Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy 1st Birthday


Stupid light burned out...

!Happy Birthday!

I can't believe it's been 1 year already. Man, and what a crazy ride it's been. Frustrations, writer's block, frustrations, game-crashes, frustrations, perverted staring at chests by Sims who shall not be named... *Stares at Raven*

I'd like to give a special thanks to: (you might want to get comfortable)
Beth & Gayl

For just being you!
You inspired me with your stories ranging from witches, white-lighters and vamps-- to perverted musician AND drool-worthy werewolves. From forbidden love between interracial couples and drunken-marriages-- to twisted fairytales...
From a little boy living in terrible circumstances to yet ANOTHER musician (I love you Cooper) and his many stumbles in life...

Ah, and let's not forget the MANY MANY MANY cliffhangers (I'm scarred for life)

Miss Leah, I miss you girl!
Pixx, ... *pinches cheek*

The entire crew at RWN and The Coffee-House! (I know who you are, so you loonies know it too... *hugs*)

Thank you for accepting me and my crazies. If you weren't such wonderful and supportive people (I've never met, go figure...) I wouldn't have had the courage to come out as a writer. We've had our ups and downs, Days of fighting, more days of drooling over hot pixels...*drool* ...SNAP... where was I? Oh, right...

If I had the choice of doing it all over, I wouldn't change a thing if it meant not knowing the lot of you. *hugs*
You make me look forward to each new CRAZY, yupp, that's right, CRAZY day I get to spend on the forums. It's kinda funny how people you've never met in your life can have such an effect on you...

(Believe it or not...)
Thank you EA for shooting down, ripping, trampling, knifing, burning and burying every high hope I/we had for future expansion packs. In each expansion/stuff pack there's more set-back than actual 'Yippie'. You always give us candy that later turns out to be very very cheap gum. THANK GOD FOR CC-CREATORS!!!

Bringing out The Sims series has allowed us/ME to meet (virtually) the most wonderful people from literally all over the world...
So for that I do sincerely thank you! Thank you EA for The Sims!

Thanks you guys for sticking with me and the crazy ride that has been/and still is, Tamed! It hasn't been the smoothest ride with me going to school and therefor missing deadlines, but I'll always stay true to this story and the many after it.

This is only the beginning...

(Pictures of the BB (How many of you went Blackberry? Don't lie!) Birthday Bash shall be posted after the guests leave... I need to get rid of the chocolate fountain to make that happen...)

My love and infectious craziness,
Jean-Marie, Jem, JM, Jean


The road so far...

Our story starts with the early morning attack on twin-witches, Jane & Julie's grandmother Rosalie. Not knowing who'd be so foolish to attack them or why, they consult their grandmother and it turns out she knew a lot more than she let on. The attacker was what the twins until recently, believed to be none-existed, a vampire! But why would a vampire attack their grandmother? Rosalie assumes it has to do with a prophecy she once predicted, back when her powers were at their peak. However, due to the many prophecies foretold, she doesn't know which one.

The twins learn about a new and important persona called 'The Keeper'. Jean DiGorgio, the keeper of prophecies, is the only one that can solve this mystery, but her address had been lost to Rosalie due to their 25 years separation. After some research the twins came across both a Rinka and a Damian DiGorgio, but no Jean. An auction-house named DiGorgio is their next clue to finding out the reason their grandmother's a target and the twins set out for Belladonna Cove...

A bit on shaky and divided terms. For Julie recently started dating Dante; good friend and yoga instructor of Jane. Rosalie unintentionally planted a bug inside Jane's brain during her inquisition of Dante, making uneasy feelings of doubt and jealousy rise up. Jane is fighting an internal war with herself, wondering if what she's feeling for Dante is real, or just a manifestation of Rosalie's words.

Will the sisters' sisterly-bond survive these new feelings or will it divide and leave their powers weakened?

Alex has never really been the best hunter and she wants to change that. When Lillian requested her presence, as a guard, at the important meeting with an Elite vampire, she saw it as a form of recognition. Little did she know that Kat was on another mission and she was her replacement. The Elite vampire, she later learned was named Calum, brought some reinforcements of his own. 2 vampires including his right-hand man Chase...

With his vampiric mind-power Chase succeeded in seducing and attacking Alex outside when the meeting was over. An act that started as simply a need to feed turned into a need for something else. Chase lost his said self-control and slept with Alex, a hunter. A woman's blood in the throes of passion is the sweetest delicacy known to the vampires and Chase enjoyed her blood, surprising himself.... and wanting more!

