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Chapter 40 - Vampire's Mate


Raven met no resistance at all moving through the halls of the Rosetta Estate. Every vampire he came across stepped aside as quickly as they could. Most welcomed their Elite with the usual greeting, but he had no time for them. His mind was fixed on one thing and one thing alone; finding her! He pushed open the double doors to the office where he sensed another strong presence along with Marina's.
'Raven!', Marina yelled, getting up to walk towards him. She stopped dead in her tracks just before she passed Devereaux. From the corner of his eyes, grey iris slits were piercing right through her and she could hear the vibrating growl coming from his chest. With a worried expression on her face, she looked back at Raven and sat down on the couch once more.

'I think it a sad day when I have to stoop down to kidnapping to see my own brother. Even more so if it is because he chose a woman over his own flesh and blood', Iden turned around in his chair, 'Hello brother! How pleasant to see you'
'Iden…', Raven cautiously growled, looking once again at Devereaux's proximity to Marina.
'Riverblossom Hills, Life of the Farmer, is what you chose over guiding your own kind?', Iden continued pretending not to hear.
'You made me your regent when I told you I didn't want this, this responsibility!'
'I assumed you were joking, because I recall you being quite adept in it before I went under. And now left up to Calum, look where we are now. A hunter dead, Lillian practically at my doorstep… again! So you say you did not want it, fine then, but why leave?'

'I didn't… I just couldn't stay in one place too long---'
'Yet you stayed with her! You do realize how transparent you are, do you not? Just look at her! If I could not find you and I stumbled upon her first. She would have led me straight to you. Practically the same height… Same long black hair… I thought you were done with the rebounds'
'Marina is not a rebound!'
'Ah, Marina is it, such a lovely name. She refused to give it to me when I asked', Iden looked in Marina's direction with a smile, but Raven still wasn't relaxing. 'But I see I have taken her at an inappropriate moment judging from your appearance. You must be famished. Please, do not let me stop you', Iden gestured towards Marina, but Raven didn't move. Iden smiled and dismissed Devereaux as watchdog. 'Or has your preference changed brother?'

'Preference?', Marina whispered, listening to the two brothers.
'Preference, indeed sweet one', Iden replied immediately letting her know he still heard her, 'Every vampire has one. It is determined  by the first thing one feeds on. Mine for instance Is the same as my brother here; young ladies, such as yourself—', Iden answered, making an elegant hand gesture towards her. She was terrified the first time she was brought to him. The fear that had been absent when hearing about Raven being a vampire, came almost double in the presence of his brother. Iden reminded Marina of the vampire- and horror movies of old; Victorian jacket and ruffles complete. Although elegant, still intimidating… even with Raven there given her a certain feel of protection.

'—which is why I do not understand why he has not sunk his teeth in you yet. Your neck is beautifully unmarked… If you are indeed his partner in this relationship, I believe they use the word 'girlfriend' now for this sort of thing, surely there must have been a moment when you wanted to', Iden expressed, addressing Raven now.
'I cannot'
'Cannot? Or will not?'
'I see… after what happened, I cannot say that I blame you. However, I have no such feelings and am curious if her blood is as delicious as she is beautiful'
'Only a drop, she shan't even miss it', Iden stretched out his hand, waiting for Marina to give him hers. She looked at Raven wondering what to do, but he kept a sharp eye on his brother and remained quiet. Marina slid a shaking hand into that of Iden. She had offered her blood to Raven once and he refused her; now his brother would have it and he didn't do anything to stop him.

Iden lifted her hand a bit higher towards his face, pushing up her index finger. He removed his other hand from behind his back and brought that one up to her finger. Marina felt a pinch from the small, almost invisible needle he had concealed in that hand and watched a drop of blood appear on the bud of her finger. It grew and grew until it eventually spilled down the side, but Iden did nothing; he just watched it spill with no visible emotion on his face. She looked at Raven again, but his gaze was still firmly fixed on his brother as if waiting for a reaction.
It finally came when the corners of Iden's mouth lifted in a half-smile. 'Curious; The smell of your blood is almost irresistible; it is making my mind spin. Very intoxicating and……. toxic!'
'Toxic?', Marina asked astound, 'My blood is toxic?' She was relieved he wouldn't drink from her, but there was a sense of panic in her voice as well.

