Friday, 11 November 2011

Chapter 6 - The Meeting

Sorry for the wait.
I send the permission slip too late, so there wasn't any time to wait for an answer. I removed the content from the report and went with an alternative.

Good afternoon,
 Rachel Adams here with your local news.
Sad news for all you rock fans out there. Jessy ‘The Breaker’ James has officially stopped recording. After a severe case of laryngitis, the rocker has decided it’s time to let go of his old life. Jessy, who fathered triplets last Sunday, says he’s embracing his new role as father. For the last 8 years he’s been devoted to his music and his fans, but now he’s devoting his life to his wife and his 3, #1 fans in the world. What will happen to the band? Will they go on without him? Nothing has been said so far for the other members. There have been rumors of an unrecorded cd that may still make its release, but nothing is certain.

Not enough for you? Check this on for size. Our undercover photographer spotted Justin Briebster with ex-girlfriend Lara Swift on the beach holding hands. We have a picture, but because we don’t want to risk a lawsuit it shall not be shown. He was even seen leaving her house this very same morning. Are those two making up? Is he cheating on his current girlfriend with his ex? Or is his relationship with Salma Gnomes completely history? More on this story on our website!

Now on a more serious note… The DT Police Department received a call at 7.45 am this morning, after a couple found a burning body in an abandoned alley. The fire, blazing at the time of the cops’ arrival, took at least 20-30 minutes to put out. The fierceness of the fire let the cops to believe some sort of accelerant was used, although nothing of the sort was recognized by the present coroners. Time of dead, according to the coroners, the same time the fire started, which puts it at right around sunrise. The victim has not yet been identified, but was confirmed to be male, Caucasian.

Although most of the clothing worn by the victim had been obliterated in the fire, the police did find a black cloak in the near vicinity of the body. Whether or not it belonged to the victim is still unknown.
The body and the cloak have both been shifted off to the Crimson Institute of Science to check for DNA. The rest of the investigation will take place in before mentioned institute according to Police Detective Addison.

That’s all for your local news, I’m Rachel Adams and stay tuned for SBA Sports!

‘Well, guess he didn’t make it after all…’ Charlotte looked as bored as she felt. Kat, always the doubting one, couldn’t help but… doubt!  ‘What makes you think it’s even him? All they said was that the victim was a Caucasian male who died in a fire’
Charlotte looked up at Kat. ‘They said he was Caucasian, there was a black cloak near him, and he died in a fire at sunrise. Do the math Kat!’
“Okay, when you sum it all up, true… But that’s not all I’m getting. I mean, If it is him’ she ignored Charlotte’s rolling eyes, ‘they took the body to the Crimson lab right… what if they do a facial reconstruction, which you can bet your life they will. How are they going to explain a 108 year-old-body, or bones in this matter, with the face of a person in their thirties?’
‘Oh!’ Charlotte caught up to Kat, ‘That can, and will prove problematic. Can’t shove that one under the rug’

Charlotte spun around while Kat touched the ceiling.
‘We can shove this one under the rug… and we will!’ the voice from behind continued.

‘But Miss Lillian, how are we going to do that?’
‘We aren’t. You are! Tonight! I need you to get rid of the bones, by whatever means necessary! Burn them, bury them, I could care less. Just sabotage them. No one should know about them or us,’ Lillian turned her attention to Charlotte still lounging on the sofa, ‘…as for you, Charlotte, get ready in 2 ½ hours.
There’s a meeting here tonight with one of the elite. I need you to stand guard. It’s highly unlikely he’ll show up alone, so get Alex, the two of you should suffice for tonight. Better to be prepared than sorry!’
She gave Kat an once-over and started for her office.

‘What does she expect me to do? Break into the lab and steal the body? She’s crazy!’
‘Yes, but you knew that already!’ Charlotte chuckled.
‘I mean, even with two people it’s risky! The place is heavily guarded! Argh, this is a one way ticket to jail, I can feel it… Is it because I’m black that she thinks I can pull it off? I bet it’s because I’m black!’ Kat ranted.

