His jaw tensed when he felt her enter the room.
‘Hey head dog! I’d like to go home now’
Chase’s jaw twitched. ‘I failed to see the point where that’s my problem’
‘You rudely abducted me from my home and you will bring me back. End of story! Or shall I use you as my test-subject for trying to find out what the deal is with these blades?’ she turned the sword in her hands.
Chase’s eyes never left her face and a smirk grew on his lips. The fearsome blade was anything but fearsome in her hands. To use it on a vampire like him, she’d need speed. The one thing he knew she didn’t have…
‘Don’t think of my ‘not allowed to touch you’ as fear. I do not fear you. But you should be careful with me. The day master Calum gets tired of you, will be the day I make you feel everything you’ve ever done to me… tenfold. Considering your survival rate… tch’ He gave her a once over. ‘And I always pay my debts’
‘Yes, well, we can wait for that day to come, or you can take me home now! Or will it be more convincing from Calum’s mouth?’

A low growl sounded inside his chest. Now that was a theory he didn’t want to test….


Prescott & Preston Alley
10.30 pm

‘What are doing here?’ Alex said, looking around very creeped out, ‘This place looks exactly like one they’d use for a horror movie’
‘That’s because this place is mostly warehouses and old-factories. The perfect cover-up for an occult shop’ Charlotte answered, stopping in front of a very old looking gate. Though old, it didn’t make the ‘criiiiiiiiii’ sound one would expect to hear from such a gate.
‘Enchanted’ Charlotte explained when she saw the confused look on Alex face, ‘Kat told me the last time I was here with her. It looks old and locked, but it’s not…’ She ran her hand through the lock to demonstrate. It was a ghost lock. Her hand just went through it.
‘Cool!’ Alex face lit up a bit. This was her first time visiting an occult shop. A lot of firsts happened for her this week. Being bitten and fed on by a vampire; Learning about a real witch; Kat, and now an occult shop. She didn’t know what to expect when she followed Charlotte down the alley.

The walls of the alley were overgrown with a climbing plant and as soon as they passed through the gate, the hidden lights underneath the plants flipped on, lighting their path. Alex’s mouth fell open. She was in awe about everything. Each light they passed caught her attention, ‘cause whenever they passed it, it turn off by itself…

‘So this shop ‘Prescott & Preston’ is it invisible too?’ Alex murmured when the alley kept on going. Charlotte decided not to answer that until they turned the corner. ‘No, just secluded’ she said when a small red bricked building came into view. Alex noticed it almost saturated with the bricked path they were walking on. Even the roof was made up of red panes, making the entire building blend in perfectly with the red brick factories surrounding it. If viewed from the sky, she’d bet it disappeared completely.

‘I’m curious, why didn’t Kat come to the shop herself? Why’d she ask you?’
‘Well, one because I know where it is and two, Kat’s making new ammunition for us to use. She was waiting for the metal to reach a certain heat level or something like that. In short, she needs a few things, both for whatever she’s working on and the upcoming witch ceremony and she wouldn’t be able to make it in time, so…’


Prescott & Preston
10.35 pm

The tingle of a wind-chime announced their arrival when they entered the shop. Charlotte recognized one of the owners Preston from when she visited with Kat almost a year ago. Preston was in a discussion with a teenager. Alex took this moment to stare at the wares on the display shelves. There was so much color everywhere. Skinny vials with a blue liquid, Orange egg-like thingies she knew nothing about and… ‘Good God’ she whispered to Charlotte, ‘Are those eyes in that jar?’
‘I think so, yes!’ Charlotte whispered back to Alex. Enjoying the freaked out look on Alex’s face, she kept it to herself that they weren’t human eyes; inwardly smiling.

Alex located the bubbling cauldron in the corner and was drawn to it. There was red smoke coming out of it and she wondered what was in it. She left Charlotte’s side to have a look at it up-close.

‘I don’t have any. It’s half past ten, you’re supposed to be at home!’ Preston argued with the girl.
‘I don’t care! I want some liquorish wands. I know you have them! Give me some or I’ll tell my mom to hex you!’
Preston was getting annoyed at the little brat. ‘Sure, go ahead and tell your mother what you were doing at the shop at this time. I bet she’ll hex you and you’ll learn of a new spell; the ‘stay-at-home-at-night’ one’ Preston countered, crossing her arms as the teen had done.
‘Ugh, I hate you Preston!’ the girl spat and ran out of the shop almost bumping into Charlotte.

Preston turned her attention to Charlotte ‘I’m sorry about that. How may I help you?’
‘It’s fine! I’m here on behalf of Kat Tyson; I believe she called you earlier today?’
‘Yes, I remember Kat. She said you’d be coming to pick up her order. It’s already packed; I put them in this old bag, because some of them are quite heavy’ she handed Charlotte the bag labeled Kat Tyson. When she released the bag it jerked Charlotte’s body forward.
‘Wow, you weren’t kidding’
‘Not quite, no!’ Preston couldn’t help but laugh.
‘Oh, before I forget’ Charlotte reached into her back pocket pulling out a small piece of paper and handing it to Preston, ‘she asked me to pick up these too’

While reading the list, Preston looked up after every item on the list, checking to see if they were available. ‘Hmm, she needs 3 vials of the Essence of Light’ Preston said noticing there was only one vial on the shelf, ‘I’ll check in the back! If she’s lucky, I might have some left. Please wait here… and please don’t touch anything!’
The last part of that sentence was directed at Alex, hunched over the cauldron, looking ready to hurl at any minute.