'Not to you—', Raven finally spoke, this time looking at her, 'just to us. I smelled the strangeness in it, way back when you cut yourself with the shovel. Remember? You asked me if I couldn't take the sight of blood… it was true at the time, I reacted to your blood and if I turned towards you, you would've known what I was that same day. It spun my head as well and if you hadn't left to take care of it, I would've attacked you; and doing so, hurt myself as well'
'In all my years of existing I have never once encountered someone whose blood was toxic to vampires and here you stan—', Iden stopped abruptly when a certain memory caught up to him. He had heard of poisonous blood before… way back when all of this started. He looked at Raven who nodded, knowing they were on the same page, before taking a step back from Marina.

'Well, I'll be damned! We are in the presence of 'Lusus Naturae' – A vampire's mate'
'-Lusus Naturae- means freak of nature'
'You know Latin?', Raven frowned at Marina.
'No… Binny was looking up vampires yesterday and I remember -lusus- as one of the words they used to insul… describe your kind and -naturae- spoke for itself'
'You are not incorrect; it does mean Freak of Nature and not to be impolite, but you are indeed one. I am one of the first vampires so I know how we came to be. You, lovely creature, were born to be the mate of one of us. If we were not vampires, nature would not have seen fit to create you as you are…'

Marina thought about what he was saying and tried to register it all. Did he say that she was supposed to be the mate of one of them? ANY one of them? What does that even mean?
'A Vampire's mate; what does that mean for me?, she asked looking from Raven back to Iden.
'It is as much of a mystery for you as it is for us. Like I have said, you are the first!'
'You also said I'm mate to one of you…'
'Correct again. Your blood is toxic to me, as well as Raven, which means that you are still unclaimed. I would have you for myself were my heart still my own, but alas it is not', Iden smiled and walked over to one of the bookcases purposefully ignoring Raven's growl over those words.
'Claimed? I have to be claimed?', Marina pulled a face at the thought of being some prize to be won. Fight it out, the winner gets her… Of course her mind was running wild with errand thoughts since she didn't fully understand what that meant.

'Indeed so, although it is you that does the claiming-', Iden said handing her two books he retrieved from a hidden shelf. 'Force-feeding you blood is not exactly…courteous! I believe you will find whatever you need in here'
'Wait, I'm completely confused right now! Why are you telling me this? Not a minute ago you were holding me prisoner---'
'Not prisoner, more guest under supervision', Iden interrupted.
'---and now! Now….n-now y-you…', Marina's voice faltered and Iden elegantly caught her just before she passed out.

'What did you give her?', Raven bellowed at his brother as he took Marina from him.
'Nothing, she refused everything I offered her; even water. It must be the air. I take it two stories below street level should not contain much oxygen. Take her upstairs'
Raven cursed at his brother and carried her back to the upper level of the estate. Iden, carrying the books she dropped, followed them.

He put the books on the side table next to the bed Raven laid Marina on. He turned around and immediately met with Raven's fist. Iden half-expected it to come, but the force of the blow still made him stagger. 'THIS is the reason I stayed away with her'
'Because I have oxygen deprived rooms?', Iden thumbed away a drop of blood from his split lip before it healed again. Raven took another swing at him, but Iden caught his fist before it made impact and pushed it back. 'Once was enough, brother!'
'You brought her into this. A human in a pit full of vampires. She's not safe here!'
'That is absurd. No one will hurt her if they know who she belongs to. She is safest here and you know it. If Lillian had caught wind of where you were and found Marina there, what do you think would have happened? To see you give your affection to someone when there her sister once stood? The same sister whose demise she still holds you responsible for. Lillian can say otherwise, but I know her far too well. She has been yearning for a reason to fight you, us, again. And now she has it…'

Raven scowled and wanted to throw a few punches more, but he knew Iden was right. He could be angry at how Iden handled things, but that was already done. They needed to start looking ahead into the Lillian problem.
'How long do you think before she confronts us?'
'Three weeks, a month perhaps. She has been gathering her allies since the death of the hunter. 4 of the 7 hunter clans are already in the city. We need to start preparing our units as well'
'We'll be ready'
'Yes, but right now, you need to help yourself and feed. You do not look well, brother!', Iden squeezed Raven's shoulder.
'It won't work; I fed last night. 4 women', Raven sighed walking around the bed,' I'm a lost cause brother. It'll take a lot of women to satisfy this bloodthirst---'

He looked at Marina longingly, '--- or just this special one!'