After a while, he started to stray from his original order to use her as an inside-eye at the Hunter's HQ and had developed feelings that were mighty strange to him. He was actually starting to care for that little dumb redhead and saved her life, unknowingly to her, when the Elite vampire Calum wanted to clean house and expose her. Sugar-coating it to sooth Calum's needs. If she was exposed, no more hunter's clues for him and Chase knows the Elite likes that advantage...

However due to the sabotaged jobs, Lillian is suspecting one of her hunters to be a snitch. Alex right now is the forerunner in that suspicion, but she doesn't know why, since she REALLY doesn't know she's a pawn in the vamp's chess...

What will happen when Lillian learns the truth? What will Alex do when she realizes she's been used?

The Lewis Clan is a Vampire Hunter's clan that takes care of rogue vampires that break the rules of the truce set a long time ago when the leaders of both clans met their match on the field.
That is what it looks like on the outside. Lillian Lewis, the head of the clan, however, has plans to exterminate ALL vampires, not just the ones that break the rules. This as revenge for what vampires did to her sister Camilla. Lillian often converses with her sister before taking certain steps. It was Camilla that opened her eyes to the fact that Alex might just be a pawn in all this and that someone is using her to get in on what's going on inside HQ.

What happened to Lillian's sister Camilla that made her the way she is and has her despising all vampires?

The vampire clan is ruled by a trio of brothers. Calum is the youngest of them, keeping his brother's seat warm, so to speak, since the middle flat-out refused. He has an extreme hatred for Lillian, for more than one reason, but the one already exposed, is the fact that she keeps setting him back in his master plan to take over his brother's seat. He needs numbers to attempt it and she keeps killing them off one way or another.
When Chase presented him with his connection to Alex, he saw an advantage over Lillian, always knowing which nests to clear out before she got to them.

Calum is tired of being treated like a boy, because he is the youngest. He also hates the fact that he can't touch Lillian, but he hasn't revealed why yet. Not even to his right-hand man Chase!

Will Calum's plan to overthrow his brother work? Apart from the army he's building, is he looking for a different ally in his none-exclusive girlfriend Valerie, who happens to be a witch?

Broken up and very fragile after the death of her father and disappearance of her brother, Marina lives a hermit life. Only goes out when it is absolutely necessary and is far too content with reading a book instead of socializing. No matter what her live-in maid and best friend Lubinnia tries to do to cheer her up, all her efforts prove to be in vain.

Coming home from a night-out, where Binny finally managed to get her out of the house, they are met with their twice over neighbor. Their neighbor found an injured man on the road-side and brought him to their house, since she used to help her father nurture injured soldiers back to health.
Marina was quite taken in with his features and the fact that he needed help. Binny, however isn't easily won-over. Her first thoughts were criminal and knife, but she still helps Marina carry him inside.

Over the course of a few days, their guest wakes up. His injuries are slowly healing and they get a name. Raven. But only a name, since from what Marina can make up, his memory seemed a bit jumbled. He is instantly drawn to the kindness and innocence of Marina and warms up to her fairly quick. Lubinnia is a different matter and he stays out of her way. She mistrusts him and he doesn't like her attitude towards him.

When his strength showed signs of returning, he graciously offered to help the women around the house to repay them the kindness. However, when Marina is accidentally injured by her shovel, Raven's true nature flashes briefly. The smell of her blood causes the other side of Raven to stir and with all he had in him tried and succeeded to suppress it. Vampire! All that blood loss he suffered was taking its toll. He needed to feed fast or risk hurting Marina, the one good thing he looks forward to everyday. Seeing her makes him all warm inside and at the same time confuses him. The pull towards her is strong, almost too strong and he has no idea why... Unable to fight the resistance and with his thirst kept at bay he draws closer to Marina.

The rhythm of her beating heart whenever he is close to her reveals to him that the strong pull isn't one-sided...

Can he keep his 'other' side at bay and allow himself to be with her? Will his slowly returning past and supernatural nature be a problem for them? What is this crazy pull between them?


  1. Congratulations on one year big hugs :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Tamed!

    That was the sweetest thank you card I have read in a very long time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and your everything :)


    1. Yeah, especially the EA part *looks the other way*

      If it's true, why can't I let you guys know? LOL
      You're welcome, hun!


  3. Happy Befday to Tamed! I hope to see many more updates!

    1. Thank you!
      You and me both... Oh, there's a lot more to tell ;P

  4. And I miss you :)

    Happy Birthday to Tamed. Can't wait for many more updates

  5. Wooooohoooooo! This deserves a party! And cake! Congrats on the Anniversary :D

    1. There has been a party, No cake, but a chocolate fountain and booze!
      *Chase is still hung-over*

      Thanks Pixx!