Charlotte wasn’t hearing any of it. She was still processing the request. It didn’t make any sense for her to choose Alex over Kat. Everyone knew Kat was a way better hunter than Alex. Alex is, according to almost everyone, the DID-type (Damsel in Distress). But Charlotte quickly dubbed her, the DDID-type (Dumb Damsel in Distress) posing as a hunter. Their last co-ed job pretty much proved it. She was good at hunting, if you count 2 solo jobs as good. No way Lillian would choose her, unless Lillian’s hiding something? Again? Only this time it regarded Kat…


2 - 3 hours later

Kat moved around the back of the red brick building called the Crimson Institute of Science. She counted 4 guards at the entrance and 3 in the back. There was no saying how many would be inside. The only way in seemed to be the roof. ‘This blows on so many levels I’ve lost count! Shit!’ She threw her bag into the yard, listened if anyone heard the thud and, in one quick movement, jumped over the shoulder-height fence. This is just perfect… with a fence this low, there has to be tight security inside…

Meanwhile at Headquarters
The six of them were having a stare-down; see who could keep it up the longest. So far the Vamps were winning. Did they ever blink? The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife. One wrong move and there’d be losses on both sides. Although, the Vamps were already set back a few paces with the cottage-heist 3 days ago. The vamp with the mane over his right eye smiled a creepy dare-me smile towards Alex; his stare-down partner.
Lillian was quick to notice, when they walked in, that he was the one to look out for. He seemed to be the right-hand man. She left the fact that he indeed stood at his right hand up to coincidence. Every minute or so she could see his lip curl upwards. Other than that he stood there like a statue. They all did.

‘Well, aren’t you the fun one Calum!’ Lillian broke the silence with a smug smile of her own. ‘How’s your authority holding up? Less rebelling vamps?’ She was absolutely rejoicing inside. She knew the arrogant little shit was furious about the cottage heist. She couldn’t help but rub it in a lot. Behind her Charlotte and Alex looked at the Vamp sitting in the chair opposite to Lillian’s, before Charlotte returned her gaze to the dark-skinned Vamp grinding his teeth from time to time. His jaw was so tense, he could easily be drawn on paper. The huge dragon tattoo on his abdomen suggested he was quite adept at enduring pain. That might be a disadvantage point for her. ‘That’s the leader of the vamps?’ Alex whispered to Charlotte, nudging her head in the direction of the sitting elite. ‘He looks so young!’. ‘Looks can be deceiving. I think he’s everything but young, now stay focused! They’re not here for chit-chat!’ Charlotte snapped at her.

Alex was not whispering as quietly as she thought. The Elite called Calum lifted his head and looked at Alex. The scowling look in his eyes made Alex regret thinking anything at all. If there was one thing he hated and loved at the same time, was that people never ceased to underestimate him. His clothing- and hairstyle made that people never took him serious until it was too late. No one would be frightened of a vampire Leader wearing a blue and grey sweater-shirt. Even his henchmen, dressed in black were more intimidating than he was right now. After receiving the desired effect of his stare on Alex, he tilted his head slightly to the left and glared at Lillian.

Charlotte, glancing down, saw the shift in his eyes and removed her leg from the wall where it had been leaning. She separated her legs and took a stance; ready for anything! Lillian seemed to be the only one who didn’t feel threatened by his glare. She just kept on smiling as if she knew something they didn’t. This woman was full of secrets and that didn’t sit all that well with Charlotte. If she didn’t have a goal to reach, she’d have been out of there by yesterday!

‘You think you’re very smart, don’t you; sitting there looking all smug. Take out a large nest and presume you’ve got us weakened, thrown off guard… well, guess again, you’ve found one nest… Do you even know how many there are?’ the right-hand man said, breaking the newly forming silence. He knew he hit a soft spot when he saw her face change. ‘Maybe you can hunt them down too, ignore the rules of the treaty and kill them for your satisfaction. After all the last time proved so much fun…’

‘Don’t you DARE presume to know anything about me!’ Lillian flared. ‘Don’t let my calm composed stance fool you into thinking you can say whatever you want to me and that I won’t do anything.  As for your treaty… you’re born way too early to be telling ME what the treaty entails! Considering your standing in all this, you should’ve known, but then again considering whose right-hand man you are… tch!’

The two henchmen snarled at Lillian and the direct insult made Calum burst. ‘You think this game you’re playing won’t have its consequences?’ He was short 25 new-borns and someone would have to pay for that. He recognized Charlotte as the blond he had seen carrying out the order and it took him all he had not to reach around the table to throttle her to death. He would at least take one of them down if he couldn’t touch Lillian.

‘Funny you think this a game, Calum…’ Lillian said leaning over the table ‘… when you’re the only one playing. You issued the new vamps and let them out into the city with the full knowledge they’d snap sooner or later. I just returned the balance that you so playfully thought to disrupt. It also raises the question as to why you feel the need to expand…’ A mysterious sparkle in her eyes.

‘Same reason as to why your numbers seem to grow each season…’ his eyes were shooting fire ‘…safety of course!’
‘Yes … safety!’ Lillian smiled slyly.
‘This is also why I demand you release the 4 of my men currently residing in your basement’ Calum resumed through grinding teeth.
‘Demand? Really Calum?! Are we going to go there? We were having such a wonderful conversation!’ Lillian answered to his arrogance not holding back on the sarcasm. ‘Not gonna happen! They killed those girls they fed on and I’ll return the favor… slowly! Now if that’s all you came to discuss, I bid you a good night!’

