Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chapter 7 - Speed

~ Language & Few shots ~
Charlotte went inside to check in with Kat. The small red dot on her telephone caught her attention- One new voice mail. ‘Beep! Char, it’s Kat! Told you it’s a one way ticket to jail! Need assistance NOW! Call me!’ ‘…Damn it’ she let out and quickly walked towards Lillian’s office to tell her why she’d be out. Grabbing her car keys from the small table, she walked back out the front door where she left Alex. She frowned when she found her sitting on the floor.
‘Are you okay?’ a slight shiver running through Charlotte. Winter had already knocked on their door, making the nights pretty cold with some light snowfall here and there.

‘Yeah, I’m fine!’ Alex lied, putting her hand over her still sore neck. Her eyes were still a bit blurry. With much appreciated help from the wall, she stood up. At least she wasn’t dizzy anymore.
‘Come on, we gotta go get Kat! They’re on to her!’ Charlotte said on her way to the car. Alex, taking a big risk going in her current condition, decided not to object. If she refused, she would raise questions as to why not. No one would take him tricking her into feeding from her well. Lillian would even throw her out for being so weak.  The best choice would be to keep it to herself for now. He is after all only one vampire. If she can’t handle that much Lillian would be right to throw her out.

Alex forgot how she even got in the car. Her head was filled with weary and confusing thoughts. He fed on me… he bit me and… isn’t that how they turn people? She panicked. Did he turn me? Am I gonna be one of them? Her hand in a reflex moved to her neck rubbing the sensitive spot. There was still a tingling sensation where he bit her. That’s weird…, she thought as she moved her fingers over her neck again. There were no bite marks – no tiny holes in her neck. If it wasn’t for her weakened condition, it would appear as if it never happened. Charlotte, on the telephone talking to Kat, disturbed her from her thoughts.

Well, did they see you?’ Charlotte said putting Kat on speaker phone, sirens in the background. ‘No, mask! But they’re hot on my trail right now’ ‘Yeah, we can hear them! Can’t you shake ‘em?’ –‘They’re too close… Where are you now?’ ‘We’re too far from you! Listen; try to lose ‘em before you reach the Abandoned Cottage. We’ll pick you up a few miles past the building, at the river, Remember the river?’ ‘Yeah, I’ll try!’ ‘We’ll wait for you there, hurry!’

‘Roger that!’ Kat said hanging up the phone and looking in her side view mirror. ‘Alright, bitches! Let’s dance!’ She shifted gears and upped her tempo. Taking one sharp turn after the other she managed to get some distance between them. Kat felt really badass being chased by 4 police cars. It very much looked like an episode worthy of “cops”! The thought alone made her laugh somewhat. The next right turn got rid of 2 police cars colliding with each other. Kat fell even more in love with her Ducati; it made for some sweet corners! But there were still 2 cars on her trail and she was getting closer to the meeting point.

After passing the last building on the road, she took a shortcut, in between two bushes where the cars wouldn’t fit, into the forest. Kat was glad Charlotte found it during the cottage heist. It gave her a good 20 minutes advantage over the cops, who had to follow the road, round the forest, leading to the cottage. When she got there, Charlotte and Alex were already there.

‘We don’t have much time, come on!’ Charlotte said, already running to the back, Alex right behind her with the bike. ‘What are we gonna do, they’ve seen her bike!’
‘We’ll torch it!’ Charlotte answered already unscrewing the tank’s lid.

‘Excuse me?!!! Hell no!!’ Kat belched, catching up to them with the vampire’s remains in a plastic bag. ‘You are not touching my b…’ Kat’s eyes glazed over as they followed the lit match flying from Charlotte’s hand.

‘MOTHERFUCKER! Goddamnit!’ Kat exploded holding her head. Alex moved a good distance from Kat, while Charlotte didn’t even flinch. Not from the fire, not from Kat’s outburst. ‘FUCK!’ Kat had reached a point where she could literally pull her hair out. ‘Bitch move Charlotte! Bitch move!’ she let the last two venom laced words out slowly as she watched her beloved ‘Du-Katherina-’ go up in flames.
‘Let’s get out of here!’ Charlotte said. They could already hear the sirens getting closer and the smoke would definitely bring them here.

All three girls rushed through the tight forest making their way to the river stream, where Charlotte parked her convertible. Alex, a little stronger now than when they got on the road, made a move to throw the remains in the river when Kat violently grabbed the bag. Her skull was on fire and Alex was threatening to make it worse. Alex slipped into the front seat of the car. Kat was ready to go on a killing spree and she would not fling herself in her path. ‘What are you going to do with the bones?’ Charlotte asked looking at Kat in her rear view mirror. Kat sent her a scowling look that threatened to cut her into a million pieces. ‘All right, you’ll tell me when you’re ready!’ Charlotte answered, spinning the car back onto the street.

They drove past the abandoned cottage since there was only one way back. There were two police cars on the front lawn and a large cloud of smoke coming from the back. There was a deafening explosion the minute they past the cottage. Alex winced and watched Kat in the side view mirror. Kat had her eyes closed and her jaw twitched.
This was going to be a very long drive…



  1. Ah man, I can understand Kat's anger, if I had a bike and I was forced to torch it like that I'd be livid too.

    I love the way you did the bike chase with the cops, it was like a scene straight out of a movie. Fantastically done! Still a little drunk from last night, so fantastically may not be a word. I don't know, I give up!

    Oh, Alex, why did she heal so quickly? Could she be part vamp? Or some other race she's not aware of? I don't think Char kicking her out for being weak would be fair, but sometimes higher ups are not the most reasonable of people.

    Moar! Moar! Moar!

    P.S. I love the direction of your story, and how strong you're making your female characters!