Preston bumped into Val in the back room. ‘Oh, you’re back? I was wondering if I needed to gather a search party. That must’ve been one hell of a date!’
‘Pff, I’m sure it would’ve been, had I gotten the change to go… Calum needed my help’ she added seeing Preston’s questioning look.
‘You’ve been at… Oh, okay! I take it you both helped each other out then’ she grinned.
‘He needed REAL help, Preston… and yes, as a matter of fact we did’
‘Of course you did, but you could’ve called me to let me know where you were’
Val held up her juiced out phone. ‘Pretty much died on me an hour ago’
‘So, what REAL help did the elite-lover want?’

Val held out the sword. ‘He wants me to check this out. It’s a weapon that slows down their fast-healing abilities’
‘How do you know it slows it down?’ Preston said eyeing the, in her opinion, normal looking sword.
‘I cut him with it yesterday. He healed only moments before I left that place; and he’s an elite. It must be a lot slower on regular vamps. I was so tempted to use it on Chase, to test my theory, but…’
‘Chase huh? He was sent to get you I take it!’ Preston let out with a sigh, ‘How fares my brother?’

‘He looks well enough to me, putting aside the fact that I think he’s still sitting on ice. He’ll think twice the next time he tries to throw me over his shoulder and take me against my will’
Preston said nothing, just smiled. It had been a while since she saw her brother last. 23 years to be exact. Right after she partnered with Val and opened the shop. He saw her cooperation with the witches as a betrayal at that time and stopped speaking to her.

‘Oh, well, he’ll live!’ Preston said retreating into the storage room. She came out with 5 vials of Essence of Light in her hands to restock the shelves. ‘Let me just help the customers with this order and we’ll see about that sword, okay… Oh, and we’re out of Viper’s Essence. Dahlia needs some by tomorrow night. Plus, you’re Extractum Amourus potion has been boiling since yesterday and it’s releasing a really foul stench, so you may want to tend to it before you thin out our customers.
‘Oh, you can just throw it away! It failed any way. I’ll try another batch tomorrow!’ Val said moving towards a second cauldron to start on stocking up the Viper’s Essence.

‘Sorry for the wait’ Preston said returning with the Essence of Light, ‘Alright, let’s see if I got it all. That’s 3 units of Crystalized Moonbeams, 3 vials of Essence of Light, 2 units of Mystic Dust and 1 basket of Dragon Scales’ Preston said checking the list. ‘That’ll be a total of $298 and 40 cents’
Alex, again watched in awe as Preston whispered an incantation and the wares started to pack themselves. Her mouth stayed open even after receiving the plastic bag from Preston.
‘Have a magical evening’ she said as they exited the shop.

‘Come on, let’s get these back to Kat, I’m sure she… What is it?’ Charlotte said eyeing Alex, who stood sideways, looking back at where they came from.
‘I don’t know, I thought I saw something move’ Alex answered without moving. Both girls stood really still, making sure not to make a sound. If there was something or someone there, he would think they’d gone. Alex’s right hand was already lodged inside her jeans; tightly wound around her knife. They waited and waited until a stray dog came into view.

‘God, I hate it when they do that’ Charlotte exclaimed, thinking about the deer on her last gig, ‘I’m gonna start shooting them too if this happens too often. Come on, let’s get back to HQ. I’m sure Kat wants her stuff and I need some long-put-off sleep.’
Alex’s gaze lingered on the spot the dog came from, before following Charlotte. ‘Yeah, let’s go! This place gives me the creeps…’ She looked back once more before turning the corner. Alex was almost certain that what she saw a lot bigger than a dog, but in a place of magic, eyes can be deceiving…



  1. So is Chase's sister a witch? I know she isn't a vamp since female vamps aren't allowed. What does he have against witches anyway. Well other than Val being quite rude and violent towards him. Which by the way is very mean. She should play nice with Chase. :)

    That sword being in her shop could cause problems if the hunters find it.

    What exactly is the relationship with Calum and Val?

    Yummy Chase!

    1. Preston is a witch yes! The vampires have been holding grudges against witches for as long as I know. A witch helped the hunters in the very first war, prolonging their lives, so that might have something to do with it.

      Val has a very strong personality, so she basically resents Chase for doing Calum's bidding like a puppy. If she were in his position and not in Calum's bed, she'd be singing a different tune too.

      So don't write about it. Shhhhh! If it gets stolen it'll be bad for Val and you! Calum might come after you too. ^_^

      No relationship other than that she's partnered with his sister.
      More Chase in next chapter!

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Fingers moved a bit too fast yesterday!