Iden looked from his brother to Marina and sighed. 'I shall be on the lookout for a witch to perform the mating ritual if need be, but first, come brother. We have much to talk about'


  1. What the hell???? Are Marina and Raven supposed to be together or what? I feel for her though to be claimed as if a prize, this isn't good.

    Great update

    1. Yes, They are meant to be together. Everyone can see and feel it, but she is still an unclaimed mate, so EVERY vampire can claim her. Lucky for her, Raven is an Elite, so none of the lower ranks will even look at her, but it is possible... Iden has lost his heart to Lillian all those years ago, so he's not gonna do go for Marina, but there is still Calum. He can try just to spite Raven.

      If Marina is smart she can use this to her advantage and actually '-claim-' Raven! Tie him to her... Make him hers... How perfect would that be?

      Thanks Sarah!

  2. Oh my gosh. I've been waiting for this update. WOW. Raven is a vampires mate! Cant wait to read more.

    Long time lurker,

    1. Hiya Leah :)

      Raven is just a candidate dear. Marina is the vampire's mate. The question is... whose will she be?

      Long time lurkers beware, I have booby traps around the premises.
      Thanks for reading Leah!

  3. Exciting. The choice will be Marina's and Iden doesn't seem really upset about the issue. I certainly understand why Raven is so angry, but he needs to be upfront with Marina at this point. If he waits too long, Marina will waiver I think. Raven knows of witches, but does Iden also know that the Gramma is still around? Oh this is good :)

    1. Iden may be ruthless, but he's all about family... much like Raven only with ruling power. He sees that his brother is smitten with Marina, so going after her would never cross his mind. Besides, he lost his heart to Lillian in happier times.

      When Marina comes to, she'll have a lot of questions and Raven BETTER be there to answer them. Iden doesn't know Rosalie is still around and much less that Marina is her granddaughter and also one of the prophecy witches, but I'm sure Raven will mention it sooner or later.

      Thanks Zhip.

  4. Well, that's not how I forsaw this chapter going!!

    Iden isn't as bad as I thought. He's not going to harm Marina out of spite for his brother, and he seems to not be too mad about Raven not being on the scene properly. Not sure I trust him stll but like him a bit more for sure!

    Wow, poor Marina! Can't imagine finding out something like that! We all think we have control of our lifes to some extent, especially with who we date etc... To find out you were born just to be with someone, even if you do want to be, must feel like it's all been taken out of your hands. Looking forward to this mating ritual, though! Will that stop her blood from being toxic to Raven? Will he be more powerful from it?

    1. You didn't? Shucks...

      I did quite the opposite with Iden.
      With Raven I've shown you his mysterious, yet soft side with Marina and left the bad for the story he told her. With Iden, I've shown you ruthless and power and pretty much -I'm the boss- attitude, but think of it this way. When it comes to these two... they're very much the same! They love their women both strongly and possessively and take no shit from others.
      If they are that close, wouldn't it make sense he REALLY wanted to see his brother when he woke up? I'm glad you're warming up to him!

      She's bouncing off so many walls. The prophecy, her being a witch, dormant powers, now a mate and being claimed! I bet even in her wildest dreams she couldn't have thought herself of such importance.

      Some interesting questions there! I'll answer some.... Well, if she accepts, Iden will be keeping a witch close to complete it. Her blood shouldn't be toxic to him anymore, or at least that's what's written.

      Thanks for reading Gemma!

  5. and.....the plot thickens. If Marina knows what's good for her she'll claim Raven the moment she wakes up! Calum is the black sheep of the family so I don't see him standing by like Iden in respect to Marina should he learn what she is.

    I am worried about Raven's thirst, it seems unquenchable right now and that can't be a good thing. So guessing that when/if he mates with Marina her blood will cure the thirst and the world will be happy-ish. However Lillian will be out to kill her just for spite. That's how her mind works so she'd still be in danger.

    Damn where is the upside????

    1. Kind of like soup... and now I'm hungry!
      If she's smart she will. The prophecy wasn't something she had a hand in. Being born a witch isn't something she had a hand in. FINALLY, this is going to be her choice. She'd be crazy not to take it. If Calum catches wind of Marina's situation, he could be a problem, so they better act fast...