  2. Val,
    It was practically her best friend. Her 'Du-Katherina'; She had it for 5 years. Never let her down...

    LOL Fantastically apparently is a word! (How do I know? No red spelling-check line underneath) Wow, even in your drunken state you manage biggie words!

    I loved doing that scene! 'Bad Boys' was playing in my head the entire time!

    The quick healing has something to do with the vamps, don't know yet if Alex plays a part in that.
    True about Lillian though, she's not the most reasonable person. If she sees a weak link in the chain, she cuts it out... fast!

    Thank you so much!
    I hope I don't make 'em too strong. Don't want the vamps to look like wusses! LOL

  3. No, I think the way you portray them is just right. No damsels in distress, which is great. We need more bad ass chicks in Sim Stories! WTG!

    And your vamps being wusses, no ways. I'm still very much curious about Callum, my new husband.

  4. Yeah, no more softies!

    LOL@ my new husband!
    Why that evil, scheming, unpredictable vampire... he never told me you guys married! :)

    Tell me, does he bite like his right hand man? *wink*

  5. ~ I is all caught up now!
    ~ I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this!
    ~ The female characters are very strong,& I like that!
    ~ Her poor bike I know how attached we get to or rides,I still miss my Datty(Datson!I love sports cars!)
    ~ More when you can!(",)

  6. ~ No way Free,he is mine!
    ~ He said it was exclusive,just me & him,my Callum,though I can't complain he has excellent taste in women!(",)

  7. Karima, I got to Tamed first, and I saw Callum first, I think it's safe to say he's mine :)
    But since I'm so nice, I wouldn't mind loaning him out to you once in a while.

    JM, I don't get bitten and tell, a girl has to keep her secrets, but I'll tell you this, the right hand man has nothing on my husband, Callum wins hands down!

  8. Hey hey hey
    Easy!!! Besides you're both wrong! He's actually mine! LOL
    You guys make me laugh every time!

    Glad you like it! I had reconsidered burning the bike, which Kat would've liked, but then Charlotte threatened to burn my hair if I took away that pleasure. Kat's gonna be pissed for a loong time, I'll tell you that!

    LOL@ "I can't complain he has excellent taste in women"
    Thanks for reading!

    Guess it's 0-1 for you, since you were in fact the first of ANYONE to find Tamed!

    Haha, alright keep your secrets! You'll see more of Calum and his evil, scheming and unpredictable-ness in the next update. Which I hope to post soon!!!

  9. Charlotte is all balls and I love that! She doesn't let anything deter her and the fact that she has one royally pissed off Vamp hunter in her backseat isn't bothering her one second! WOW!

    Kat's anger may take a while to subside considering she was JUST hugging and kissing that bike and thanking it for saving her ass from the cops. This has definitely placed more strain on an already strained friendship!

    I'm curious what she has in store for those bones though. Leverage against Lillian? Is this her way of trying to get a leg up on the Boss lady?

    Hmm curious that Alex's bite mark healed so quickly...has she been changed or in the process of changing? Perhaps that was Calum's game from the start? Infiltrate the hunters by inserting one of his own right under her nose? Hmm with the thoughts his right hand is pushing into her head they could EASILY manipulate her into releasing those vamps she has hostage among other things.

    Very, very interesting plot there!

    Great update. R.I.P DuKatherina <3

  10. Charlotte can be quite scary. She may even come over heartless sometimes. But Kat knows she handled right. In a small town like DownTown, everyone would've recognized the Ducati. There were only two in that neighborhood, but still, it doesn't keep her from fuming.

    For the rest of the comment,
    MY LIPS ARE SEALED! Muhahaha!

    Thank you!
    LoL@ R.I.P DuKatherina

  11. The shots were awesome!! Poor Kat having to watch her baby burn like that!

    Alex! Man if she turns that would be CRAZY!!! She'd really have to worry about Lillian's reaction then!

    Char still considers him her brother huh? interesting!!

  12. Qui,
    Thanks about the shots!
    Poor Kat! I wonder how long it'll take for her to forgive Charlotte!

    Alex is in a tough situation. If she turns, Lillian's gonna either kill her or kick her out. If she doesn't turn and Lillian gets wind of her encounter with Mr. right hand man, she's gonna kick her out!
    Either way, she's gonna have to face Lillian. *Shudders*

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: Last sentence has me a bit confused, I'm not gonna lie!

  13. This was so exciting! I just love Kat and Charlotte's take no bull attitudes. Alex needs a little of it!

    That disappearing bite makes me think that she must be changing. I still wonder what his motive was in feeding from her.

    The pictures were great! I loved the one of the motorcycle chase and the fire one especially!

  14. Glad you liked it!
    True, Alex needs to "man-up" or "woman-up" so to speak! She looks VERY dumb and weak standing next to those two.

    I don't think he turned her (since it's forbidden) or at least I hope not!

    The motorcycle chase was my favorite scene. I loved doing it!
    Charlotte's stance in the burning picture was kind of hmmm... My bike's burning and you just stand there... LOL

  15. I couldn't help it I had to laugh with the bike incident. I would have killed her! Love the girls they are such kick ass chicks!
    And I have to say I trust Kat more now :)

    1. Haha, They are tough aren't they! Kat isn't a bad one... or at least I don't think so!

      *And talk about late reply! I just noticed these yesterday*

  16. Dang Charlotte, you never murder a person's bike!!! But then again Charlotte doesn't give shit... I <3 her attitude

    1. Yeah, that was an ugly chapter, I loved that bike too! Charlotte does what she thinks is best even if it hurts a friend. She's badass like that!

  17. Oh no she did NOT just torch that beautiful machine!