Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hi y'all!

It's been months, as you've all noticed, since my last post and I didn't think I would have to do this... I've been putting it off, but here goes...

Don't despair thinking I won't continue this, because I will.
I have 2 chapters written and sitting in my docs waiting to be pictured. I already started one of them a few weeks ago...

The reason for this temp hiatus is this:
Starting next week I'll be in another evaluation period at school, so I have very little time (more like none at all) to finish my school projects. They've been piling up due to me being distracted with another school problem.

The study I'm doing right now has 4 years. If you finish the first 2, you get a mid-time certificate. I'm in my third year now (evals next week are to close off that year) and I still haven't received mine. I asked the admins office why not and they told me one of my courses hadn't been finished. Turns out the prof never gave my finishing mark to the admin's office -2 years ago-!!!!!!! And when I confronted him with it, he's giving me some bullshit story about how I must've done something, why just you, not his fault.... Trying to blame me for it when he's the one that lost my mark. I've been stressing for more than a month now. Trying to solve this as quietly as possible, but since he kept trying to put it on me, I went to the head of my department, yes, HIS BOSS and put my case in front of him. I knew for a fact that this shit had happened before and me trying to solve this as quietly as possible was me trying not to make a big deal out of it. He should've taken the opportunity to save his own ass and just do it. Now I'm raising my voice for all my idiot colleagues this has happened with in the past and the department heads are grilling him for it.

He picked the wrong tree to piss on, I have sharp claws and they're pointing in his direction.

This problem seems to be cooling down a bit, but then because I was busy fighting for my rights... the school work piled up, so I'm stressing to get it all finished before next week.
This is pretty much what I look like right now:

So, to make my story short.
If it all goes well, this temp hiatus should be lifted with a chapter in the next 1-2 weeks.

I kept hoping I would've been able to get a hand on everything before it came to this post, but alas.

I love you all and I miss your comments.
See you all as soon as possible!

Lots of Love, your friend,


  1. It's all good JM.
    Right now, I can relate to you very much with trying to get a handle on LIFE and trying ever so hard not to drop everything you have juggling up in the air and stay sane at the same time and shouting out every so often "YUP, I'M FINE... REALLY..." :P

    Take care of yourself,
    *HUGS & LOVE*

  2. We all know real life is much more important. It is. I feel sorry for the dude you're sharpening those claws for! :) How dare he!

    Chill on the story. Get that work done. Then go do whatever relaxes you best. Then get back in there and keep fighting. :)

    1. He really messed up this time, so yeah... no mercy!

      I play hooky on the work even now to write something when it comes to mind (I have to take a break or I'll lose it and paint everything :P ) So we'll be good to go afterwards...

      *Hugs dear*

  3. Damn! That's majorly fucked up on your prof!!!! Good for you for fighting what's right. I hope you get the right outcome and get it quickly.

    Good luck with your next set of evals. Get your work done then you'll have more time to devote to what's important...ENTERTAINING US :P LOL Seriously good luck on your test and keep us updated on your stupid teacher.

    1. Yeah, I've been fuming for a long time. The indifference with which he treated me... My mother kept me from burning the entire building, I'm telling you.

      Thanks hon, I need it!
      Yeah, tell them. What do they know of what's important!
      The heads had a meeting yesterday (overall meeting) but I heard they talked about it then too, so here's hoping for the best.

      *Hugs and slobbery kisses*

  4. Isn't it amazing how some people nonchalantly throw their mistakes on others? I hope that man loses his position. Teachers at every level feel that they are immune to any sort of corrective action. Let him lose his job and have his life affected for once; he has certainly affected many of his students' lives in a detrimental manner. A fang for a fang. He has taken away my reading pleasure! ..... really though, I am sure it will work out. I have no plans on going anywhere so will be waiting with hungry eyes to read more of this story ;)

    1. Truly amazing how easily it comes to them.
      All my other colleagues didn't say anything, even when he flunked them, *sarcasm* because he's the teacher! I hope my case is the last drop in the bucket that helps the heads make that decision. If he's not good at his job, sack him, instead of letting him frustrate us.

      Your reading pleasure and my writing pleasure :(
      Hopefully it all comes back on track as soon as possible.

      Miss you!