      Raven was kind of attacked by the twins which induced his*weakened* red-eyed state. He needs to feed in order to make that go away and since other women won't do it for him anymore, his thirst is quite worrisome indeed. Which is why both he and Iden hope Marina accepts him. Or, they could let it be for a while... He might be quite bloodthirsty when it comes to the war! But like you said, Lillian. For now it's Rinka she has her eyes set on...

      Uhm.... up? :P

  6. Lots of typos in the first one, so I'll try again...

    Man, I didn't like seeing Calum squirm in his brother's presence like that. I always imagined him to be the big bad one, next to Raven of course, but it seems Iden's running this show.

    I don't care much for Iden, he comes across as brash and arrogant, but that said I like his sense of humour though and I like that he won't harm Marina.

    So Marina has to make a choice that seems pretty obvious to me. In my mind, she and Raven are soulmates, so there should be no discussions of claiming her. But seeing that she is unclaimed, Raven better get on it quick.

    Will Grams perform the mating ritual, or one of the twins?

    I don't like that Raven's so blood thirsty, I worry that he could revert back to his old ways and go on killing sprees, especially after he admitted to the twins that he doesn't regret killing all those people and he would do it again.

    An alliance of sorts seems to have formed between Iden and Raven, where does it leave Calum? And in the wake of the coming war with the hunters, will the elite 3 join forces or will Iden and Raven keep sidelining Calum?

    As much as Iden's scornful towards Calum's obsession with power and expanding his units, with the way things stand with the hunters, they might just need Calum and his newborns. I think...

    1. That's okay, I just deleted it!

      Not counting the long vampire years, Calum is 7 years a junior to Iden. You're not wrong, he is the big bad one, but only when his brothers aren't standing next to him. Calum makes selfish choices, so being burned by Iden was to be expected.

      He's one of the first! And the most powerful vampire there is!!! Of course he's arrogant. I would be surprised if he wasn't. Calum is too, but the difference between them is the choices they make. Iden's mindset is very much the same as Raven, so they agree easily on things and have a very good understanding. Which is why Calum thinks he can't do anything right and is always opposed. Family dramatics I call it!

      There's no doubt about her choice should she decide to go for it. Her name is fixed to Raven's, the stars tell me so! It would be wise to get it out of the way with Lillian this active. She'll do just about anything. Raven's weakened state gives her an advantage and we can't have that, can we...

      No, the twins and Rosalie are too far away from the Rosetta Estate, where Marina is right now. There's another little witch close at hand, (hint: she's good at cleaning) even if she wouldn't be Iden's first choice.

      Raven is never that far from a killing spree, but that one was fueled by rage and pain and a clouded mind after losing Camilla. He has a scary (predator) side that, indeed, doesn't regret killing and would do it again. Marina's choice could prevent it or push it in the other direction.

      No alliance really. They are just the collective of vampires and it may not seem so, but that includes Calum. Again, choices. The vampires were living strained with the treaty, but they were living nonetheless. Calum disrupted the balance and got seduced by ambition. He became a blip on Lillian's radar when he expanded their troops. Indirectly, he's also to blame for this. BUT, what is done is done, placing blame won't help them and Calum needs to see that. His brothers aren't sidelining him, just showing him his faults, as big brothers do! Will he put aside his differences with his brothers and be strong together, or will he brave Lillian alone to show that he can? Choices, choices...

      You're right. Calum may have been a little too eager to expand, but it might proof useful now that he did. Sure, they're vampires, but this is 7 hunter clans we're talking about! Makes me shudder just thinking about it!

      Wooo, okay, I'mma take a breather now!
      Thanks Val! :D

  7. I'm biting my nails now to hope she wakes up and claims Raven (damn I love how that sounds!) before someone else tricks her into it with someone else. She's no pushover, but still. I worry.

    I'm actually glad Iden is all about family. He's a bit of an ass, but from the way things sound here, he's mostly fair.

    And then there's the threat of the hunter clans on the horizon, or, well, not on the horizon anymore but at their back doorstep!

    1. Freaking music to my ears as well. Awesome title for a novel. "Claiming Raven"

      Iden is like Raven, but maybe he does have that arrogant-ass edge to him. They love passionately, don't take shit from others and take in account every thing that can go wrong before making a decision. That's Iden & Raven!

      Lillian's going all out gathering the clans. Iden estimates a fortnight or a month, so yeah, doorstep sound accurate!

      Thanks hun!