      The relationship between CALUM and VAL? Thought Chase and Val.
      Calum and Val have a non-exclusive relationship. He has other 'chickies', but Val has proven to be the only one able to keep up with him (stamina wise). He has lost a small piece of his heart to her, but knowing Calum, he will NEVER admit it!

  2. ~ CALUM..............................MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
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    ~ That knife is a danger if the hunters get wind of it,SO CLOSE!
    ~ Loved it,more when you can!(",)

    1. Haha, you guys aim high! (good quality) What is about this vampire elite that's got you drooling? LOL

      Val definitely needs to be careful around Chase. He's a chained animal right now and she is testing the length of that chain.

      Chase is under Alex's skin. Whether it's the other way around, we'll see in the next chapter ;)

      It's a shame Charlotte isn't part bloodhound or she would've been able to smell it and steal it later. LOL

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    Can't wait until the next chapter,good schtuff! edenz~

    1. Looks like someone is Team Vampire!

      *Fingers crossed the hunters don't get that knife* gave you away!
      (Hmm, knife... more like sword! Think Samurai)

      Thanks for reading Edenz!

  4. NOT ENOUGH CHASE!!! WANT MORE CHASE!! Seriously, you need to write a whole chapter with Chase. Buck naked, oiled up and sprawled out on the bed...ready to go. "Yes, Mistress Lyn, whatever you want. I'm here to serve you". "Well in that case...why don't you start with my---" Oh wait, did I just say that out loud? Ummm yeah, why don't you start with the laundry...yeah. I got loads of it. LOADS.

    That scene with Calum feeding on Val was hot!! Love your descriptions. Now next time maybe he can go lower? xD

    Val needs to be nicer to Chase. He looks like he can whoop her ass. Interesting...Chase is a vampire but his sister is a witch. I wonder if there's gonna be a showdown between vampires and witches. And if that's the case, I'm wondering if loyalties will be divided.

    1. *ducks under the table*
      I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Don't yell at me!
      Hmm, nice fantasy you have over there... might not be too far off... nope! I'm not saying a thing! Laundry? Really? You want him to do laundry! Haha, of all the things he could do...

      You'll have more Chase in the next chapter!

      Calum is an elite and a vampire! You want him to go lower, TELL HIM YOURSELF! leave me out of it! I ain't sticking my neck out! He bites LITERALLY! LOL...

      He can whoop her ass... the only thing keeping him from doing it is conveniently, for her, named Calum.

      How cliche right? Chase's sister is what he despises right now!
      If I look at the turns and heights this story is taking, it does look like a showdown is coming. But between who...

  5. So, Chase doesn't like Val! I wonder if its because she is a witch or if its because her shop sells supplies to the hunters.

    If his sister were really disloyal, it would be so easy to give that sword to the hunters. It will be interesting to see what is so special about that blade that it causes the vamps not to heal as quickly.

    1. Two reasons he doesn't like her.
      - She's plain mean to him
      - She's a witch

      The shop sells supplies to anything/anyone practicing magic or wanting to do so. It's a lot harder to buy from them if you're not. The hunters were there to pick up stuff for Kat, who is a witch, so that went smoothly.

      His sister Preston isn't disloyal, but Chase has something against witches and Val isn't helping it much by treating him the way she does. Chase isn't speaking to his sister because she knew about his feelings towards witches and still became one. He doesn't know that HE is the reason why she became one. More on that in her Bio.

      I hope they figure out the blade soon.
      Thanks for Reading *^__^*

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    Now, that Val's had it all and then some, maybe she and Preston can get to work and figure out what's slowing down your royal highness' rapid healing in that sword.

    It must be sad for Preston, being cut off from her brother like that. I can't wait to learn more of their story and their fall out.

    Alex and her sixth sense, she should trust it!

    I wonder if Chase stuck around because of Alex, or if it was more for his sister, you know to catch a glimpse of her after so many years, if so could it be that he's softening a little and might be open to a reunion or a sitdown at the very least?

    Wonderful writing, and an equally stunning exploration of Val's and Callum's chemistry!

    1. Don't worry, I know those bananas! I'll just picture them in my mind!

      Whenever her brother's name comes up, and with Val being in a relationship with Calum that happens a lot, she smiles and makes a never mind comment not to show how sad she really feels.
      Chase is her baby brother and she loves him...

      Alex and her sixth sense. Trust it yes, act on it maybe not so much. Next chapter will show you why.

      It as the same for Chase as with Preston. He lingers every time he drops Val off. Standing next to windows to catch her scent. He's still hurt about her alliance with and becoming a witch, but he truly misses her. He's just too stubborn to just talk to her. Or maybe afraid?

      Thank you Val. May we see much more of the two of them haha!
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    1. Haha, Now I'm positive Chase is a bug! A lot of women have been catching him! If I ever get a crazy moment and reinstall my Sims 3 (Chances are 1-15), I might be swayed to make a Chase just for you! No promises...!

      The swords' history will be revealed as soon as Val figures it out! She's still pulling her hair out on that.

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  8. Stalking Alex or just hanging around after dropping off Val?

    1. The latter!
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