‘This isn’t over Lillian… Far from it! Better watch your back!’
Lillian couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. ‘Such a boy thing to say! Good night Calum! Ladies… If you would please escort our honorable guests outside! Wouldn’t want them to get lost in this place, now do we?’

Alex was stunned by the way Lillian handled the situation. Sure, they were there to protect her, but to challenge him so much. He was furious, not to mention his henchmen ready to attack at any moment. And now they had to escort them out… He didn’t even touch Lillian even after she belittled him and all, which was a shocker, but they were an entirely different story. Who’s to stop them from wringing her and Charlotte’s necks as soon as they stepped outside?

The moment they left the building the tension hanging heavily in the air subsided. Charlotte went inside to text Kat for an update.
Alex remained outside, still gazing at the spot they vanished from. She was wondering about the images that flooded her mind during the meeting. Images that would make a person blush by just seeing them.
Why were they in her head? One of them, in particular, gave her goose bumps when it resurfaced. She was a third person in that image, watching herself braid her legs around no one other than Elite Calum’s right-hand man. The way he was working her body was very inhuman, close to impossible! She almost couldn’t tell where dream-Alex started and he ended. His fangs were drawn and he was drinking from her even in the complex position they were in. The intenseness of the feeling it gave her.
This time the image did flush her cheeks as she walked to the door. She turned around one more time to stare at the spot they vanished from… he vanished from.

‘Lookin’ for me?’
Alex froze. The images leaving her mind immediately! It was time for the neck twister, she was sure of it. It was too late to reach for the knife inside her back pocket, because he pressed up against her, blocking her movement.
Another set of images flooded her mind. The one more sensual and erotic than the other. She closed her eyes as they clouded her vision. She couldn’t think straight… She wasn’t thinking straight. The man was going to kill her and she thought about wrapping her legs around him…
‘Everything she feels…’ his voice hoarse sounded far away in her ears. ‘… I can make you feel’ His mouth was very close to her ear, she could feel his warm breath. What? He is doing this? Putting these images in my mind? These, oh… wonderful images…

‘All you have to do is say those three little letters. Give me permission to make you feel what she’s feeling! Just those three letters are enough, Let me do the rest…’ he whispered, slowly running his hands up her arm, while sending her the mental image of a climaxing Alex, finding her release while he sank his teeth into her… heightening her senses!

‘A simple… yes…’ he whispered, nibbling on her ear, sending her over the edge.

The word left her lips like a whisper and he immediately pushed her against the wall, roughly sinking his teeth into the base of her neck piercing her flesh like a hungry animal. Alex winced in pain, instantly regretting her decision. This wasn’t at all like the feeling she felt when he was pushing the images into her head. She started to struggle, tried pushing him away. Of no use, he had her in an unmovable grip. She tried to scream only to have her voice die in her mouth. …No way is this happening to me… someone help me… anyone… someon… oh

A strange warm feeling, originating from the place he was nibbling on, going down to her chest causing her to take short irregular breaths... It kept going down until it reached her navel. Her breathing, very labored, stilled when the feeling went further below her navel. It felt as if he was running his finger down her body from neck to…heaven.
Alex was really getting into it all, when she suddenly felt weak… was this supposed to happen? She felt her heart beat in a slower rhythm. He lashed his hands onto her hips to keep her up, while he continued to, literally, suck the life out of her. She knew this wasn’t right. He was taking way too much… Is this it? Is this the end of me?

When he released her, she was so weak and dizzy, she sank through her knees. Even her eyesight was a bit blurred. The only senses she could rely on were her touch and her ears even though she stubbornly tried to focus her eyes. She could hear his footsteps getting fainter as he made his way down the stairs. Disappearing into the dark… ‘Don’t worry, Alex, I’m not going to kill you…




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    As for Callum, he is scary in a calm sort of way, and I think that makes him all the more dangerous.

  2. Val,
    Only when 'they' want it to be. It can also be excruciatingly painful. He was in a teasing mood... 'nuff said.

    Her mind is weak, which is the reason why he could access it so easily to push in the images. Letting her think they were her own.
    No, he didn't turn her (It's forbidden. I'll explain it in one of the future chapters)

    Vamps are all men, Hunters all women (also a reason for that)

    Calum's calmness is misleading. He's quite dangerous! Being one of the Elite (3 brothers) he's not limited to just the night (See chapter 4). Plus the way he looks and dresses, you wouldn't recognize him if he walked right next to you...

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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